Aura-Soma Colour System

Aura-Soma Colour System

Aura-Soma Colour System

There are over 100 dual-coloured bottles in the Aura-Soma Colour System, the colour is “living colour” made from a combination of colours, crystal essences and precious essential oils. When you choose your colour, you choose the colours of your aura, the colours which surround you. “You are the colours you choose and these are the colours which you need.”

The Aura-Soma Colour System is the ultimate wellness tool to help  transform your life and to find the “whole” you. Colour and light are food for the soul. A consultation is an opportunity to gain a new perspective on your life. It is very easy to use and simply by putting the oils and essences onto the body, it will help you to feel more happy and relaxed.

1 hour $145.00

A message from our Auro-Soma therapist – Sarah Anne Barker

Each morning and evening I spend about 30 minutes or more driving to and from work. It’s good thinking time and I think the act of being centred in my driving can help to make this quite an inspirational time.

This morning I was pondering ‘ what is it I actually do with my clients?’ I have for years now been in the role of healer and often mentor for a long line of people who are in need. Often having a history of trauma and other stress; emotional, mental and physical. But I realised that the essence of what I do is to help people to “wake up”. Most people come because they want to be “fixed”, but true healing only really occurs when people ‘wake up to themselves” and become aware that life is a process, in fact it is a spiritual process. Life is a stage and we set up all sorts of scenarios and challenges including, some would say, choosing our parents, our families, siblings etc. In other words life presents us through the challenges with the perfect ingredients or the perfect compost in which to grow, like a beautiful plant. And do you know what makes people wake up more that anything else? It is the traumas and acute stresses, the physical illness, the challenging relationships etc. It is what we would rather push away, what we would rather not have in our life that makes us wake up to ourselves.

Vicky Wall, the founder of the Aura-Soma System, used to say that we do not have free will because we are actually playing out our conditioned patterns, conditioned responses and genetic patterning. She said we could only have free will as we become free of the conditioned patterns and so the karmic patterns.

What do we have that can help us to dissolve the conditioned, karmic patterns in a very beautiful and gentle way – it is the Aura-Soma products. Whenever you choose four bottles there is the story of your soul, of your conditioned patterns and genetic lineage. Your story in colour unfolds before your eyes. It is a much more gentle way to wake up. The Aura-Soma oils and essences gradually dissolve the conditioned patterns and all you need to do is to apply a few drops onto your body for them to work.. It is actually the crystal energies within the products which particularly dissolve the deeper patterns, resonating as they do with the deep unconscious aspect of ourselves.

The Aura-Soma consultation stands totally on its own in its integrity and power as a healing system but I often combine it in my healing treatments with kinesiology, craniosacral therapy or reflexology and I find this works very well. The client has a beautiful Aura-Soma oil to apply to the body in between each appointment and that is all it takes for this wonderful, energetic product to gradually dissolve the necessary stresses and patterns we have brought from the past. A much more wholesome and growthful way to wake up.

with much love, Sarah x