I have just read an article stating:

  • “1 in 400 children have Type 1 diabetes.
  • 1 in 166 has epilepsy.
  • 1 in 40 has a potentially deadly peanut allergy.
  • 1 in 25 boys is on the autism spectrum.
  • 1 in every 12 kids has asthma. Our generation of children is the sickest it’s ever been in the history of America.” I assume Australia wouldn’t be far behind.

Why is it?

Just yesterday I was reminded of a nursery rhyme from when I was a kid. I was cleaning the gutters of all the golden autumn leaves from the silver birch surrounding our house. I had to push my way up through the branches where some greener leaves still clung on as if to stall the oncoming winter cold for a little while longer.

I was covered in aphids sucking the last of the sweet summer juices out of the leaves. They crept though my hair, up my sleeves and down my neck nearly making me topple from the ladder as I swiped them vigorously from my skin. Where were their natural predators? I couldn’t see any evidence of them anywhere as my mind went over the familiar verse.

“Ladybird, Ladybird fly away home,
your house is on fire and all your children are gone,
all but one and her name is Ann
because she crept under the frying pan.”

I’m not sure of the meaning behind this little rhyme but apparently all those children’s stories had some hidden meaning behind them. Quite often a sinister connotation. What struck me was that there weren’t any ladybugs feasting on these pesky aphids. What had happened to break the link in the food chain?

Statistics show that we are now subjected to as many toxins in one day as my grandparent’s generation was in their whole lifetime!

Now that is incredible. Included in these are the toxic sprays like insecticides that have decimated our pollinating insects such as the bees and butterflies. By the look of it the ladybirds as well.

Of course, the chemicals that kill insects will soak right into the plants that have been sprayed. Residues of these will also be absorbed into our tissues when we eat our vegetables. We also wash our hands with chemicals to kill the bacteria before we eat. These chemicals are absorbed in via the skin and begin circulating through our system as well. We wash our hair with even more toxins that also soak in and cause more problems.

I studied a client’s live blood under the microscope one day and the red cells were all just breaking down and dying in front of our eyes.

She was watching them do this on the screen. Usually the red cells can stay alive and well for about 24 hours, between the glass slides. Something within her system was causing her cells to die prematurely. The only cause she could think of was having her hair dyed 3 days prior to her coming to see me.

It is extremely important that whatever you put on your skin isn’t going to poison you. At the Purple House we carry a chemical free range of shampoo and conditioner, deodorants and tanning lotion. We use essential oils for cleaning which not only eliminate bugs and grime but are really great for boosting our immune systems as well.

Our livers are responsible for eliminating most of the waste from our system.

Quite often it has an uphill battle with purifying our blood, so the subcutaneous layer of fat cells is our bodies safety mechanism. It stores those toxins to protect our vital organs and other more important areas from being poisoned.

This layer of fat cells (subcutaneous) is just under the skin. You can imagine how the health of the next outer layer (our skin) will suffer with this chemical soup next door! To assist your liver to help detoxify and rid your body of the excessive amounts of waste we are exposed to, we recommend that you take Beetflow with every meal and extra Taurine will also help. This is an amino acid that aids in the dilation of small ducts (i.e. biliary/ liver ducts) and blood vessels.

One of our elderly clients with kidney failure avoided dialysis by taking Beetflow, which supported the liver in the detoxification process and reduced the load on the kidneys.

What else do these unnatural substances do, as they mix with our digestive juices before being transported through our intestinal wall into our blood stream?

What else do you think they will kill on the way?

Our intestines house millions or rather trillions of live little critters to keep our intestines healthy. 80% of our immune system also belongs to the good bacteria that live in there. And believe it or not our immune system is the only thing that will ever cure us from any illness. It’s what keeps us well when we are travelling well.

I would encourage you all to strengthen your immune system during colder winter months.

We have two very good ranges of probiotics at the Purple House. The Probiotic Food Powders are produced from all kinds of fermented foods.

The others, Immuno Synbiotics; x-flam, restore and power are in capsules that are guaranteed to pass through the very acidic environment of the stomach into the small intestine before they release their contents. This prevents them being destroyed by the hydrochloric acid in the stomach.

With the lack of time in our society where we rely on a lot of processed foods, which leaves us starved of nutrients.

One way to boost our health in this crazy world is to take a good all-round supplement with easily absorbable nutrients. We have Activator for adults and Mighty Mins for kids to do just that. They come from the same company where those good Immuno Synbiotic probiotics come from. The capsules are sourced from Spain, guaranteed to get through the stomach so the good bacteria aren’t killed by the stomach acid. The ingredients of these products are of the highest quality.

We need to keep our own ecosystem in balance so to remain nice and healthy. We can do this by either taking the immuno-synbiotics every day or having at least one portion of a fermented food each day. 80% of our immune system depends on these good bacteria.

Our immune system is the only thing that will return us to health if we become imbalanced.

Fortunately, the importance of our gut bacteria (the human microbiome) has influenced modern science to recognize the nutritional and probiotic value of fermented foods for our overall health. Join Caleb at his upcoming fermenting workshop to learn how to make some of these immune loving foods.

If we neglect our nutrition and allow our immune system to become run down, we will soon end up like our silver birches full of aphids sucking the moisture from their leaves.

The ladybugs are like those good gut bacteria helping to keep everything in balance, creating a healthy ecosystem. This keeps the leaves green to absorb the carbon dioxide and breathe out lots of oxygen – providing all living creatures, including ourselves, with that essential element for health and life.

If we stop poisoning our environment that in turn kills off our ecosystem and instead restore what’s missing, we will all live happily ever after, just like Ann who crept under the frying pan! Or was it pudding pan..

(After post from Pete:
Ann must have ESP’d into my brain, because when I lit the pizza oven in our garden during Easter Sunday, out crawled the first ladybug I have seen this year. A hopeful sign!)

Everyone benefits from an annual health check.

We service our cars after 5000 kilometres and we can trade our vehicles in after it clocks up mileage. Compare this to our bodies that are working for us non stop 24/7, even in our sleep. The cells in our bodies NEVER sleep. When we sleep, they go into overdrive, repairing the damage of the day. You only have one body. How much is it worth to you? When you look after it well, you will add decades to your life.

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I visited doctors for 17 years with no results no answers. Within 2 weeks of going to the purple house and following their advice, I have the answers. I have my health and I feel great.

Janet W

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