What you believe about your metabolism could be all wrong!

Recently I had a couple return to our facilities and both had lost in excess of 10 kg each.

The funny thing was that weight loss wasn’t what they had sought my help for.

Laura had suffered from debilitating skin issues.

Her partner John was starting to get aches and pains in his knees and ankles.

They had both been previously diagnosed with fatty liver.

My testing confirmed liver stress, and that their kidneys were overworked and underpaid.

The liver stress wasn’t from alcohol because they didn’t drink any.

They considered their diet to be reasonably healthy.

They also walked regularly and enjoyed an active lifestyle.

However, my tests showed that Laura’s kidneys were doing the job of the liver.

The kidneys filter 1600 liters of blood per day.

Ideally, the liver removes around 800mls to 1 liter of waste from the blood and this was obviously not happening for Laura.

Hence, her kidneys were working overtime, but they couldn’t remove all the toxins either, so now toxins or wastes were excreted through the skin, our skin being the ‘third kidney’.

I suggested the Ultimate Vitality Boost for Laura, which contains Beetflow, Omnizyme, Immuno-Synbiotics, and a key mineral supplement.

I also recommended a low-carb high-fat diet.

Low carb high-fat diets are the only way to clean out fatty livers, and the supplements help to flick the switch on our metabolism.

Laura’s digestion needed all the help she could get.

John commenced the same changes as Laura.

This time, my tests showed that Laura and John’s liver stress had improved greatly.

Laura only had a few patches of itchy skin left, and John’s inflammation was gone.

He was able to exercise freely, without aches and pains.

I was very excited about John and Laura’s results.

They had implemented my recommendations to the T, altered their diet, and rigorously taken their supplements, and it had paid off.

They were on the homestretch.

As a result, they now have much healthier arteries, organs, muscles, bone structure, heart, and brains than their contemporaries.

And if they continue (they assured me they would, they are feeling so much better) they will live a long and healthy life, in the way their bodies are designed to live.

They will be an inspiration to their friends and family.

Did you know that almost 85% of Americans 45 or older have atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries)?

Australian statistics would be the same because we have a very similar lifestyle to Americans.

Our modern world, with its processed foods, sedentary lifestyle, and daily stress and overwhelm levels is accelerating the aging process.

There are plenty of statistics that confirm this.

You don’t need to be one of those statistics!

Everyone can swap out empty carbohydrates for healthy fats.

Everyone can supplement with the Ultimate Vitality Boost (which works out to be the price of a cup of a daily coffee) and get the liver and kidneys working again.

Kidney disease always precipitates heart disease, so supporting your liver and kidneys is a starting point for most people.

And you don’t have to bust your guts to turn the tide on your health.

New groundbreaking data shows that changing your diet helps to release unwanted kilos and keep at a healthy weight.

However, exercise isn’t going to alter your weight dramatically.

Exercise is going to help you with everything else, like clearing your mind, pumping your blood around, strengthening your muscles, and keeping you flexible.

But according to Dr. Potzner who studies preindustrial societies to discover the secrets to great health, diet and exercise are two different tools, with two different jobs.

Dr Potzner measured expenditure/calories burnt across different populations.

He discovered that people who are very active burnt the same number of calories as people who are not very active.

According to him, there doesn’t seem to be any relationship at all between how active a person is and how many calories they burn every day.

His ground-breaking research shows that the way the body uses energy is radically different from previously thought.

He looked at the metabolism of more than 6500 pp round the world.

Here is what he discovered:

  • From infancy to age 1 metabolism is at its highest, and a baby’s metabolic rate is 50% higher than an adult’s
  • Between age 1 and 20 metabolism drops about 3% a year.
  • From ages 20 to 60 metabolism holds steady
  • After age 60 it slowly starts to decline at 07% a year.
  • Pregnancy and menopause don’t slow your metabolism

That means that for 40 years, you are burning calories at a steady rate, about 2500 per day on average.

These calories are used by your immune system to keep your body healthy, by your brain, and by all the different systems in your body, to keep you alive and thriving.

If you overexercise, it steals the calories from your immune system or your reproductive system.

Your body isn’t going to lose unwanted kilos by exercising according to Dr Potzner.

Take away from this article:

  • You are burning a set number of calories every day, and you decide how to fuel your body.
  • A healthy diet will create a healthy body.
  • Exercise will not burn extra calories, because your body will steal those calories from other body functions, but healthy exercise will help you with everything else.

My own research shows that low carb high fat is a safe, healthy, and simple to implement a diet that benefits everyone.

Supplementation with the Ultimate Vitality Boost will help restore your body functions.

It resets your body so it works the way it was designed to and it helps to turn the clock back.

If you can’t afford the Ultimate Vitality Boost right now, start with Beetflow to get the toxins moving out of your body and into the toilet.

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Yours to great health