When we do a massage the body repairs itself on the cellular level. That is good news because after all our body is just a mass of cells clumped together.

Blood, lymph fluid and the fluid between the cells gets moved around. Oxygen reaches the cell, bringing new life and energy to faraway places like the feet and waste moves to the surface, ready for the body to mop up. The feet often suffer because they are literally at the bottom of the pile, and the lymphatic fluid sometimes has trouble circulating back up from the far ends of the body. That’s why your legs and ankles swell up at times.

When we are stressed the blood also becomes stressed and when we relax the blood starts to look better. Sometimes a massage is all we need to kick-start our return journey to good health.

Let’s focus on the lymphatic system for a moment. If blood can be called the river of life, then the lymphatic system is absolutely the tree of life. The trunk of that tree is in your chest and is called the thoracic duct. The branches go up to your head and the roots go down to your toes.

The lymphatic system parallels the blood stream. Sandwiched between the river of the lymphatic system and the river of the blood stream lie the tissue cells of the body.

The blood carries nutrients and oxygen to our cells and at the same time, the lymph capillaries carry the wastes, toxins and excess fluids away from our cells.

Along the lymph vessel highway are one way check valves that prevent the back-flow of lymph in the wrong direction. The lymph vessels flow into lymph nodes. The nodes act as miniature purification plants. The material in the lymph vessels is dumped back into the bloodstream at the base of the neck after the lymphatic system has had the chance to purify the fluid and destroy any harmful bacteria, viruses, or waste products.

The lymph circulates without a heart and is moved via deep breathing and physical movement but it moves slooooowww.
The blood brings oxygen and nutrients to the cells and the lymphatics remove the waste, so theoretically the cells could live forever. However, every law man breaks, mentally, nutritionally or physically, may trap wastes round our cells, block the circulation, upset the chemicals in the cells and set us up for loss of energy, disease and death.

If the lymphatic system is overburdened through your diet, toxic bowel, and overexposure to free radicals or if it isn’t moving due to shallow breathing and lack of exercise, it cannot effectively remove trapped toxins and excess fluid. (This also plays an enormous role in obesity and that is why massage and exercise should be part of the weight loss program).

There is not one disease process that occurs in the body without some type of lymphatic involvement. Everywhere the blood stream goes, the lymphatic system follows. Its job is to keep the tissue spaces clean. It moves out the garbage. Maintaining free flow of your lymphatic system is one of the most crucial things you can do to maintain your health.

At the Purple House we are recognized for our lymphatic drainage treatments. Our clients report a major shift in energy and alertness after each session. I suppose it isn’t just to do with the touch, it’s also to do with the fact that our lymphatic system is our major waste removal system and it tends to get overburdened.

We use a selection of essential oils that have a powerful effect on your lymphatic system. These may be lemon, cypress, cedarwood or a different oil, depending on your needs. If you recognise the signs and symptoms of a stressed lymphatic system talk to our receptionist on 64283007 and book in for a session or a series of treatments.

Reflexology is a powerful lymphatic mover as well. All our therapists are experts in this modality.

PS: if you are really too busy to slow down for an hour on the treatment table, reward your liver with a ‘Livertone’ (http://bit.ly/2yLWCzF) or ‘Beetflow’ (http://bit.ly/2yNZz30) capsule with every meal. Our livers take up 80% of lymphatic tissue in the body. The liver is our body’s main chemical factory, fat burning machine and energy converter. Our liver filters our entire blood volume every 3 to 4 minutes. The liver itself is replaced every 3 months, so there is always room for a cleaner brighter future!

Iodine drops (http://bit.ly/2yMPD9L) are also required by your lymphatic system as well as liver and thyroid, and even more urgently now, to protect you from huge volumes of radioactive waste which is dumped into our sea, sky and soil on a daily basis!
Till next time, Grada