“When the vision and voice on the inside is louder than all the outside noise and opinions, you begin to master your life”.

Pete and I are having our morning coffee outside with Freddy, our labradoodle vying for attention, and Cedric our donkey asking for his breakfast.

They can wait.

What is your deepest wish for yourself right now?” I ask Pete.

We have already had several ‘deep and meaningfuls’ earlier that morning, so Pete should have been prepared, but he wasn’t.

Silence is the answer.

My concentration span isn’t great these days, and I don’t want to interrupt Peters thoughts, so I begin to look around for something to distract me, other than Freddy jumping up and down and the braying of Cedric in the background.  

I don’t have to look far.

Here is a magpie, perched on top of the roof of the shed, not far from where Pete is pondering the correct answer.

Pete had always loved the sound of magpies, but sadly, they didn’t live around Forth.

One day, he made a wish, that he would have his ‘own’ magpies on our property, and several years later, his wish came true.

Today, as if on cue, the second magpie swoops in, and lands on the lowest part of the shed, even closer to Pete.

“Look, even the magpies are urging you on. Come on, spit it out, your wishes don’t have to be politically correct!” I urge Pete.

I have worked with thousands of clients since the year 2000, and I nearly always take my clients through a process to connect with their heart’s desires.

Most people gave up on wishing anything for themselves a long time ago.

Society programs us to live a small life, with our noses stuck to the grindstone, where we remain invisible, living other people’s dreams.

This may not be true for you, but when was the last time you really took your own hearts desires serious?

When was the last time that you wrote down what you wanted to do with yourself, your family, your community, your city, your country, your world and beyond?

When I was a teenager, I had a very active wish to migrate to Canada, so I could live in the wilds and connect with nature.

I met Pete at age seventeen and moved to remote Tasmania at age 19.

Tasmania was Canada on steroids as far as remoteness is concerned.

The universe always gives over and above.

We had no money, no prospects, and no real opportunities, and I was pregnant with number one.

I wasn’t fazed by our reality because I believed in my dreams.

Many years later, at age 40, I opened the doors of my own clinic.

It was the culmination of a lifelong dream to be a ‘healer’.

Don’t ask me how we did it, but somehow, it all came together.

Then I got hit by a truck and left with crippling injuries.

I had lost everything in one fateful moment.

Lying flat in bed in a trauma hospital in Melbourne, a long way from my beloved clinic and family, I could have easily called it quits and died.

But I decided to be even more delusional than normal.

I dreamt of being completely physically, financially, and emotionally independent.

I went way beyond just surviving.

I visualised incredible success, happiness, and health.

And so, it happened. (Get my free PDF of my memoir You are the Miracle here.)

Now, I didn’t just dream of course.

I also had to put in the hard yards and apply everything I had ever learnt about healing and miracles, to make a comeback.

The point I am making is, that if you don’t have an overarching dream for yourself, the outside world will dictate your destiny.

Let me reverse engineer it for you.

When I was marooned in a hospital bed, crippled with dozens of fractures, spinal injuries, internal bleeding, and many other challenges, I didn’t just wish for a broken toe to heal.

I didn’t even wish for my broken neck to heal, or my pulverized sacrum to mend.

That didn’t inspire me enough.

I didn’t get a thrill from that.

I asked for a lot more.

I created a BIG COLOURFUL WISH that took in all of that, plus much more.

I wanted a new body, financial freedom, a great business, and healthy happy kids, and travel around the world.

I wished for a life filled to the brim, a limitless life.

And I got my wish because the Universe understands the language of delusion.

You could say that the Universe is delusional itself.

The universe is incapable of pessimism, and it isn’t even realistic.

When have you seen the Universe being realistic?

We live in a Universe of abundance, with infinite resources and these are available to us, if only we ask for it.

And to ask for it, we need to know what we want.

Here is the problem, most people are disconnected from their wants, wishes and desires.

We were told NO, too many times when we were kids.

The average toddler hears the word no 400 times per day, according to experts.

We are never taught that the Universe wants to give us a big fat YES today!

The universe is the bank of unlimited credit, but we must present our desires to it, in the same way that you slide your credit card into the ATM machine, before you get your money.

The credit card is your wish, and the ATM is like a delusion machine.

You feed in your dream, and you get it back as reality.

This brings me back to Pete, who finally says:

“I wish to live in my treehouse” (Pete has had lots of fun building a treehouse in our forest)

“Is that all?” I ask him, feeling disappointed.

“I selfishly wanted you to wish for 60 million in the bank, so we can buy a large farm and turn it into an animal sanctuary with hundreds of animals. Then we can build a school for children and teach them earth medicine and they can help take care of the animals…..then we can turn it into a prototype and remodel the education system around the world and then….. “

I am interrupted by the magpies noisy take off from our shed room.

Perhaps they are disappointed in Pete as well.

They were a reminder for Pete to be delusional, and his logical left brain got in the way, along with Peters upbringing where modesty and everything in moderation was a priority value.

Pete and I pack up our cups and saucers, stack the dishwasher and walk to our Airbnb cottage to give it a clean for the next guests.

We don’t talk about dreams or hearts desires for the rest of the day, but late at night, just before we drop off to sleep, Pete suddenly pipes up.

“I wish for a world where my children and grandkids are safe. Where everyone has opportunities to thrive. Nature is fully restored, Devonport has beautiful boulevards with mature trees, people are planting forests, poisons are being removed from society, humans remember who they are, and what they are truly capable off. People only work part time and play and explore the rest of the time. I am sitting in my treehouse playing the flute! Is that big enough for you?” Pete asks. “Oh yes, and there is a food forest leading into Forth.”

Pete is on a roll, but now it’s my turn to be quiet as I drift off to sleep.

This brings me back to you today.

Do you sometimes feel overworked, underpaid, struggling with health/life issues?

Did you know that Pete and I do a livestream every Monday evening at 7 PM on our Purple House Facebook Page, where we teach health hacks?

Every Monday at 8 PM, I livestream a 20-minute presentation on Grada Robertson Facebook Page to bring you closer to your core self.

I also offer tips, energy hacks and meditations that raise your vibrational energy and heal your issues.

I invite you to tune in tonight or listen to the replay.

To follow us on our YouTube or Rumble channels, click on the below links here:

Remember that in any area of your life you don’t empower yourself, you are going to be overpowered!

  • FINANCIALLY, if you don’t empower yourself, others are going to dictate your worth and you will feel undervalued
  • SPIRITUALLY:  you may fall for an outdated religious model or antiquated dogma
  • PHYSICALLY, you will be told what drugs to take (all medical drugs except for insulin shorten your life span)
  • SOCIALLY: you will be told what propaganda to believe.

Jump to our YouTube and Rumble videos to create the life you want!

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