Are you frustrated that you’ve spent hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on specialist appointments?

Do you feel helpless that the medications to help you stop living with pain haven’t worked? 
Wondering how you’re going to get through the next day, let alone week?
Don’t worry, I have been there too.
Do you get mad or short tempered with loved ones and then feel guilty?
Perhaps you have tried many other methods like chiro, physio, acupuncture, massage and medication to try and resolve your symptoms but they haven’t worked.
Maybe you’ve started to see that you are not being the best version of yourself and you act differently at home than you do with your friends, clients or workmates.
You are becoming a ‘street angel and a home devil‘ because behind closed doors you may be short fused, irrational, needing to rest and not getting involved in family activities.
Something’s got to give.
Maybe you haven’t tried anything because you don’t know where to start, but you are sick of feeling smashed up…
Constantly wishing for something to change miraculously. You despair at staying stuck like this forever. Everything feels overwhelming and your self esteem is at an all time low.
Here’s the thing…
After working with over 12,000 clients since 2000 I realised that physical and emotional pain stops women (and men) from living the life they deserve. I also believe that women are the centre of the family so when they’re unhappy or in pain, it also affects their children, partners, their pets and their professional lives.
My passion is to support you to release your mental anguish and pain for good. I love seeing my clients get exceptional results.
I've been waiting for something like this! I'd love to apply now!

I know you want to feel full of energy, happy and healthy so you can reach your full potential at home, at work or in your business. 

You know that if you could just get rid of your pain or worries, you would be free to enjoy your life again.

Working with me and my team at our wellness centre will help you discover why you are in pain and help to remove the blocks that are causing it. 
You will feel calmer and more resilient to stress. Your pain will be reduced to a level where it no longer affects you or it will disappear altogether.

Just imagine living your purpose while feeling amazing at the same time.

Don’t get me wrong – Chiropractors, counsellors and psychiatrists can all be helpful, but when it comes to reclaiming your life from trauma and post traumatic stress, you need to heal the blue print your life is based on.

Read on to learn how you can participate in..

The 90 Day journey from trauma to an empowered life


There is compelling evidence that the roots of these issues reside in our childhood, as well as in the lives of our parents, grandparents and even great grandparents.

Years upon years of working with over 12,000 clients also proved to me that our ‘emotional inheritance’ hidden in our tissues plays a far greater role in predisposing us to pain, stress and overwhelm than we previously understood.
I personally experienced how hard it is to escape the effects of childhood abuse….

I was only 17 when I met my soulmate Pete. By 19 I had married and migrated to the other side of the world; Tasmania, Australia.

For years I lived the dream – homesteading with Pete & 6 children, surrounded by pure uninterrupted nature, with a menagerie of farm animals.
In 2000 I became known as the Sherlock Holmes of Healing and our wellness centre in Forth was up and running.
At the pinnacle of my life, I was hit by a truck, literally.
During my near-death experience that followed, I had to make the decision to return to my body, only to find that my body was so badly injured, it would take all my willpower to recover.

In the months that followed, my body and mind were riddled with so much suffering that death sometimes seemed a welcome option.
I had plenty of time to think and as I began to explore my early life, it slowly dawned on me that the accident wasn’t a coincidence, but that I had subconsciously created similar circumstances to my childhood.
What I hadn’t realised was that my own childhood issues hadn’t been left behind in Holland, they’d simply gone underground. If I refused to face them now, I would die.
I had to put every bit of healing I’d ever learnt into practice and it paid off: after being left for dead in January 2006 I returned to work in June the same year, helping clients recover from the most challenging conditions and supporting them to turn their pain into personal power.
Since then I have spent over $300,000 studying with some of the greatest minds and healers. Every minute and every cent was so worth it…. It led me deeper into my purpose as a healer plus I discovered everything there is to know about overcoming the most soul destroying abuse and hurt.
I don’t want what happened to me to happen to you or your loved ones!
I don’t want anyone to live with the long term soul crushing conflict, inner torment, confusion and low self esteem like I did, contemplating suicide or magnetising a truck accident to wake me up.
Start your 90 day journey of recovery from pain and trauma.

