• Do you feel nauseous after eating fatty foods?
  • Have you gained weight for no obvious reason?
  • Do you find it hard to release body fat?
  • Are you experiencing skin rashes, acne or blotchiness?
  • Do you ever have explosive diarrhoea
  • Do you suffer from bloating, flatulence or constipation?

You need to take Beetflow with each meal.

Now, you may think ‘what’s all the fuss about? Doesn’t everyone feel gassy or bloated at times? Or have a few skin rashes?”

I am here to tell you that these symptoms are a red flag that your bile isn’t flowing as it should.

And this isn’t something that will go away by itself.

And if it doesn’t go away, you may end up in serious trouble.

Let me introduce you to Joan, my client who used to be a wonderful teacher.

People adored her and for good reason, because not only was she a great teacher, she cared for everyone deeply and always went the extra mile.

A few years ago she started to suffer from burn out.

She ignored the skin rashes, heart burn and constipation.

They were minor consequences of her rewarding career.

Things took a turn for the worse when her symptoms did a complete U-turn.

She started to get IBS.

Now we all know that it is impossible for teachers to race to the toilet every 5 minutes, so Joan began to suffer from intolerable tummy pain.

One day her whole world collapsed around her ears.

She soiled her pants in front of the class.

She was granted immediate stress leave.

She continued on the merry-go-round for a few more years, seeing specialists and trying different medical drugs. Eventually she ended up at our facility.

She had now been forced to retire from a job that wasn’t just work, it had been her ‘calling’.

The Biomedx testing showed that she was riddled with parasites.

Her saliva pH was way below 6.7 which showed that her bile flow was minimal.

And there were several more huge imbalances which Peter could have addressed in the first place, saving her years of hell.

Have you heard of the saying: feather, brick, truck?

That simply means that your symptoms start out small, like a feather. You hardly notice it.

A brick might be a bit harder to ignore.

Soiling your pants at work would definitely make you sit up!

Now you might think that this is an odd case.

Well, let me tell you it isn’t. There are millions of people who constantly have to keep vigil over their bowels. They can never be far from the toilet. They become toilet spotters.

Are you a toilet spotter? You are not alone.

I never knew what that was like till I became paralysed and had to have a colostomy bag after a truck accident.

I developed huge toilet issues after that.

Not trusting my body. Never knowing when my nerves were going to spring into action and release some bowel content.

It was even worse for my client Paul.

Paul loved to travel and explore the world. One day, he was in Trafalgar Square in London, when he was gripped by a bowel spasm so severe that he only just made it to the public toilet. Then he passed out.

When he came too, he also discovered that his entire bowel content had exploded into his trousers.

I don’t know the rest of the story, other than he was now too timid to follow his passion of traveling.

It was as if his wings had been clipped.

Thankfully during Pauls Biomedx session Peter discovered exactly where his digestion was up the creek.

He had no digestion!

Or specifically, he had very little bile flow.

Bile is produced by our livers. It is a bit like a liquid caustic soup and once it leaves the liver it’s stored in the gallbladder where it becomes very concentrated.

Let me explain to you how healthy digestion works.

When you eat food, it drops into your stomach.

There it gets hit by an acid fire (your stomach is meant to be more acidic than a car battery.)

Once your body is happy that your stomach has done a good job, it allows it to drop into your small intestine where it is met by a squirt of concentrated bile.

bile flow

As acid meets alkaline there should be a powerful chemical reaction, literally a sizzling explosion, a bit like the vinegar/baking soda experiments of High School chemistry.

This is where the majority of the nutrients in our food are chemically liberated and made available to our body to be used for energy and construction material.

In both Paul and Joan, there was no sizzle.

Nope, they both had zero chemistry of life.

Not only were their wings clipped, their cells were being starved of nutrients.

This is what was happening inside their bodies instead:
when their stomach content entered the small intestine, there was no bile to meet it.

That meant the acidity from the stomach wasn’t neutralized.

The acidic food would just sit there, burning the lining of the intestines until their gut sensed it was on fire.

When it did finally notice the burning going on, their gut would activate an emergency expulsion (explosive diarrhoea) to minimize damage.

Now some of us would rather burn a hole in our gut than pooh our pants in front of a class or at Trafalgar Square, but thankfully our bodies are way more intelligent than that.

It will simply not allow you to suffer too much damage.

The body is always interested in self preservation. It reckons we can deal with the shame later.

But thankfully, now you don’t need to feel ashamed or starved… you can get your bile flowing with Beetflow.

Beetflow will get your bile flowing.

Remember that your bile is literally a soup.

Think of what happens when your hands are covered in grease or oil and you try to wash it off with just water, no soap.

It doesn’t work, does it.

That’s because fats are not water soluble.

It requires “soap” to break dietary fats down into useable lipids.

If you don’t have good bile flow, all the healthy fats you eat are just going to give you problems. The problems I mentioned at the start of this blog.

If you are not sure if your bile flow sucks, go and read them again.

It could save your life!

Because if you don’t digest your fats, you miss out on fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and C.

Plus the fats you eat occur to your body as toxic invaders so you will experience all the problems that go with dietary fat deficiencies, EVEN when you are eating a good amount of healthy fats.

For our bodies to thrive we need bile to break down fats into useable fuel for energy and construction work.

Remember our body is replaced every year, so there is always a lot of repair and rebuilding to do.

It is really important that our bodies make enough bile AND that the bile we make gets stored and concentrated in the gall bladder like it should AND that the gall bladder effectively squirts the bile onto the acidic stomach contents as it leaves the stomach.

Beetflow helps your body do all that.

Beetflow makes your bile nice and runny and gets the sludge in your liver ducts moving.

To have 1 or 2 Beetflow with every meal is not a luxury, it is a must.

How long for?

For as long as you want to be vibrantly healthy, with your marbles, mobility and dignity intact.

Thankfully both Joan and Paul made a full recovery within a very short period of time.

So now it’s your turn.

I care so much about it that I’m finishing with a list of indications of poor bile flow so go ahead and check out if you need to give your body a helping hand with Beetflow.

  • Diarrhoea or loose stools
  • Body fat retention
  • Weakened libido
  • Unstable blood sugar levels.
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • High cholesterol
  • Low levels of good cholesterol
  • Constipation
  • Light coloured stool (the colour of cardboard)
  • Acne
  • Nausea especially after eating fats
  • Blotchy skin
  • Itchiness
  • Flatulence
  • Bloating in your mid or lower abdomen an hour after eating
  • Gall bladder removed (you definitely don’t have enough bile to digest your meals. You need to supplement with Ox bile each meal as well as with Beetflow)

We usually recommend that you take 1 or 2 Beetflow capsules with each meal and don’t drink with your meal. Drink before or 2 hours after.

To swallow your capsules, simply chew a mouthful of food till you are just about to swallow it and then pop in the Beetlfow.

Now sit back and watch your chemistry of life being restored for you.

Hope you enjoyed this blog as much as I did writing it!

Much love, Grada