• Iodine deficiency in pregnant women is producing less intelligent children.
  • The National Library of Medicine states that Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD) are one of the biggest worldwide health problems of today.
  • It’s been estimated that up to 96% of Americans may be iodine deficient!
  • The statistics for Australians are equally dismal.
  • The World Health Organisation believes that iodine deficiency is the most preventable cause of intellectual disability. Even with mild iodine deficiency many babies are significantly less intelligent than they could have been.
  • Iodine consumption has decreased 50% since the 1950’s.
  • Iodine deficiency is higher every time government agencies measure it.

Why are these facts hidden from our young couples today?

Why are pregnant mums discouraged from supplementing with iodine?

These facts are not new.

Here is an excerpt from one paediatric study:

Iodine requirements are increased ≥ 50% during pregnancy.

Iodine deficiency during pregnancy can cause maternal and foetal hypothyroidism and impair neurological development of the foetus.

The consequences depend upon the timing and severity of the hypothyroidism; the most severe manifestation is cretinism.

Two meta-analyses have estimated that iodine-deficient populations experience a mean reduction in IQ of 12-13.5 points.

(That is the bad news… now for some good news, coming from the medical community itself)

In moderate-to-severely iodine-deficient areas, controlled studies have demonstrated that iodine supplementation before or during early pregnancy eliminates new cases of cretinism, increases birthweight, reduces rates of perinatal and infant mortality and generally increases developmental scores in young children by 10-20%.

I want you to meet Linda, a young mum of two who is pregnant again. My client became hooked on iodine after it helped her daughters overcome asthma and allergies.

Now Linda is concerned because the doctor and midwife have told her to discontinue her iodine supplementation.

They informed her it’s dangerous for her unborn baby and that as long as she had plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits every day, she will be OK.

I tell her that the only thing that is dangerous about taking her iodine drops is that her baby will come out too smart.

If she grows up on iodine, she will be so intelligent that she might be a threat to the establishment.

I mean…. Think about it…

Why don’t we query the chloride and fluoride on tap, and toxic bromide in our bread, yet we worry about iodine?

Chloride and fluoride are so poisonous that our pineal gland is calcified by the time we are 12.

When our pineal gland (which is the master gland of the body, tucked away in the brain – also known as the third eye) is all shrivelled up and hardened, it is difficult for us to discern the difference between lies and truth, real news or fake news, and its easy for us to be influenced by outside sources rather than our Inner Guide. It is easier to exploit us in other words.

Luckily Linda didn’t take long to be convinced to resume her iodine supplementation.

She was pleased, because she had noticed a sharp drop in energy since she discontinued.

I was pleased as well, because Linda was only just pregnant and healthy thyroid hormone levels are most needed from 22 weeks of gestation onward.

Thats the time when protective nerve coating of the baby’s nerves (called myelination) happens.

I tell her to quit fruits and juices and have 10 drops of iodine daily instead.

The fructose in sugar blocks iodine uptake by your body. The more fruits you eat, the more your thyroid struggles, because your body isn’t able to convert iodine into the hormones your body needs.

Plus every time we eat fruits and sugars we significantly affect the amount of minerals we excrete. Consequently, people who consume high amounts of sugar are very mineral deficient and minerals are needed for every action and reaction in the cells of our body.

Linda went on to have a very healthy baby.

And she isn’t the only one.

At our clinic we’ve had the privilege to help hundreds of women fall pregnant, even when their fertility levels were very low.

I am happy to say that our mums all had wonderfully healthy, happy babies.

We often remark that “our’ babies all seem to be exceptionally bright and happy… we don’t know if that’s just coincidental, or whether it’s the advice, supplementation and healing our clients received, or whether we are simply biased…

I want everyone to know about iodine supplementation.

I want all human beings to have the best possible start in life, and to continue to reach their full potential.

All it takes is 5 to 10 drops of iodine on your skin or in a glass of water and you get a hormone balancing detox.

Yes, your body will naturally detox in a safe and intelligent way.

Kick-start your body’s processes of daily hormone balancing, health creating processes and as an added bonus, you will find that you can manage your stresses way better too!

PS: avoid soy products too! They disrupt your thyroid function.

PSS: I wish my mum had known this before she had me. I was a floppy lethargic baby. I was so lazy that I didn’t even lift my head for months. I never bothered to crawl, and didn’t start walking till I was 2.

I never had great energy levels and struggled with colds, viruses and bacteria my entire childhood and teenage years.

(Thankfully I became a picture of health after meeting Pete at age 17 and moving to Tasmania. I never had a single health challenge till I got struck down by a truck at age 43.)

My mum was a warm caring mum, but not at all interested in anything to do with health. She loved sugar, white bread and coffee and was so iodine deficient that she never sweated.

She was proud of the fact that she couldn’t sweat. She thought she was a real lady.

Little did she know that it was a tell-tale sign her iodine levels were dangerously low.

Thankfully I have been supplementing with iodine from 2006 and since then my body has replaced itself at least 13 times, so I believe I have well and truly made up for lost time!

Give it a go for yourself!

Yours to wonderful health! Grada

PPPS: in tomorrow’s blog I will answer the most commonly asked questions about iodine, so be sure to keep an eye on your email box!