Breakthrough Session

Breakthrough Session

One of the biggest problems facing modern day psychology and psychiatry is the fact that throughout all the sessions, the client is encouraged to dwell on the negative, and to enumerate the negativity in great detail. The end result is that the client becomes more aware of what is wrong with them, but their ‘life energy’ stays low. Of course, it is important to understand the negative aspects of your life, but then you give it up and transmute it into the positive. In this way, it is possible to heal yourself and your relationships very quickly and effectively.


What you will learn in a breakthrough session will change your life, whether you are sick or well. You will learn of the stresses, whether they are unconscious or conscious, that are creating certain emotional attitudes that are holding you back. ‘Unconscious’ means that you are not aware of these factors, but now you can find out for yourself the unconscious, unknown attitudes – the answer that is within yourself.

This knowledge in the past would take years of psycho-analysing. Now you can do it instantly. For the first time, you can find your Unconscious motivations – your true desires in any situation. You will learn many things about yourself, and about the amazing functioning of your mind and body. You can learn how to be a master of yourself, to find out your level of emotional functioning, and what you can do to improve yourself. You will learn what you and others really think and desire. You will be able to discover your true wishes of your Unconscious, that infinitely larger part of you.

Once you know this, you will be in a position for the first time to make creative decisions about your life. You will be able to move in harmony with your conscious and unconscious mind. You will be able to release that energy that is now blocked inside you, trapped by your own thoughts, and become free and energetic. You will discover what it feels like to have your whole brain working, to be on the path of creativity and health, through getting in touch with your mind and body. Most of our daily stresses, the factors that gradually wear down our energies, affect us unconsciously. Since they are not really known to us, we find it difficult to confront and surmount them. Now, through a variety of techniques, you can identify your own unconscious stress areas and overcome them. For example, thinking itself is often a stress factor! When we have a problem, we think on it to solve it, yet that very act of thinking can for many people introduce a new stress, and thinking about the problem actually becomes the problem!

This can be overcome and you will learn how to make your thinking creative. You can then:

  • solve your problems rather than perpetuate them
  • rekindle your wish to be healthy, creative and fulfilled, and you will want to make the choices that will be most beneficial.
  • learn to be creative in all aspects of your life. learn to be creative in all aspects of your life.
  • apply all your mental energies to your daily tasks, rather than only using your dominant brain hemisphere as 95% of us do 95% of the time. Daily activities as well as life patterns become harmonious and energizing.

This is what happens when we create harmony: all parts come together for the good of the whole. When all parts are coordinated and whole within themselves, then the energy will flow freely through our body, our life and our relationships.

We can’t solve any problems in the same state of consciousness in which they were created” (Einstein)

The aim of the session is to ‘break through’ the state of the consciousness in which the present problem/issue was created. The techniques we use are based on NLP (neurolinguistic programming), hypnotherapy and kinesiology.

The first part of the session will cover a comprehensive detailed personal history. We will then help you establish a relationship with your Unconscious Mind. We look for the way your Unconscious Mind has stored memories and use time line therapy to unblock and release negative states, limiting believes and sabotages. We may also use Parts Integration, Organ Integration and other powerful techniques to change your Neurology. It is important that you build new neural pathways in your Nervous System. It is possible to have all kinds of insights, but if the neurological activity in the brain doesn’t support these insights, they don’t stick! Conflicting tendencies within ourselves keep us from being successful or fulfilled in life. These ‘failures’ are often the result of hereditary (the seed tendencies from our ancestors passed on through our DNA) and environmental factors. We carry within us the seeds of our failings. However we also carry within us the seeds of all fulfilment.

When we raise our consciousness, the seeds of fulfilment can germinate and their growth will overtake our lives and choke out the seeds of failure and emptiness.

This session is like fast forwarding a lifetime of learning. You can start enjoying the rewards of this session straight away!

$1500.00 consisting of 2 separate sessions.

Skype sessions also available on request.