Are you a woman who genuinely wants more in every part of your life?

Are you a woman who wants to be respected and noticed in a bigger way but you are hiding somewhat?

Do people drain your energy, or do you feel exhausted at the end of the day?

Does fear stop you from putting yourself out there even though you are living your purpose to some degree?

Are you tired of always rushing around trying to achieve your goals and never seeming to get ahead?

Do you sometimes wonder if you will ever find true love?

Do you have an upper limit to your happiness? Struggle to enjoy your successes in life? Perhaps you even feel guilty?

Maybe you haven’t tried anything because you don’t know where to start….

Constantly wishing for something to change miraculously, remaining stuck in a negative pattern, with your energies blocked…

Here is the thing…

After working with over 12,000 clients since 2000 I’ve realised that physical, emotional and energetic pain patterns stop women from living the life they deserve!
I also believe that women are at the epicentre of the Universe.
If you are unhappy, stuck in mediocrity, it impacts your children, partners, your pets, your community and your professional life.

Do you want to experience a total shift?

Do you want to get a taste of a different, better, more exciting future?

I've been waiting for something like this! I'd love to apply now!

I can help!

I know what it’s like to have to face that I wasn’t living close to my full potential.

I grew up in a warm loving family, yet I experienced bouts of suicidal depression and mental anguish.

I met the love of my life very young, migrated to Tasmania and lived a ‘happy’ life, which ended when I got hit by a truck and left for dead at age 44.

I made a miraculous recovery only to be struck down with severe panic disorder at age 46.

I nearly died from a bowel obstruction at age 52.

I not only survived my life, I discovered what it takes to thrive physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially.

I want you to be able to live your soul’s purpose, find true love, experience incredible success, and to share your gifts with the world.

I want you to have it all! I want you to fast track to success!


What if, within 4 months, you could get over everything that’s been holding you back your entire life?

What if in four months your fears and insecurities are replaced with confidence and magnetic presence?

What if, in this program, you go from feeling asleep to your desires to living your Divine expression?

What if, in this journey, you unlocked the key to having confidence and certainty in knowing you can find solutions to any problem you are presented with?

Resulting in being seen and heard and having a huge impact!

This is exactly what lead me to create this Surge to Success Program.

I will be with you every step of the way throughout your journey.

You will experience transformation for yourself through energy medicine and laser sharp coaching.


This program is designed to help you breakthrough fear and blockages and change the way you deal with yourself, your kids, your partner, or your career.

This program is different from anything you have ever tried before.

It’s not the kind of program that fixes just one area of your life.

When you start to apply these skills across the different dimensions of your life, you’ll notice that all areas of your life start elevating.

You are no longer functioning with just the physical world, you are bringing in your energy body, your spirituality, into your day to day life.

I had to learn this the hard way, when my physical world collapsed and I was left with NOTHING but the energetic world.

My way of looking at the world changed in the moment I died and came back in 2006. Today it’s completely different and this has helped me immensely.

I want to share this with you, so you can enjoy the same freedom and incredible success as well. Without having to first die and come back.


There is an entire world of energy that is more powerful and more important in getting what you want out of life.

Any problem you are having, whether it is your health, your relationships or your career, stems from not knowing how to use this force of energy.

I have worked in the world of energy for 20 years.

When I watch people and how they are moving in the world I look at the energy that is happening around them and through them.

If you could see what I see, your life would be completely different.

Right now you are putting in massive effort, living with one foot on the accelerator
and the other foot on the brake.

Imagine how free and easy your life is going to be when your brake is released!

Working with me; I will laser coach you on your blind spots, dissolve your energy blockages and you will attract abundance and rewarding relationships into your life.

Just imagine living your purpose while feeling amazing at the same time.


What would it mean for you to feel confident when you speak to groups or in front of the camera?

What would it mean for you to feel valued and well compensated without second guessing your worth?

What would it mean for you to attract a wonderful partner or increase the harmony and intimacy in your current long term relationship?

You get to learn ALL the techniques to help you experience massive transformation
— at the core level.

Start your journey of radical change!



There is compelling evidence that the roots of these issues reside in our childhood, as well as in the lives of our parents, grandparents and even great grandparents.

Years upon years of working at the coalface with over 12,000 clients has taught me that our ‘emotional inheritance’ hidden in our tissues plays a far greater role in predisposing us to pain, stress, money worries and unfulfilled love life than we previously understood.

To change your life, we need to change this energy. Doing anything else is just putting a bandaid over a leak… it won’t do anything.

Together we meet the problems at the earliest root cause and from there RENEW and build your health, life, vitality and dreams.

