“What a clever business name,” I thought as I caught the signage “Accidental Health and Safety” on a parked van in town.

But when it comes to your health, you need to be smarter than that!

Your body is your most valuable piece of real estate you own, and you can’t be accidental about that.

Imagine if you had a million-dollar property and you didn’t insure it.

Or if you had a Ferrari and never serviced it.

When it comes to your health, you need to be the one in charge.

After all, nobody is more interested in your health than you. (unless you are a little child of course, and your parent is the one with the keen interest).

I often remind my clients that they are the guardians of a miracle.

  • Did you know that your eyeballs are new every 48 hours?
  • You have a new skin every 3 weeks.
  • A completely new liver every 6 weeks. 
  • A year from now on, every molecule in your body is replaced.

You are a force of nature!

If you drop a bomb in the middle of a forest and return 4 or 5 years later you would be hard pressed to find the exact spot, because it will be completely regrown.

We are a similar ecology, so if we stop bombing ourselves and start giving our bodies what they need we begin to thrive, no matter what our past has been like.

There are two main causes of disease:

  • Deficiencies
  • Toxicities.

Toxicities are the bombs and deficiencies are the things missing from your ecosystem stopping it to thrive.

Most Australians are very mineral deficient because our soils here are so eroded.

Some scientists suggest that Australia missed out on the last ice age and that the crushing of rocks into minute fragments didn’t occur.

Mineralisation of our soils didn’t happen.

Instead, as the continent was exposed to rain and wind it leached the minerals out to sea.

Modern agricultural practices using superphosphates to grow foods apparently bind up the few minerals that are in the soils so plants can’t access them, leaving us with no electrolytes for conduction or electricity around our bodies and in and out of cells.

If we don’t intentionally have minerals and trace minerals, we are headed towards deficiency diseases.

And that is only one area where our health falls apart.

If you are struggling with health issues, and want to do something about it right now, book your Complete Health Analysis here.  

I recommend you have ¼ teaspoon of Himalayan salt (minerals and trace minerals) for every litre of water they drink to give their bodies adequate supply.

This ratio of water and salt is also perfect for plants and animals so your vegie garden and your furry four-legged friends would also thank you.

Lots of farmers place salt lick blocks out for their animals knowing they have mineral deficient soils.

Another BIG reason we may be deficient in nutrients is faulty digestion.

You can eat the best food and yet obtain nothing from it if you don’t digest it properly.

You would be surprised how many clients come to me unable to gain any weight due to inflammatory bowel disease.

Nearly all IBS and inflammatory bowel disorders are caused by a lack of bile flow from the liver and gallbladder systems.

The bile neutralizes the acid contents from the stomach as it has an alkaline pH.

If this doesn’t flow properly the small bowel becomes too acid from the stomach contents which stimulates peristalsis, burns the inside of the bowel, and kills all the good intestinal bacteria.

When these clients take Beetflow and Enzymes with every meal, and probiotics daily their digestion rectifies itself, Colitis clear and bowel motions are normalised.

All these supplements come in a handy package the Ultimate Vitality Boost.

Lack of probiotics can also lead to deficiency disease.

Scientists have isolated 400 different enzymes that these trillions of little critters produce for us.

Today we are still finding out more how they support us.

80% of our immune system belongs to the good gut bacteria and 90% of our serotonin (happy Hormones) are produced in a healthy gut.

We have to think of our gut as our first brain so really need a good plan to keep it nice and healthy.

Today it is safe to assume that nearly EVERYONE’s gut is compromised.

That means that unless you take action and supplement with a good new generation probiotic, your immune system will suffer.

With low serotonin levels, your happiness levels nosedive, or you will experience mood swings.

As far as deficiencies are concerned, these can be tackled by getting the Ultimate Vitality Boost, which contains 4 key pillars that support your health.

  • Beetflow
  • Omnizyme (a great all-round enzyme product)
  • Immunosynbiotic (a powerful probiotic)
  • A mineral solution to switch your metabolism up

The UVB comes as a package, which makes it economical and convenient.

Now let’s focus on toxicities.

Toxin Number 1 would be SUGAR.

Sugar is more addictive than speed or cocaine, so its used by the food industry in all processed foods to make you come back and back for more.

