Did you know that if you flattened your bowels and ironed out all the kinks, it would stretch to the size of a tennis court?

That is a lot of surface area to look after…. And even one little kink or inflamed corner can cause you debilitating pain.

In Australia Inflammatory Bowel Disease is becoming more prevalent, and more complex and severe.

It affects approximately 1 in 250 people aged between 5 to 40, according to www.crohnsandcolitis.com.au website.

Almost 75,000 Australians have Crohn’s disease or Ulcerative Colitis, with this number projected to increase to 100,000 by 2022.

That’s a lot of people who struggle with constant crippling pain and low energy!

Thankfully not everyone has a severe chronic problem, but even innocent tummy problems can diminish your quality of life.

Do you suffer with bloating?

Or feel far too full after meals?

Do you have diarrhoea following eating, or feel flushed, or have difficulty breathing?

Maybe you pass undigested food or get indigestion? Burping or reflux?

Do you get lots of gas and flatulence?

If this resonates with you, I can guarantee from my experience of working with thousands of clients at the Purple House that your digestion is faulty.

What is the use of eating unless we get the nutrients from the food?

Nutrients are tiny little particles of matter such as minerals and trace minerals, amino acids, vitamins, triglycerides and polysaccharides.

These particles are needed to create an amazing new body for you almost every 12 months!

Cells are continually dying and being replaced with new ones.

Around 80% of the body is replaced in 6 months…….

Are you astounded?

Well you should be!

I want you to meet Gary who came to me with debilitating inflammation in his large bowel. He was in constant pain with frequent trips to the toilet with diarrhoea.

Not only was his work disrupted continually, his leisure time was non-eventual having to hide away not knowing when he would have to race to the loo!

He loved playing golf and over the past year prior to seeing me, he had only managed to complete 4 to 6 holes of the course about 3 times.

He was getting to the point where he was asking himself if life was actually worth living!

Within a couple of weeks of seeing me, he returned to tell me he had played 18 holes of golf without one interruption! He was spending a full 8 hours now on the building site rather than cramped up in one of those disgusting little mobile loos for half his working day.

Not only that, his plan to marry and spend a beautiful 3 weeks on the Whitsundays was back on the drawing board.

He was happy, his fiancée was over the moon, plus his boss was pleased as well!

Gary’s digestion wasn’t the only thing not functioning correctly.

After years of his body not receiving proper nutrition other systems had suffered.

With the FULL HEALTH ANALYSIS I was able to recommend lifestyle and dietary changes to achieve total homeostasis.

Mentally, physically and emotionally Gary was in a great place again..

Now, you may be eating a “good” enough diet, but unless you are digesting it properly and getting the nutrients from the foods, your body will be continually breaking down and not rebuilding as it ought to be.

Minerals and trace minerals are lacking in our Australian soils so unless you supplement minerals, your body won’t function as it should.

I offer specific metabolic testing that pinpoint the weakest links in your digestion.

The testing even shows us how healthy your heart, lungs, kidneys and liver are.  

Everyone is unique.

Your tummy ache might have a completely different root cause to your neighbours’ for instance.

After the 26 specific tests I perform (with you in the consultation room) I will offer you a plan of action that is geared to restore you towards perfect health, in the shortest amount of time.

Some comments my clients have received from their workmates after implementing my suggestions are…..

“What are you doing different these days, you have so much energy!?”

“You are so happy and relaxed! What has changed?”

To: “You are absolutely radiant! I want what you are having!”

The good news is: you can have what my clients are having!

Come and see me for a Full Health Analysis.

We are open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and you can contact me on 0428283007 or on 03 64283007.

Or email us on gro42768@gmail.com

A very convenient way is to book an appointment through our website here:


The cost of a Full Health Analysis is much less than a car service, and you only have one body!

When was the last time you booked your body in for a complete service?

If its longer than a year ago, I implore you to make an appointment for a full set of repeat testings.

You can trade your car, but you only have one body… your health is everything!

Contact us on 0428283007 or online and we look forward to seeing you on the inside!

Much love as always, Pete and Grada

(PS remember to stock up on your favourite products while you can! Thankfully we have been able to restock our shelves, but we don’t know how long this will last! We do postal orders too!)