Pete and I have been seeing a lot of children recently. 

More often than not, we find that their blood sugar levels are too high, and some children already have fatty liver by the time they are 4!

Other kids have been diagnosed with ADHD and parents are forced to medicate them. 

Is there a solution? 

While the standard medical community often doesn’t see a link between diet and behaviours, we certainly do. 

Pete had to see a young girl who had temper tantrums, anger issues and couldn’t concentrate at school. 

After running her tests she needed Mighty Mins, which are a specific supplement to support children’s overall health, as well as high fat, low carb foods and she needed a good probiotic for her tummy as well. 

Thankfully her parents stuck by Peters recommendations, cut out her sugars and high starch carbs and she became a different person within weeks.

They had their daughter back. 

Her father was so impressed by the changes that he booked in for a Biomedx with Pete too. He suffered from anxiety and IBS. 

Another little client had chronic constipation and had been to every specialist in Tasmania and Melbourne, to no avail. Once her parents started her on Bioraculous, her bowels became regular and she has been in great health for years now. 

Another child was able to avoid ADHD medication, simply by eating a lot more butter and meat fats every day. 

These kind of fats have a calming, settling and nurturing effect on the nervous system. ( Think butter, cream, coconut oil, meat fats, organic olive oil, macadamia nut oil.)

Whereas sugar and high starch carbs constantly whip your nervous system and brain into a frenzy.

As a result, children can’t sleep, are jittery, can’t focus, are cranky and irritable. That is because their bodies are irritated on the inside. Now they are in trouble on the inside as well as on the outside.

They are between a rock and a hard place and it’s not their fault!

Some foods react immediately. Within seconds of eating them you notice a bad change.

Your child might complain about a belly ache, climb the curtains, act rude, lash out etc; these are all symptoms of being sensitive to the wrong type of foods, not signs of a ‘corrupt nature’ or disobedience.

If you worry about your child, bring him or her in for a session at our facility. You will get so many answers and the healing effects are immediate. 

We also do allergy testing. This can be part of a healing session. You will know what your child is sensitive or allergic to immediately and you keep a list to take home. It’s great to get clarity.

For children with auto immune issues, we recommend that you supplement with Digesteasy, which was created to stop epilepsy, crohns, irritability, allergies, and other challenging health problems. 

Professor Cliff Hawkins started his granddaughter on it when she was booked in to have brain surgery to stop her seizures. She had Digesteasy instead and never looked back. 

Magnesium is also very necessary to calm and nourish the nervous system.

Magnesium is lost when you eat sugars and carbs. magnesium stops cramps and growing pains as well and is needed for brain development.

We usually tell parents to cut out fruits as well, because they create disruptive energy… the liver simply can’t handle the fructose overload. 

For a great smoothie recipe for Breakfast, download the free Purple House smoothie booklet here. 

For Peters great article on low carb high fat click on the link below. This will satisfy the scientists amongst us.

Bioraculous is a fantastic all round food supplement, is packed with enzymes, probiotics, fermented foods, anti oxidants, healthy proteins and more. 

Your child will only need one scoop per day, and then some water and fats. All his or her nutritional needs will be met.

And last but not least, give them Mighty Mins for full mineral and vitamin support. 

Research has shown that children perform better at school and are much happier with a daily intake of Mighty Mins. 

They have been around for decades and have been a life saver for many parents. 

And last but not least: many parents baulk at removing sugars and carbs from their child’s diet. 

They tell me that their child will refuse to eat anything else. 

This is where you as a parent need to step up into your leadership abilities! Your child’s future is at stake here, and being unpopular for few days is so worth it!

Trust me, you get used to being unpopular after a while! 

I have been there and done that 6 times, but in the end, by the time your child is 30 or so, they realise what an awesome job you have done and they will thank you for sticking to your guns. 

The most hurtful thing for your child is being labelled lazy, slow, naughty, unfocused, disobedient, etc etc, because labels stick

Your child deserves better than that!

And you, the parent deserve a break from sleepless nights and nightmarish behaviours, so start implementing more healthy fats in your diet today. 

Be the role model. Have extra butter and skip the potatoes. 

Have full cream yoghurt and quit the bananas. 

Bananas make your blood sugar levels spiral out of control. 

So do grapes and sultanas. They are not healthy. 

Quit all the empty sugars, drinks and juices and stick to water. 

Make sure you give your child his or her iodine drops daily to boost their IQ as well as immune system. 

Hope you enjoyed our passionate rant tonight! 

Yours to great health, Pete and Grada

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