Little do you realize you are gluing your insides together, with sugars and empty carbohydrates, which create inflammation in your body.

Every blood sugar above 6 mmol/L is causing inflammation.

It’s like pouring buckets of sea water into your car radiator.

You would never do that, yet, here we are, pouring endless amounts of corrosive sugars and carbs into our insides, clogging up our capillaries, veins and arteries.

Here’s the thing!

You have to be intentional about growing your health!

Never have more than 4 teaspoons of sugar per day, and this includes all hidden sugars in your vegies, fruits, and carbohydrates. (one piece of toast creates 6 teaspoons of sugar, and that is a bare piece of toast)

Eat more butter, ghee, cream, olive oil, coconut oil or meat fats instead of carbohydrates.

We make ten times the amount of energy from one molecule of fat than a molecule of sugar.

Fats won’t make you fat, they make you slim.

They won’t cause inflammation and they give a great even energy all day long.

This is another reason I recommend people take beetflow three times a day.

We need that bile flowing to digest our fats properly for easy energy.

When I look at live blood under the microscope, I see whether your red blood cells have a healthy charge (which means they are filled with energy) or not.

This is one indicator of good health.

I am sorry to say that most people’s red blood cells are very sticky, which indicates that the body is under a lot of stress.

This is much harder for the kidneys to filter this blood.

Sticky red blood cells also mean the heart is working overtime.

The two main causes of sticky red blood cells are dehydration, and proteins not being digested well.

A third cause is ALUMUNIUM, a major toxin.

This is found in most deodorants, which you roll on your armpits, where it enters your lymphatic glands and goes into the blood stream.

Only use organic, aluminium free deodorants! (Like NO PONG, which we stock)

Foods and drinks are often stored in aluminium cans.

Small amounts will leach into the foods and drinks.

It is also in our rainwater as it is used in cloud seeding to create rain.

Dr T. C. McDaniel was one of the instructors when we learnt live and dried blood analysis in the US.

He suffered palpitations in his fifties.

He consulted several cardiologist colleagues.

When they didn’t know the answer, he took it upon himself to find out.

Every time he experienced heartbeat irregularities, he would have a look at his own blood under the microscope.

What he discovered was the red cells were sticking together.

He figured out ways to increase the charge on the membranes of those cells so they would become nicely isolated from one another. (I explain how during a Biomedx session)

He went on to live to over a hundred and opened a clinic specifically for heart and kidney disease.

He said they are caused by the same thing.

The red cells sticking together.

There are most likely more toxins which would cause this flocculation of our oxygen carrying cells.

Apparently, we are now bombarded with as many toxins every single day as our grandparents were during their entire lifetime.

It is vitally important for you to avoid as many toxins as possible.

Now that Grada and I eat mainly keto/ low carb high healthy fat we consume only a fraction of the food we used to eat.

Whenever we can we buy organic food or grow our own.

This way we avoid the toxins that are applied in conventional farming practices to grow food, such as super phosphate, insecticides, herbicides, and the list goes on.

Percy Weston, who lived till he was 100, created Percy’s Powders and cured himself from cancer twice.

He grew tobacco in Northeast Victoria saw the introduction of superphosphates, which were left over materials from bomb manufacturing from WW2.

He tells us that prior to growing tobacco with these artificial fertilizers there was no incidence of lung cancer in smokers.

So, its not the tobacco that creates the risk, it’s the 100’s of toxins created during the production of cigarettes.

The same with coffees, teas, other beverages, and foods.

I want to impress upon you that you can’t allow your health to be accidental.

You are the guardian of a miraculously intelligent machines, that keeps your heart beating, your nails and hair growing while you sleep.

Visit our clinic to see which products and supplements would really boost your health or come for a much needed rest and repair.

A Complete Health Analysis is highly recommended.

It’s like looking under the bonnet of the car and together we create a plan of actions specific to your needs.

Nothing is left up to guess work.

With me in your corner, you will be able to be in complete charge of your health.

Imagine how freeing to be behind the driver’s seat heading in the right direction!

Call our friendly reception on 03 64283007 and talk to Leica or Ashleigh.

Or click here to check out our website.

Yours to great health,

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