I personally experienced how hard it is to escape the effects of childhood abuse….

I was only 17 when I met my soulmate Pete. By 19 I had married and migrated to the other side of the world; Tasmania, Australia.

For years I lived the dream – homesteading with Pete & 6 children, surrounded by pure uninterrupted nature, with a menagerie of farm animals.
In 2000, aged 38, I became known as the Sherlock Holmes of Healing and our wellness centre in Forth was up and running.
At the pinnacle of my life, I was hit by a truck, literally.

During my near-death experience that followed, I had to make the decision to return to my body, only to find that my body was so badly injured, it would take all my willpower to recover.

I heard a strange voice, telling me to learn everything I needed to learn from that painful experience, otherwise it wouldn’t be the last time.

This strange voice became my Guide and Guru as I navigated my way back through terror, anguish, pain, confusion, loneliness, abandonment and suffering of the worst kind.
I wanted to learn all the lessons from that life/death/life experience.
I never want to have to repeat it again.
I had plenty of time to think and as I began to explore my early life, with my inner guide whispering in my ears, it slowly dawned on me that the accident wasn’t a coincidence, but that I had subconsciously created similar circumstances to my childhood.
What I hadn’t realised was that my own childhood issues hadn’t been left behind in Holland, they’d simply gone underground. If I refused to face them now, I would die.
I had to put every bit of healing I’d ever learnt into practice and it paid off: after being left for dead in January 2006 I returned to work in June the same year, helping clients recover from the most challenging conditions and supporting them to turn their pain into personal power.
Since then I have invested over $300,000 in myself, studying with some of the greatest minds and healers. Every minute and every cent was so worth it…. I discovered everything there is to know about overcoming the most soul destroying abuse and hurt.
It led me deeper into my purpose as an intuitive healer, influencer and inspirational leader.
It helped me go from near bankruptcy after the accident, to creating incredible success pumping millions of dollars back into the Tasmanian economy from three different businesses, as well as building dream teams, educating my clients and training women in different healing modalities.
It also led me to write a book about my life: ‘You Are The Miracle! How Being Hit By A Truck Saved My Life’
Start your journey to heal your life

If you participate in this program and play full out you will:

master the art of getting people’s attention with your presence,
step into your true work, feel loved, respected and honoured
and make a difference on this planet with your love, wisdom and message.


Start your application now

90% of my clients are women like my younger self. They have achieved a certain level of success, they have struggled to overcome issues of low self-worth, disempowerment, silencing and sometimes abuse..

They have been on a path of personal and spiritual development for some years.

And yet, they still experience stuckness somewhere.

They are falling short of success, feeling too much stress and overwhelm, not feeling loved, noticed or supported.

This program is designed to fast track your life for more freedom, abundance, fulfilment and true love.

I will teach you advanced techniques and life skills to help you show up FULLY EXPRESSED in your personal and professional life.

You will break free from stifling blocks and from negative conditioning that keeps you living in fear, so you feel liberated and empowered!


Over the years, three distinctive segments have developed.

These segments are:

Healing the energetic field.

Just like you need to take care of your physical, mental and emotional health, you need to take care of your energetic health.

“Every painful and traumatic experience you’ve ever had since you were a child has had a tremendous energetic impact on you, it is still affecting you and holding you back today.”

How do you know you have problems of stuck energy?

Your problems will recur again and again, and you won’t be able to move forward, regardless of how hard you try.

Let me explain how this happens.

When a traumatic experience occurs, the energy from the incident goes into your energetic body.

If this energy isn’t resolved (and it most cases it isn’t) it turns into energetic patterns.

These subconscious energy patterns keep you stuck and you keep re-experiencing the same problem over and over again (because like attracts like).

Unless you’re able to remove the deeply rooted energetic blocks that are stuck in your body on a deep cellular level, you will remain stuck where you are, and you won’t be able to move forward.

Not easily anyway.

Not without a truck accident like I needed.

Your soul wants you to grow and evolve, so you can impact the world with your love and message.

Have you heard of the saying: feather, brick, truck?

The universe sends us a feather first (eg a common cold, or an argument with your partner) and if we don’t listen to the message behind the message, it will throw us a brick.

This time it will hurt a bit more (we might suffer acute sciatica, or we might suggest a trial separation from our partner) and if we keep ignoring the signs, the universe will send us a killer truck, so we have no option but to listen.

(Literally like it did for me, or you might go through a hateful divorce or a gruelling bankruptcy.)

Don’t wait till its too late.

Human behavioural scientists now know that humans are great students till we reach age 25. Once we reach maturity at 25/26 it’s like teaching an old dog new tricks.

