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Your Money Breakthrough takes a deep dive into your primary money/energy blocks.

I will promise you that when we work together, you will go from a place of feeling powerless and stuck around money, to a place of inner power that you have not experienced before, that will allow you to do the things that you are not doing right now.

The reason we start off with 3 sessions is that there are many layers to your money blocks and sabotages.

The first session is like lifting the curtain

and getting crystal clear on what is
holding you back from having the income you deserve. I will ACTIVATE and tap
into your energetic side, so experience a positive shift immediately, and this
will often be followed by an opening in your money flow.

During subsequent sessions

we go deeper and deeper into the root causes of your issues, releasing more and more precious life force, so you are able to
become a magnet for everything you desire.

You will get a fresh energy upload each time you work with me, so miracles
start to unfold.

When I connect with you I am immediately able to psychically scan all levels of your being (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) and help you release the energetic blocks that might have been stuck there for years, or even for generations!

What sets me apart as a coach is that I have decades of experience in so many different fields of study, that I can make connections easily that others could not see.

That’s why my sessions are like a Swiss army knife that can quickly cut to the core, saving you precious time and money.

These sessions are for you if:

  • You are fed up with living an average life. I help women to develop confidence with money, so they are able to create sustainable results and success.
  • You are sick of living other people’s dreams or pandering to other’s expectations. I help women realize their personal money dreams.
  • You want to stop people from draining your energy. I show women how to increase their magnetic presence through specific energy hacks, so they become stress and drama proof which helps them to achieve their money goals.
  • You want to get off the emotional rollercoaster. I help women master their relationships, so they walk a path of harmony and inner balance.
  • You are constantly doubting yourself. I dissolve women’s pain bodies, their inner critic, so they are confident, radiant and attract money and opportunities.
  • You may be outwardly successful but feel as if something is missing. I will help you to feel fulfilled as well as successful.
  • You are running on empty. I give women advanced energy clearing, so they shift instantly into a state of high vibration abundance.

I have had clients who travelled all over the world, looking for answers.

They spent weeks or months at sacred communities, at mastermind events, paid thousands of dollars on personal development programs, and they still did not get the money or transformation they were looking for.

I showed them how to get out of the ‘masculine pushing to succeed’ way, that left these women joyless and exhausted and showed them a way to feel alive, sensual, and full of vitality, while they were hitting all their success targets.

Are you ready to experience your own Money Revolution?

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Being empowered around money is your birth right!

I am really looking forward to seeing you on the inside!


Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What happens after I press the payment button?
After successful completion of your payment, you will be directed to complete a short questionnaire that will help me prepare for our sessions.
During this time, we will book in your session time to make sure you are not missing out. (My diary fills up very quickly.)
Who is this session for?
The Money Breakthrough sessions are for you if you want to connect to your inner powerhouse, to gain a deeper understanding of how you can activate your money flow and feminine energy, so you can have it all, money, inner confidence, and meaningful relationships.
This is for you if you are a heart centred woman, a conscious entrepreneur, an (aspiring)leader or change maker, a healer or a coach. Be ready to experience the shifts required to scale your income or life.
Why would I need this?
There is a limitless source of knowing and energy available to you and you may not know that you have disconnected from it. Or you may never have experienced the easy flow and connection to it yet, and you may be struggling with working harder or doing more, getting the same results.
What session times are available?
There are only a few spots available each month, for women who are ready to move forward fast. You will be able to select a time, or we can organise a suitable time together, once you complete your payment and application form.

are you ready for your money breakthrough session?

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