We are what we eat, that is easy to understand. However we only eat three meals per day whereas we think all day long. From the minute we wake up till we go to bed our heads are filled with thoughts.  So we are not just what we eat, but more importantly our lives become the sum total of our thoughts and the way we talk to ourselves. How happy or healthy we are is a result of our thoughts. Sometimes you see people with a happy disposition who have the worst diet and they never ever get sick. Other times there are clients who have the squeakiest cleanest diet, not a morsel of rubbish ever passes their lips and they go from one medical emergency to the next.

Perhaps I fall into the last category. I even spent time in a psychiatric hospital for mental illness and I remember one morning when the Dr sat on my bed and asked how I was feeling. He took one look at my eyes and he said: ‘OK, I get it, not very good!’ That was the understatement of the year. Inside my head it was like witnessing the twin towers collapsing every second of the day. It felt like my Nervous System was being put through the shredder and I was a mess. The Dr Shook his head when I told him I didn’t need more medication ( I used to flush most of it down the toilet when the medical staff wasn’t there) or shock treatment and that I got myself into this mess so it was up to me to figure out the way back to sanity.

You all know how I eventually recovered and now I have a deep respect for mental illness. At the time I was suffering from post traumatic stress. It didn’t help that I had a motor vehicle accident at 44 but looking back I can see how a lifetime of self defeating thoughts didn’t help me much either. Now I like to call that period of my life ‘post traumatic growth’ because I learnt so much from it and I developed a deep respect for the subconscious powers of the mind. It can literally make us or break us.

Our minds have two parts: the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Experts agree that only about 8 percent of the mind is conscious and the rest is subconscious. How can this knowledge be of any help to me? you might ask.  The answer is that when you enlist the help of your subconscious mind it becomes much easier to achieve your goals. When you allow it to become your enemy and feel mistrustful of it you will become very miserable like I did.

Your subconscious mind has a will of its own. It functions day and night, whether you are aware of it or not. It is in charge of your body, but you can’t see it or hear it working because it is silent. The subconscious is all-knowing and timeless. It is the part of you that never dies. On a physical level the subconscious is always moving toward health and harmony in the body. Every 11 months we have a completely new body, thanks to the clever workings of your subconscious mind. So how come we get sick and once we are ill it is sometimes hard to recover?

Even though the subconscious is All-Knowing, it is very modest and doesn’t know how much it knows. So a disease may manifest because it body has forgotten that there is a problem somewhere, or there is a flaw in the blue print, or the internal communication system has broken down or it is just easier to pretends it doesn’t know. A healing session is simply alerting the subconscious to the problem and prompting it to go back to the vast pool of Knowledge and find the key solution. This can happen in a split second or it can take days or months, or years. However the subconscious is the realm of miracles, so there is no real reason for it to take years.

The subconscious mind thrives on Truth. It’s the same as how a compass will always point to North, so will the subconscious respond to Truth, no matter who we are surrounded by or what situation we find ourselves in.  Living a life where we are truthful and honest to ourselves (and therefore others) means that we are in harmony with the infinite intelligence of the subconscious mind, which is always moving us toward LIFE with a capital L.

So where does the conscious mind fit in? The conscious mind is like the gate keeper and it is meant to protect the subconscious from negative influences. The conscious/ rational mind is like the key to turn on the subconscious which  is like a nuclear reactor: it has immense power to help us or to destroy us. The subconscious isn’t rational and it hears everything we say, whether we mean it or not. When we think negatively we interfere with its life giving powers. Every thought accepted as true is sent to the subconscious brain structure and brought into reality in our physical bodies and lives.

This means that we ourselves hold the key to our health, wealth and success by the way we talk to ourselves in our heads. The basis of all healing is a change of belief. Our subconscious created all our organs in the first place and has the perfect pattern of every cell, nerve and tissue within our body. The subconscious is always re-producing according to our self talk and habitual thinking patterns. A few negative thoughts and reactions don’t hurt us. The body can handle that. The same as when the tide comes in and wipes out the marks on the beach, so will the subconscious erase the marks left behind from our negativity during the day. It is when we create a habit of negativity, mistrust, being fearful and doubtful that we start to carve out deep grooves in our mental attitude and soon we find ourselves stuck in a rut.  Here are some classics:

