Your body is made up of systems. You know about your digestive system because I am always going on about it. Did you know you also have a circulatory system, a skeletal, nervous, urinary, glandular, immune and respiratory system, to name a few? Like musicians who make up an orchestra, these body systems must all work in harmony. When a problem arises in one body system, all other systems are affected. Total health occurs when all systems (body, mind and spirit) are balanced.

When you experience pain, health problems, physical deterioration or inflammation, mental or emotional strain, it is because the balance of frequencies has been disturbed or interrupted by discordance. There is always an underlying cause and effect. Determining what causes your health issues is something that’s kept the medical scientists busy for centuries. And now we have another scientific, invaluable, non-invasive energetic research tool: the VoiceBio.

If we were to break down the body into smaller and smaller parts you would get this: we go from the above mentioned body systems into tissues and organs. These get divided into cells. The cells can be reduced to a bunch of molecules, which are really groups of atoms. Atoms can be split into sub-atomic particles and when you go beyond that you arrive at Energy. Yes, essentially you are just a ball of energy, in the form of light energy or sound vibrations.

Everything in the universe functions through sound vibration. The keynote frequencies found in the body are the very same frequencies found in music. And just as the note of C appears several times on a piano keyboard at varying octaves, the note of C appears many times in the body. The voice, being the composite sound of the human being, is representative of all the frequencies of the body.

Until now, we might have been tempted to consider the human voice to be one sound, distinctive from one person to another, but definitely not revealing 12 individual sound frequencies. However, through the technology of the VoiceBio, the independent frequencies can be captured, translated and sorted onto a voiceprint chart, which will give you a highly accurate indication of your physical function.

What Happens During a VoiceBio Session?
  1. You get to speak into a highly sensitive microphone about three different topics ( a neutral subject, something that stresses you, and a relaxed/happy topic)
  2. The computer instantly sorts and graphs the frequency tones, ignoring the word content.
  3. The practitioner then utilises the data collected in the software program by analysing a computer generated chart called a voiceprint to see which note frequencies are present and which are missing.
  4. Your VoiceBio practitioner will discuss ways you can balance the overactive tones with the missing tones to help achieve optimal health and well-being.

What Can the VoiceBio do?

  • Shed light on nagging health problems that can’t be solved.
  • Early warning of a predisposition towards serious illness
  • Explain the energy behind ‘inherited’ health problems
  • Reveal how emotional stress can undermine your organs and systems
  • Explain the dynamics in a addictive/abusive relationship
  • Provide the key to shifting ingrained energetic patterns.
  • Shed light on your personality type.

Each organ has its own keynote frequency that resonates to the particular minerals, nutrients and sound vibration required for proper functioning. For example the brain vibrates to the note of F#, the colon to the note of B while the liver vibrates to the note of G. Fortunately for our sanity, the frequencies of our organs and systems fall outside our range of hearing by the human ear. There are 12 keynote frequencies present in the human body. Through the VoiceBio the independent frequencies can be captured, translated and sorted onto a voiceprint chart, giving a highly accurate picture of physical function. A voiceprint can point out not only why the door is locked, but also which key is needed to unlock the door.

In January 2006 I had a major MVA (accident) which left me with a broken pelvis, spinal injuries, a paralysed bladder, bowel and colostomy bag, amongst other things. In July 2006 Peter and I travelled to Sydney to learn all about the VoiceBio.  I wanted to do everything possible to regain my health and I remember lying on a beanbag at the back of the class taking notes during the lecture. I had to take it all in lying down, because I couldn’t sit for any length of time.

We soon discovered that all my frequencies were stuck in the note of G and G#, which are the keynotes for the liver (my liver had been ruptured by the impact of the accident), gallbladder, lower back and pelvis. There was obviously a lot of healing going on in that area with not much energy to spare for other areas. I learnt that by humming the opposite note, the notes of C# and D I was able to reduce my back pain greatly and strengthen my kidneys, which love the notes of C# and D.

As if this wasn’t proof enough, Peter developed conjunctivitis overnight. We didn’t really bring anything other than a few change of clothing so we resorted to our newfound skills. We discovered that Peter had NO energy whatsoever in his immune system (the note of E) and even when I asked him to hum that note to bolster his immune system he couldn’t produce that specific sound. Eventually I managed to produce the note of E and got him to hum along with me. Within hours his conjunctivitis was gone. I continued to hum my own set of notes after we got home by walking through my gardens while singing into a chromatic tuner. (A lot happens in 9 years. Now you can download a tuner app on your i-phone). The VoiceBio graphs from the last 9 years are clear proof of my remarkable recovery. I hummed my way to perfect health, got rid of the colostomy bag and got my bladder functioning optimally again.

And I am not the only one. Over the years we have had clients who overcame migraines, Candida, liver stagnation, and other problems by pinpointing the root cause through the VoiceBio. However one thing remained the same: my voiceprint shows that I am an extrovert and Peter’s voiceprint shows that he will always be an introvert. I don’t think no amount of humming will ever change that!

What others said about the VoiceBio
“That is amazingly accurate, and I did not even tell you anything about my health history.”

“VoiceBio gives me new insights, facilitating the assessment process in a tangible, objective and accurate way.”

“After a person receives their results, they are amazed at what their personal voiceprint reveals. The voiceprint shows the exact health and emotional issues that each is challenged with.”

“One of the most useful aspects of VoiceBio is being able to find the ‘core’ problem instead of pushing around the symptoms.”

“It is now a joy to see clients walk in with no answers and confusion, without hope in some cases and leave with a smile and a sense of relief, knowing what is going on in their bodies and having a plan to change the patterns of poor health which they have had to live with.”
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