Our ability to absorb new information, to explore different possibilities, or look at life from a new angle, doesn’t come so natural anymore.

From then on, our “favourite” mode of learning is through suffering and pain.

But there is another way: You can learn from a transformational leader, from somebody who has been through the same trials and come out successfully.

You can make it fun and learn from inspiration rather than desperation!

Which one do you choose?

Thankfully once we work with energy, healing and changes happen painlessly.

When clients come to me for the first time, they immediately start to connect with their own energy flow or their soul.

Once stuck energy is located and soul blockages removed, fresh energy and opportunities come pouring in.

Synchronicities start to happen.

Life becomes easier, your bank balance improves, love flows into your life, toxic relationships disappear.

Life changing shifts occur during these sessions as you not only release baggage from infancy and childhood, but also from previous generations or sometimes karmic information / shocks.

The universe wants to bring you all the abundance, all the love, all the success and all the opportunities you desire.

It is not a problem of scarcity like we assume.

The problem was, that you weren’t able to receive it.

All of us have a little bit of insecurity, a little bit of doubt, a little program that we learnt from somewhere else that is not quite right.

When you can move that out, you can receive all that abundance that is coming in.

Using your energy and learning to work with energy is exactly how you get into synchronicity.

It is unbelievable the amount of good things that can happen to you when you are energetically fired up!

Are you ready for success?

Healing the mind.

Mood disorders, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, lack of motivation, inability to focus and procrastination can have their origin in childhood trauma..

Intergenerational trauma plays an equally important factor on your mental health.
Your career, finances and relationships suffer when you have low energy, because your mind is working against you rather than cooperating with you.
For healing to be 100% successful we help you adopt a mindset that you are the creator of your own destiny.
That everything has happened for you rather than to you.
With laser coaching, questioning, practices and exercises I help you uncover your blind spots to create a 180 degree turn around.
Healing the mind, reconstructing your story, releasing your limiting beliefs, conflicts and programming and boosting emotional intelligence will help you create massive changes easily and effortlessly.
Over time I have developed the knack of reading the client’s body/energy field with the greatest accuracy.

I can tell if your personal story is in alignment with your greater truth/soul purpose.

You might tell me one story and your body might tell me another. If this is the case you will be experiencing conflict, scarcity and stress in life.

My clients often call me the missing link, as they enjoyed massive transformation that saved them thousands of dollars. They received a new lease of life!

Integrating Our Shadows.

“When we feel understood, we show [others] our true selves—flaws and all. In turn, they are more likely to be vulnerable and honest with us. This helps us connect on a deeper level, improving the quality of our relationships.”

When I returned ‘from the other side’ into my body on that fateful day in January 2006, I became acutely aware of all the shadows rattling around in the back of my skull.

I didn’t have the energy to deal with them then, but I vowed to find and heal them at my earliest convenience (which turned out to be many years later).

What are shadows and where to they come from?

Soon after we are born, we discover that if we behave in a certain way we will get a loving smile from our mum. We start to do more of that behaviour to bring on the smiles.

On the other hand, if we behave ‘badly’ like mess the floor (as babies do), wet the bed, or throw a tantrum, we receive disapproval in the way of a reprimand, a frown or even left ignored.

We learn that approval means we are loved, and disapproval means we are not loved.

Because we are small and helpless, we start to believe that our very survival is at stake if we lose this approval or a loving smile.

When we associate love with approval, we will do almost anything to get it.

We start to compromise our own values and sacrifice our authenticity. We start to behave in ways that are incongruent and inconsistent with our highest purpose.

Our shadows will cause us to trip up at the most inconvenient times eg: your first date, or at an important interview or just before we go on the holiday of our lives.

When we face and integrate our shadows, we release huge amounts of energy because we are integrating lost parts of ourselves.

We become congruent and authentic.

Success will be so much easier, as we have an easy connection to our CORE.

The best way to heal our shadows is in intimate group work where we can unwind the patterns of insecurity and loss of approval in the reverse fashion of how they came about, through the pressures of our earliest caretakers, peers, community, church and society at large.

We can’t just integrate our shadows by reading a book about them.

To feel understood, valued, and appreciate our time worth, we need to be witnessed in our feminine radiance in a group setting which will happen during the live in retreat.

This is how we bring our shadows ‘home’.

Healing the feminine presence.

A woman’s personal presence and magnetism grows when she connects with her feminine essence.

In pursuit of equality and power however, many women and entrepreneurs have taken on a more masculine role.

During the live-in training at the retreat I will help you answer the question why some women walk into a room with a magnetic presence and are noticed by many, while others are not.

You’ll discover tools that can turn on this mysterious force whenever you want — even when the stakes are high.

