On a surface level it seems as if you ‘catch’ a cold.

Or you inherit a faulty gene or there is a misfire in your DNA.

You develop cancer.

What do you do?

You do what everyone else does; you go to the GP for the cold, to the oncologist for the cancer, to the physio for a sore back.

It’s cut and dry isn’t it?

If only it was that easy!

If our aches, pains and disease were as straightforward as this, we would all be as fit as a fiddle.

You get a physical symptom and you treat it by finding the physical cause.

Problems solved.

Except that they aren’t.

Best case scenario is your pain disappears for a while. You go into remission, your eczema clears up with the cream, your muscles get stronger and your back feels better.

But quite often your problems have simply gone underground.

A few years down the track… Wham! Suddenly the pain or problems are back with a vengeance.


You see, we humans are so much more than our physical bodies.

In my work at the Purple House, I connect with all dimensions of your being.

Your heart, your mind, your spirit and your body.

Each aspect of your being has its own story to tell.

Illnesses, pain and misfortune can and need to be found and healed by including every dimension of your being.

By the time you have a physical symptom, you have been experiencing energy blockages in one or more centres of your being for some time.

Seeing you are so much more than your physical body, treating something on the physical plane is simply not enough.

A holistic approach is needed for true healing to occur.

Take Anna for instance.

The first thing I noticed about her when she came to our facilities was how stuck her energy was in her head.

It was like looking at a unicorn. She had a huge energy blockage, at least 4 meters long, stuck out from her forehead. (Not visible by the naked eye, but obvious to me.)

I wasn’t surprised that her main complaints were debilitating migraines.

To satisfy my clients normal rational mind, I often look at a drop of live blood under the microscope so we (client and I) can both see what is happening at the cell level.

But that alone wouldn’t have done the trick.

The healing needed to happen on the energetic plane, which is what we did next.

As soon as the energy blockage cleared, a wave of fresh energy rushed through her body, leaving her feeling calm and restful.

She was now connected to her body.

She would be able to live from a heart connection from today onwards.

Her whole life would take on a different meaning now that she can use the gifts of her heart and spirit.

Headaches and migraines often indicate an overuse of the monkey mind, the rational brain and a blockage to the higher, intuitive, spiritual mind.

It’s hard to live your full potential when you have a unicorn horn stuck to your forehead!

In Anna’s case, she had too much energy stuck in her head space, depriving the rest of her body of energy.

Once we healed it, she immediately noticed positive changes in her body. She had more energy and felt happy and calm in herself.

There is another scenario of blocking our energy centres: by becoming too set in our ways.

Do you know somebody who won’t budge in their routine or outlook on life?

My parents were classic…

“This is the way it is…” “This is how we have always done it…” was their motto. (I didn’t blame them, after surviving WW2.)

Sadly, our world is full of people who are not living by their own script.

They are simply following somebody elses’ rulebook.

Have you ever felt like:

You want to change your life, or snap out of a habit, but your peer group keeps pulling you back in…

You are finding it nearly impossible to break away from the crowd…

Or to turn your back on a situation that no longer serves you….

Unbeknownst to you it is costing you dearly.

Denial of your authentic self will eventually lead to disease.

Record numbers of people are on anti-depressants and the numbers continue to climb.

At the heart of depression is suppression of your personal truth.

This process can start as early as birth, so it is completely out of your awareness.

Take Bert for example.

Bert had been on antidepressants since his mid-thirties which was ten years ago.

His energy field revealed that the space in his solar plexus below the diaphragm / abdomen area was almost devoid of energy.

He had become so used to giving all his power/energy away that he didn’t realize a huge problem was developing in his physical body.

His digestion was almost non existent which didn’t help his depression at all, because as you know, our gut is our second brain, with more neurotransmitters than our brain.

Bert didn’t need years of psycho analysing.

He needed me to help repair his energy body and to educate him in how to become stronger and more centred in his own body.

He was going to need time to practice focussing his awareness inside his body, listening to what it was telling him…

As a result, his depression will evaporate, his digestion will heal and he’ll be able to hold his own at home and at work.

Understanding that all diseases and accidents are far more than physical world conditions is the first step towards true and lasting healing.

When you look at more serious conditions like cancer and heart disease, it’s always a combination of dysfunction at all 4 levels of your being: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Working with all 4 centres of your being can exponentially accelerate your healing process.

Your body is a master healer. It is a genius. Healing is what it does best.

You have an amazing navigation system built into it.

If you allow it, it will point you in the right direction and guide you home to health, happiness, and abundance.

But there is a catch

… you can only turn on your navigation system when you know where you are.

Imagine if you think you’re in London but you’re really in Launceston!

What happens when you ask it for the shortest route to Brisbane?

You will get totally confused by the signs and signals your body is telling you.

When was the last time you connected with your internal navigating system and you experienced ease and flow?

We all need a tune up every now and then.

The fog needs to clear from our brains, so we can see clearly.

We sometimes need to be told where we are at

So we can start finding our way in life and experience a return to health and vibrancy.

You are so much more than your physical body, so be sure that your healing goes beyond the physical. It should include all your centres coming together so you feel whole and healed!

Much love, Grada

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Grada and Peter are amazing, when you are feeling like you are beyond help – they can help. I have been working with them for years.
– Katie C.

Dear Grada, Since my last appointment, I have been enjoying my life with fun and ease present more often in my every day experience. At such times, I find it hard to think I will ever be afraid again!
– M.H.