You can alleviate liver stress within days…

The liver is responsible for 500+ functions in the body, including filtering many toxins from your blood and helping to regulate sugar levels.

How can you tell if your liver needs a little extra love?

Let’s take a look under the bonnet and see what the liver does best:

  1. Breaks down toxins.
  2. Processes estrogen.
  3. Metabolizes fats.
  4. Converts T4 (thyroxine hormone) from the thyroid into the five times more active T3, so your thyroid can do its job.

Are toxins an issue?


Today, we eat toxic foods, drink toxic water, and breathe toxic air.

Foods are polluted with agricultural chemicals, GMOs are hidden from customer awareness, they are grown in depleted and polluted soils, injected with growth hormones, anti-biotic, fed plastic and arsenic, and the list goes on and on.

Water is contaminated with PCBs, chlorine and fluoride, lead, arsenic, and PBA.

Our air is dirty, polluted with mercury, aluminium and other particulate matters.

At home, plastics throughout off-gas PCBs, including carpets, beds, and sofas.

For the most part, we should be in awe of how our bodies continue to thrive in these polluted environments!

It is no surprise that even the healthiest people show contamination and stored toxins.

It is very normal for our livers to become inflamed and sore.

Even our intestines begin to suffer…. 2/3rds of the US population is constipated for instance and 10 to 20% of the global population has IBS.

So here are the top 5 things that can push your liver over the edge:

  1. Too many toxins (this is unavoidable)
  2. The wrong fats (like margarine, unsaturated vegetable oils and low-fat products)
  3. Too much estrogen (the ocean is now 4% estrogen, and it’s in our drinking water)
  4. Too many high starch carb and sugars
  5. Toxic overload creates the perfect breeding ground for parasites (worms) that love to nest in the liver, adding another burden.

Mainstream medicine does not see the parasites because their microscopes only magnify 10,000 times with bright-field microscopes as opposed to 28,000 times with darkfield microscopes.

Book a session with Pete to see your live blood on the computer screen.

You will be surprised to see your hard-working cells moving across the screen… and if you have worms, Candida or liver stress, we can see the tell-tale signs in your blood.

Your gallbladder produces 700 ml of bile every day, and this bile flows into your intestines, keeping the gut sterile and killing harmful bugs.

Bile also supports your metabolism, so you begin to digest your fats better, your skin begins to glow, and your hair and nails get stronger.

Stress is a big problem in our society, and it often takes the form of liver stress.

The good news is that there are ways to combat this type of stress by using simple supplements from Ultimate Vitality Boost!

Your body creates a new liver every 6 to 8 weeks!

What an amazing gift from your body to you.

By taking the four essential supplements in the Ultimate Vitality Boost your body will create the best liver ever!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with life or have signs of chronic liver issues such as jaundice, pale stools, unexplained weight loss or gain, or pain on your right side below your ribs, migraine headaches, itchy skin, acne, bloating, burping, gas and irritable bowel; the Ultimate Vitality Boost package is a great way to start feeling better by boosting your liver function.

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