Joe had problems with his joints and the vertebrae in his back.

The MRI’s and scans showed that it was wear and tear, and that he had to get used to it.

But he was only in his mid thirties!

Thats too young to feel old!

After several sessions with Pete, Joe’s health had improved to the point where he was able to go back to work 100%.

No more aches and pains either.

The truth is that your body is never too old to heal itself!


The body does not need your permission to heal either.

Remember all the times you cut yourself? You stick a bandaid on it and you get on with life, because your body takes care of it.

The body is always healing. The body wants to be healthy.

When we are going through a lot of stress, the body adapts. Even in those moments of stress the body wants to heal and make progress.

The body does not need your permission to heal but it does needs your support.

Because you have a new body every year!

Every 4 days you have brand new stomach lining.
The stomach cells that come into contact with digesting food are replaced EVERY 5 MINUTES!
You have new skin every 30 days.
A new liver ever 6 to 12 weeks.
Your skeleton is replaced every 6 months.
Your brain replaces itself every 2 months.
Parts of your lungs are new every 6 weeks, which is a great incentive to stop smoking.
The trillions of red blood cells live till they are 110 days when they are replaced with new ones.
Your white cells, which form part of your immune system, are completely replaced every 32 days.

Your body is the most powerful machine in the whole universe.

When we give it what it needs, miracles happen.

It is much more natural and normal to be healthy than to be sick.

Healing is what your body knows best and it has the BLUEPRINT FOR PERFECT HEALTH.

It is always comparing how to get healthy the fastest, easiest way.

Even the American Cancer Society admitted that untreated cancers often go away naturally.

“We are finding that about 25 to 30% of cancers stop growing at some point. That can make some treatments that aren’t doing anything look good!”

Now let me share with you another one of the worlds best kept health secrets: Percy’s Powders.

Percy Weston was born in 1903 and right from the start his mission was to unravel the secrets of nature, so we can live free from pain and disease.

Percy was paralysed as a young child but he recovered.

In 1934 he cured himself from leukaemia and in 1942 from a cancerous tumour on his arm. He eventually retired from farm work at age 98.

He was a scientist as well as farmer and he invented the Percy’s powder to boost the immune system, to beat cancer and arthritis without expensive or toxic drugs.

In his opinion, recovery comes down to minerals and having the right balance of food, clean water and rest.

There are so many great products on the market! Pete and I have researched the best ones to help you support your body to heal, no matter what curveball life has thrown at you! You CAN make a comeback!

Our Purple House Smoothie contains many of these products, so here is the recipe again.

This smoothie is the equivalent to a weeks worth of nutrients, because when you recover from illness, accidents or stress, you need nutrient dense foods!

Here we go:

Purple House smoothie for 2

2 tablespoons of organic cold pressed flax seed oil
6 tablespoons of full cream organic yoghurt
2 dessert spoons of organic coconut oil
2 dessert spoons of Chia seeds
2 scoops of Bioraculous
2 sachets of Percy’s powders
2 dessert spoons of Digest easy
2 dessert spoons of Maca Powder
10 drops of iodine

Add water to create a consistency that suits your tastebuds.

You can add some cinnamon or vanilla, and mix all this in a food processor.

Start enjoying your life, because you will be surprised how quickly your energy levels return.

Don’t be tempted to turn this into a fruit smoothie because too much fructose affect your thyroid and makes your liver sluggish.

The flaxseed oil and yoghurt/cottage cheese mixture is based on the famous Dr Johanna Budwig diet and she found that if her mixture was taken over a 3 months period, tumours shrivelled up, healthy red blood cells appeared, weakness and anemia disappeared, and liver function improved.

I will leave you to mull over this information.

But don’t wait too long. Start re-building your body today!

Lots of love, Grada (and Pete)

Plus here is a great affirmation to boost your immune system: EVERY DAY IN EVERY WAY, MY LIFE IS GETTING BETTER AND BETTER!

Did you know this is the oldest positive affirmation?

Watch the video below for more health tips.