Have you ever had a persistent cough?

Then you know how debilitating that can be, especially when you are coughing up gunk as well.

When I was nursing the only thing that made me dry retch occasionally was when I had to check patient’s sputum mugs to document the colour and how much they were coughing up.

Yep, pretty disgusting!

Anyway, recently I had a client who had been diagnosed with some sort of fungal stuff in his lungs.

The doctors said they couldn’t do anything for him, seeing repeated anti-fungal and anti-biotic medication didn’t help.

I was reminded of one of my brothers.

A few years ago he ended up in hospital with such a cough and difficulty breathing.

Xrays were taken and he was told his lungs were full of cancer and that he should call his family so they could come and say goodbye!!

A shock to say the least for everyone concerned, especially my brother.

It felt quite surreal for him over the next few days waiting to die.

I am not exactly sure whether a biopsy was taken or sputum samples, but after a few days of not having died the doctors returned and said “We have some good news and not so good news. You don’t have lung cancer, but have you been working with pine bark lately?”

He had some sort of fungal infection that gardeners can pick up from pine bark mulch.

And yes, he had been doing a lot of landscaping using pine bark on a job he was doing.

He was pumped full of powerful anti-biotics as well as anti-fungal medication and very slowly made a complete recovery.

But back to my client. He had come for some other reason and just happened to mention in passing that he had had this persistent cough caused by a fungal infection.

The most common culprit of fungal problems is called candida.

It lives in our gut.

We need it to produce some of the necessary B Vitamins needed for a healthy body.

The candida is only meant to be in small quantities.

It is kept in check by the good intestinal bacteria.

Candida gets out of control when we lose our beneficial gut bacteria. It grow like crazy and can go through the gut wall and spreading toxins into every part of our body.

We destroy our good bacteria by antibiotic use, cortisone, the pill or hormone replacement, too much stress, and too much processed foods and sugars and alcohol.

I recommend people use spore based probiotics, which we now stock.

These withstand the hydrochloric acid in the stomach and can even withstand antibiotics according to the research I have done.

We really need to be replacing these little critters every day of our life.

To help your whole body systems rid themselves of candida, a product called Yeast-ex helps.

We all know how yeasts love sugars.

When we bake bread, the yeast is mixed in sugary water and you should see it start bubbling and frothing!

So by getting most of our energy from good fats and oils, in a low carb high fat diet, we starve the Candida.

I recommend this for everyone, young and old and in between.

The best saturated fat you can find (coconut oil), has an anti-fungal property as well.

My client had mentioned he had this cough from a fungus.

It made him rather breathless at times, especially lying down at night.

Then he would cough and cough until he hawked up the stuff that was blocking his airways.

I suggested he buy a nebuliser and start breathing in a special mixture, both ingredients being anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral.

One would give him a lot more oxygen in his lungs and oxygen oxidises simple celled organisms.

The other is a trace mineral which is vital for the thyroid.

He came back just the other day for more of that vital trace mineral.

That is all he had been taking and the cough had disappeared.

How amazing is that.

As I said it is the best anti-microbial agent around and it has been around since the world began.

Microbial being bacteria, virus, and fungus.

Rats with a drop of this on their snouts didn’t catch a virus from a virus misted enclosure they were put in, whereas rats without the drops caught the virus.

This was research done in 1947!

Needless to say my client was very happy when he came for more of those drops.

So to ward off any coughs from whatever the cause (bacteria, virus or fungus) ask us about these drops.

Fill your lungs with oxygen (ask us about how you can do this).

Keep your intestines full of superior good bacteria (spore based).

Rid your system of yeast/fungus overgrowth with yeast-ex.

And to really give your whole system an amazing boost to get you bouncing, have a couple of months’ worth of Activator.

This is a great multivitamin/mineral/amino acid blend of about 30 different easily absorbable essential nutrients to give you a real lift so you can enjoy the summer how you deserve to, with lots of energy, feeling liberated from coughs and toxins!

Much love, Grada and Peter.

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