I will teach you how to activate your feminine presence because:

  • We yearn for a passionate love relationship that will deeply satisfy us, but many women are losing faith that an extraordinary relationship is possible, or after being married for a while they notice the passion is dwindling.
  • We want to feel our attractive power so that we can be in the flow of life, rather than always having to push to make things happen.
  • We want to experience our tender, sensual side, but most women don’t know how to reclaim her soft self. To embody this internal power and pleasure, a woman needs to connect to her unique feminine essence.

The Feminine Essence is a power that lives inside every woman.

It’s energetic and gives you an effortless magnetic presence so you can attract the love, money and quality of life your heart desires.

When you turn on your feminine essence, you become MAGNETIC.

You become attractive, receptive, and confident.

When you walk into a room, everyone will bask in the glow of your feminine radiance.

I’m excited to show you how to turn it on and turn it up!

Not simply because it is the most attractive force within you, but because it feeds you, feels SO good, and is a gift that no one can take away from you.

Apply now to begin the life you dream of!

Even if only ONE of these segments is out of whack you will suffer a loss of energy and wellbeing, and you will keep feeling LOW until you do something about it.

Think of it as a tripod, if you lose one leg the whole thing falls down.

Heal the problems in your energy

Find your presence

Become the master of your own mind


Over four months:
monthly private sessions with Grada
monthly group activation sessions
3.5 days of experiential learning
 to blast your frequency, to receive love, joy and alignment with source to achieve the greatest healing and liberation during the residential retreat, in one of the most pristine places of the world.
+ much more

Register for Surge to Success

The Surge to Success Live-in Retreat is 3.5 days of experiential training where you will look inside of you.

Into places you didn’t know existed.
So you can grow up and clean up the parts of your life that are not working. 

So you can show up and be seen and heard at a more exciting level and become well compensated for doing what you love.

So you can receive more direct spiritual experience to live in the joy and success you deserve.

The retreat is purposefully designed to put you out of your comfort zone and into your zone of magic.

I blend the techniques of Energy Medicine, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Time line Therapy, AFP Emotional Intelligence, Breathwork, Meditation and Ancient Esoteric Wisdom as well as my psychic intuition into a 3.5 day experience that shifts who you are at a cellular level.

This event will awaken you to the reality of who you truly are without needing to be hit by a truck.

It doesn’t matter where you are in life, you will walk out of this program armed with a step by step system of success, bursting with confidence, and free from your earlier limitations. 

You will learn how to:

Align your heart with your deepest purpose and passion
Face and overcome your deepest fears
Have clarity to create a career on your terms
Have confidence and certainty to overcome any obstacle in life
Release trauma
Have unshakable peace and calm
Step into your radiance
Know what to do to continue to heal your body like I did
Lift yourself up out of the doldrums with my ‘energy hacks’

You’ll gain the confidence to attract and create the life you have dreamed of without the crippling effects of stress and worry.

As you start living from your CORE self it will be so much easier for you to be a leader, influencer, successful entrepreneur and lover.

This event marks a line in the sand. The end of one way of being and doing things to a new, improved and powerful way of being and doing things.

You simply must have a burning desire to want more out of your life and be willing to do whatever is possible to make it happen.

The Surge to Success Retreat will catapult you into a life of passion, purpose and prosperity.


My promise to you is to guide you to your best self.

I promise to challenge your long held views about yourself, to help you break through the limiting beliefs you are holding onto and to help you release energetic patterns that no longer serve you.

There are many paths up the mountain of success and fulfilment. This journey will help you remember who you are at your Core & at your Soul level.

I promise you that you will start living your life from responding to a call to love yourself and others in every moment, rather than reacting to life.

How much does it cost?

The better question is: how much is living a renewed and meaningful life worth to you?

grada in garden

What you receive:

  • 4 Private Diagnostic Sessions with Grada – Value $3,200
    Customised coaching and support on what challenges you most. (2 hours each)
  • Radical Miracle Live-in Retreat in Forth Tasmania – Value $6,000
    (35+ hours of transformation, food & accommodation included)
  • 4xMonthly Accountability Activation Zoom Group – Value $2000
  • Surge to Success Facebook Group – value of $1500 
    20 minute weekly livestreams to get you ready for the week ahead and committed to the life you want, connected back to a joyful state of being. 
  • Support from your Surge to Success Family
    Access to a closed facebook group with likeminded people to share experiences, get feedback and keep accountability with one another for support.

    $12,700 value for only $4995!


Money Mastery Course – valued at $490


Grada’s ‘You Are The Miracle’ book – valued at $39

Click the button to Enquire online or to register now for this healing journey. 

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