I don’t want you to suffer with pain or the effects of childhood abuse any longer… 

That is why this program costs a fraction of my own investment.
90% of my clientele are women who have had similar issues of low self worth, abuse, disempowerment, suffering and sacrifice at the hands of others.
Today its my mission to help women discover what their body is trying to tell them so they no longer need to suffer or fall short of success.
I want to make a difference in your life.
In my 90 day Recovery From Trauma Journey I will show you step-by-step formulas so you too can live a life free from the negative conditioning that keeps you living in fear. 
You will have the full support of the Purple House team.


The important thing to note… It all starts with healing childhood trauma and conditioning. 

You need to go back in time and heal your pain and stress, otherwise your unconscious patterns continue to dominate your life. 

To change your life, you need to change the energy.

Doing anything else is just putting a bandaid over a leak .. it won’t do anything.

We meet the problems at the earliest root cause and from there RENEW and build your health and life.

Over the years, three distinctive segments have developed.

These segments are:

Healing the energetic field of the body.

During the first healing session with me, most clients start to connect with their own energy flow. It often feels like coming home….

Abuse and trauma causes parts of our nervous system to split off from the greater whole.
This leads to incongruent behaviours, denial, pain and relationship stresses.
During my healing sessions clients reconnect with their Original Self, restoring the flow of energy and information.
Most clients report they feel calmer, centred and more energised as stored and unwanted energies are released from their body for good.
Life-changing shifts occur during these sessions as you not only release baggage from childhood but also from previous generations. (Or past lives if clients want to go that way.)
The universe is always guiding you towards wholeness. Pain and trauma are mere messengers.
Have you heard of the saying feather, brick, truck?
The universe sends us a feather first (e.g a common cold), and if we don’t listen it throws a brick (you might suffer acute back pain ‘out of the blue’) and if we keep on ignoring the signs, it will send us a killer truck (like it did for me).
Don’t wait till it is too late!

Healing the body at the cellular level,

through data and science (Biomedx testing) as well as through restorative healing massage.

Biomedx is based on the premise that when you restore the five fundamental metabolic pathways of the body, 1,000 upon 1,000’s of body functions will fall into place.
Peter will look at your live blood with you and will check the fitness of your heart, kidneys, liver, stomach and other vital organs through 26 different tests.
The data will be shared with you during the session and you will be given a personalised diet and supplement regime.
The Biomedx session will help you to understand how trauma has affected your physical body.
For instance, auto immune disorders always start with childhood traumas.
If you don’t test your metabolic pathways now, there may come a time that is too late for changes.
A massage with healing touch restores faith and trust in the psyche or subconscious mind.
Healing touch is as important to our body as food…. And especially when you have suffered physical or sexual abuse, your body needs healing massages to restore dignity and respect at the subconscious level.
Break the touch-fast today and start giving your body what it needs.

Healing the mind.

Mood disorders, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, lack of motivation, and even diseases as severe as Alzheimer’s and dementia can have their origin in childhood trauma..

Your career, finances and relationships suffer when you have low energy because your mind is working against you rather than for you.  
For healing to be 100% successful we help you adopt a mindset that you are the creator of your own destiny.
That everything has happened for you rather than to you.
With coaching, questioning, practices and exercises I laser coach you to create a 180 degree turn around.
Healing the mind, reconstructing your story, releasing your limiting beliefs, conflicts and programming and boosting emotional intelligence will help you create massive changes.
Over time I have developed the knack of reading the client’s body/energy field with the greatest accuracy.
This will save you time and money because I can laser coach you, point out your weak spots and direct healing energy into the areas needed, as well as discuss the options available to you at the centre to create maximum results.
Apply now to begin the life you dream of!

