I have an old testimonial here. Its not for the faint hearted. If you have a spider phobia you’d better not read it but it is a great white tail tale.

“In 2005 I was bitten by a white tail spider- 6 times. It was just one spider but is sure packed a huge punch! You would never believe the nightmare that followed: the immediate burning blisters, the years of having my skin cut away from the gangrenous bite site, the years of suicidal depression.

white tail spider bite rash
A picture is worth a 1000 words. The first photo shows the spider ‘worm’ in 2005, and then the continual sores and rashes till 2011!And the years of achingly painful, weeping skin rashes. I could not get out of bed or stop crying. My husband had to scrub my wounds, cook for me and take care of me. 

I sought help anywhere I could. A merry go round of doctors diagnosed my chronic fatigue, my depression, my compromised immune system and my ensuing severe allergies. They prescribed an Epi-pen, Avapro, Effexor, prednisolone and sleeping pills. I was administered steroids and all the antis –antibiotics, antidepressants, antihistamines. They tried to commit me to a psychiatric hospital.

I was jumpy in my skin, suffered extremely hot flushes and couldn’t sleep. My skin was blotchy red and my lymph glands and throat were swollen. My scalp was blistered and bleeding. While it was a relief to find out that these were all caused by a sudden onset of allergies I wasn’t impressed by the drugs they prescribed, as well as the combination of those drugs which had exacerbated my problems. My life became controlled by the things I couldn’t do. Couldn’t eat, couldn’t touch, and couldn’t smell.

I had many, many tests done to find out the extent of my allergies, but I was also allergic to the metal of the needle drawing my blood for testing. And I was allergic to the alcohol swab. Many meats, vegetables and fruits, and all preservatives had to be eliminated from my diet.

The citric acid in shampoos had blistered my scalp. Mint toothpaste had aggravated my throat. The (naturally occurring) heavy metals in our water had blistered my skin in the shower. I could not wear leather shoes, any jewellery or even a bra (because of the metals on the clips.) I could only wear 100% cotton, but those clothes are usually stitched with polyester cotton which caused a ring of rash around the seam lines. The smells at the supermarket would make me vomit.

Grass and dust were dreadful, which made life a bit difficult when you live on a dirt road in a bush land setting. I didn’t think anyone could help me, but I went to see Grada after she was suggested to me a couple of times. I went more out of curiosity than anything else. I didn’t really think that waving a few vials (homeopathic testing vials for toxins) or tapping my head (part of the kinergetics corrections) would be of any value but how wrong I was!!

From just the first visit my skin colour returned to normal, the swelling disappeared and the jitters settled. I no longer needed afternoon naps and my heart stopped racing…… I don’t know how but Grada healed my body. I can now sleep at night, my constant headaches and rashes finally went away, I can shower in our water and wear my watch. I can now eat mushrooms and potato. Grada assures me that there will be even further improvements regarding my allergies. Maybe one day I will be able to eat tomatoes and bananas, enjoy a glass of wine and use soap.

I cannot explain what Grada does, I only know that she worked miracles for me. She did not prescribe any medications and now they are a thing of the past. Life is so much better when the things you can do outweigh the things you can’t do. All this in just two visits. Life is very promising!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Christine M.

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