What Skin Hunger can do to you!

If I offered you a choice between a three course meal and a one hour massage, which one would you choose? Even if you feel a bit hungry right now, the best choice for an all over sense of wellbeing would be the massage.


You may not know that you are born with two kinds of hunger: hunger for food, and hunger for touch. Did you know that the ‘skin hunger’ is the very first sense that develops inside the womb? Your skin can sense touch at just 9 weeks after conception. During the first 9 months of your life you are constantly being rocked and massaged by your mum’s body. At birth, you are instantly deprived of this reassuring touch that was so soothing to your nerves and this feeling is never fully replaced, leaving us with a sense of unease and dissatisfaction.
We normally associate hunger with food, of course. We feel hungry because we NEED food, not just because we WANT food. We also feel thirsty because we need water and tired because we need rest.Just as lack of water, food, oxygen and rest are detrimental for us, so does the lack of touch.

Recent studies showed that people who are skin hungry are:
• Less happy
• More prone to depression and anxiety
• Are more likely to experience health problems
• More susceptible to immune deficiency
• Experience more mood and anxiety disorders
• Less likely to form secure attachments with significant others in their lives.
• More likely to have alexithymia which means an impaired ability to express and interpret emotions and trouble connecting with the world around them. This is how one person with alexithymia described herself: “I’m rather confused about life. I cope by pretending and using my imagination and lots of guess work.  I haven’t felt emotions since I was 10. I think I unconsciously blocked them out because I was too overwhelmed by emotions. You stopped being sad, at the same time you stopped being happy. Since then, I could think logically and live my life as being dead. It’s true that I don’t feel any emotions like I used to but still can relate and talk about it. I could tell what you feel. Tell what you think. Tell if you just lie. But with detached and third-person view….. I hated going to school. I experienced chest pains and nausea. One thing that I realize reading this. People with alexithymia are sad and lonely people. ….
These findings come as no surprise once your realize that skin hunger is for real; it’s as real as your belly rumbling from hunger if you haven’t eaten all day, or as tangible as a dehydrated person who is lost in the desert seeing a mirage of an oasis. I am not saying that the above conditions are solely caused by skin hunger and lack of touch but rather that healthy touch and skin contact is absolutely necessary for a healthy lifestyle. When we don’t get enough touch we start to suffer.
Fortunately today skin hunger doesn’t have to be a permanent condition. Do what I do and have a regular massage. By regular I mean as often as your budget allows, whether it is once a week, once a fortnight or once a month. The benefits are accumulative, which means that you just keep feeling better and better in yourself, inside your own skin. Some other great benefits of a regular massage are:
• relieve structural problems
• ease the stresses and strains of life
• balance our chemistry/hormones, emotions
• boost our energy levels
• improved sleep
• greater emotional resilience.

Our practitioners are trained to feel and look for tensions spots and energy blocks and their skilful hands open up the flows of the body so harmony is restored. A stitch in time saves nine and there is never a better time than now! An hour massage is $80 or half an hour is $60.
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