Even if only ONE of these segments is out of whack you will suffer a loss of energy and wellbeing, and you will keep feeling LOW until you do something about it.

Think of it as a tripod, if you lose one leg the whole thing falls down.

Heal the problems in your energy

Get your cells humming

Become the master of your own mind

The 90 day healing from trauma protocol offers you support and healing on all three levels of your
being so you can:

Wake up in the morning refreshed and rearing to go, free from guilt and shame

Happily go about your day with peace of mind, no longer getting triggered by your partner or kids.

Have no more doctors bills, time off work or missing out on social life

Enjoy freedom from pain, stress and overwhelm

Have clarity around who you are and what your purpose is

Register for your 90 day journey of recovery from pain and trauma.

This is what our clients have said:

Don’t just take our word, see the testimonials

The 90 Day recovery from trauma journey

The 90 day recovery protocol helped Cassie to recover from childhood abuse, heal her infertility and become an amazing and confident version of herself.

More importantly she overcame addictive behaviours that she’d been ashamed of.
Before her first session Cassie was fearful of her own shadows, but she soon relaxed as the waves of healing energy flooded her body. She noted a tingly sensation all through the small of her back and pelvis, which was soon followed by a deep sense of relaxation, peace and lightness, as if a heavy burden was released. 
Every subsequent session was more powerful as Cassie became more and more receptive and positive.
The Biomedx was the icing on the cake and helped her body to get rid of toxins that were released during the healing sessions.
When trapped emotions or suppressed trauma are released with energy healing, the kidneys and liver have to detox these chemicals in the blood stream and sometimes this can lead to a healing crisis.
That means you are healing faster than the body can handle and while it may be uncomfortable it is actually a good thing and a reason to celebrate.
Thankfully Cassie came through with flying colours and no side effects, because of the extra nutrition to her cells.
Her husband remarked that after all these years he finally had his wife back! He knew she had been in there somewhere, hiding under the piles of buried emotions and crippling ideas of never being good enough.
I really want these results for you too.
Stop taking yourself for granted!
Stop being invisible. You weren’t created to hide, you were destined to stand out!
Join me for a 90 day journey into healing from trauma so you can reconnect with your innate abilities and release abuse, low self worth and pain.
This protocol offers you cutting edge transformation, practical self healing processes, and wholesome practitioner therapy.


My promise to you is to guide you to your best self.

I promise to challenge your long held views about yourself, to help you break through the limiting beliefs you are holding onto and to help you release energetic patterns that no longer serve you.

There are many paths up the mountain of success and fulfilment. This 90 day journey will help you remember who you are at your Core & at your Soul level.

I promise you that you will start living your life from responding to a call to love yourself and others in every moment, rather than reacting to life.

How much does it cost?

The better question is: how much is living a renewed and meaningful life worth to you?

The investment for the 90 day healing protocol is $1997

Payment plan available.

Apply now 

Pay $1997 now or $2245 split into 3 payments over 8 weeks

$1997 value includes:

  • 1 Full Biomedx session with Peter,
  • 3 healing massage sessions with Tina,
  • 1 Ultimate Vitality Boost package,
  • 5 private sessions with Grada,
  • 24/7 Voxer access to Grada for SOS,
  • Facebook live every Monday morning to get you ready for the week ahead and committed to the life you want,
  • Access to a closed facebook group with likeminded people to share experiences, get feedback and keep accountability with one another for support,
  • Worksheets to complete to help you move forward,
  • Chakra meditations by Grada to heal and align your energetic body.


If you aren’t able to visit our wellness centre we convert your 90 Day Healing Protocol into 8 (1 hour) remote sessions with Grada, with all the extras or 1 Breakthrough session with Grada (normally $1500) followed by 2 more sessions once a month and including all the extras!

Pay in full:


Save $248 (Regular price $2245)

Payment plan:


1/3 due on registration

Click the button to organise your free discovery call with my team or to register now for this healing journey.

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