·         I will never be any good

·         Everybody is against me

·         Such and such is so lucky/pretty/clever, I could never be like that

·         The Doctor says I only have 2 months to live so what’s the point of even trying

·         Today is a bad day

·         The economy is bad, business is no good

·         I will never get rid of this back ache

·         I am a bad mum

·         I am not as loveable as my brother/sister

·         Etc etc

The trick is that we all have the power to break old habits and recreate our body and our lives to one where we feel happy, rewarded and at peace. It doesn’t matter whether we have been hit by a truck, have cancer in our body, whether we have diabetes, been sexually abused, been robbed and cheated, or how old we are, we can change our thoughts and keep them changed. We are much bigger than the sum total of our circumstances and once we start trusting in our subconscious mind and experiment with it we notice positive changes, even if they are only small to begin with.

So here is a little game for you to play. It involves the thymus gland, which is located in the centre of the upper part of your chest, about 2 ½ inches below the thyroid (which is in your neck).

The Thymus gland is the key gland to the body’s immune system. It’s our first defence against disease and infection. It creates lymphocytes which migrate into the blood stream and lymph nodes all through the body. These lymphocytes create powerful antibodies vital for your immune system.
The thymus gland is affected by your thoughts and attitude. In order for you to believe this place one hand on the thymus gland and extend the opposite arm. Have a partner pump the extended arm while you say: My name is …. (E.g. My name is Grada). The arm should be strong because this is the truth and your muscles always respond strong to truth. Now say a fictional name and the arm will go momentarily weak because the brain knows that it isn’t true, and the stress of that lie weakens the arm muscles! In the photo’s I got Sarah to say: my name is Sarah and then she said: my name is Fred…. notice how her arm dropped!

Now you can say something positive or loving. The thymus should test strong. Do the opposite and think of something scary or negative and thymus will test weak.  This shows that it is very important to have a positive attitude for you to have a strong immune system, to get well and to stay well. It is all in your hands. Our energy flows where our attention goes. We can continually diminish our life force by focussing on what’s wrong with our situation, or we can completely change the picture by feeding our subconscious with positive self talk.

Our thymus is also the link between the mind and body and is the first organ to be affected by mental attitudes and stresses. It’s good to know that most diseases start on the mental level before they become physical. This master control gland of our body is deepest affected by emotions of fear, jealousy and hatred.

So what to do when you find yourself in a job that you hate for instance? Rather than change jobs it is much easier to eliminate negativity from the inside our by feeding your thymus with the following words: “I have love, courage, faith, trust and gratitude.” Repeat these words over and over while you gently tap the thymus glands. These words deeply resonate with your immune system and you will activate the will to be 100% alive in every cell of your body. You don’t have to think about it consciously, just let your subconscious respond to these words. Soon your situation will start to change because you will continually be in a state of high energy.

Every time somebody affects you negatively you can quietly repeat these words to yourself while you tap your thymus. No negativity will stick to you and your subconscious will start to open up possibilities in your life that you have never had before.

The next exercise is based on the work of John Diamond, a well know psychiatrist in the US, who discovered that by doing this he could change the life of almost anybody, including his patients who were terminally ill.

Here is a daily affirmation to activate and strengthen every system of your body;

Tap the thymus gland while you affirm the following words:

1.       I have love, faith, trust, courage and gratitude
2.       To strengthen the lungs: I feel open and tolerant
3.       Liver: I feel happy and fortunate
4.       Gallbladder: I reach out with love (no matter what other people do)
5.       Spleen/pancreas: I have faith and confidence in my future and feel secure
6.       Kidneys: I am connected to my inner strength and life energy. My energies are balanced
7.       Large intestine: I am worthy of being loved
8.       Adrenal and sex glands: I am relaxed, I am generous, I am playful. My life is in order
9.       Heart: I have forgiveness in my heart
10.   Stomach: I am content
11.   Thyroid: I feel buoyed with hope and lightness
12.   Small intestine: I am jumping with joy
13.   Bladder: I am in harmony, I am at peace, I am courageous
Close with the words: ‘my life energy is high and I am in a state of love’
The easiest way to apply this exercise is to stop 3 times per day, just like you do when you sit down for your meals and quietly say these words to yourself. (You can print this section out and carry it in your pocket) Soon your subconscious will start to reward you by giving you radiant health, exceptional tolerance and abundant mutual love in your relationships.

Till next time, Grada