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Shedding a light on the subject! (by Pete)

Lights, lights and more lights. Forty LED’s arrived today to replace the antiquated downlights in the Purple House. The old ones have cost us a ton of money in Hydro bills since opening in 2007 “But you certainly can’t have too many lights”, I am thinking as I am carting the boxes of new ones […]

New price structure at the Purple House

Effective 21st August 17 a new price structure applies at the Purple House. This is our first increase since 2012. Our new fees reflect the quality of the services we offer to you, our valued client. Massage Therapy – One hour $95, half hour $80 Bowen therapy –  One hour $95, half hour $80 A regular massage […]

Is there a key to your health?

There is a brilliant mathematician who has had an enormous impact on many lives and his name is Carey Reams. In 1931 this genius who was in fact an agricultural scientist discovered a formula for perfect health! This formula has assisted tens of thousands of people to overcome different illnesses and diseases and to achieve […]