Diabetes is a global challenge and one of the fastest-growing diseases in the world.

Worldwide, almost 400 million individuals have diabetes.

This means that one in 12 people in the world today have the disease.

This number is expected to increase to 592 million in 2035.

That is one new case every three seconds according to the Mediterranean Group for the Study of Diabetes.

These are global numbers, and back on our home turf, in Australia, the numbers are equally scary – 1.7 million people have type 2 diabetes, with 290 Aussies diagnosed every day.

Diabetes used to be a death sentence before the discovery of insulin in 1921, a hundred years ago.

The discovery was nothing short of a miracle and has saved millions of people from certain death.

Even so, I would not wish this disease on anyone.

I used to have a family friend who slowly but surely lost the battle with diabetes.

She needed kidney transplants, lost both her legs, her eyesight and then her body rejected her new kidneys.

She ended up dying prematurely and the entire process was heartbreaking to watch.

About 85% of diabetes is type 2 diabetes, which stems from insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance preludes type 2 diabetes.

Once your blood sugar levels reach 10, you begin to spill sugar out over the threshold in your kidneys and you start passing a lot of urine.

This is the actual meaning of diabetes mellitus: passing water/urine, due to high blood sugar levels.

Can we reverse Type 2 Diabetes?

I believe it is possible.

I have seen many of my clients make a comeback and let me explain how.

To watch the video click on the below YouTube OR Rumble link …
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Rumble – https://rumble.com/vf68qz-what-is-prediabetes-and-why-we-need-to-take-it-seriously.html

Every 12 months we have a completely new body.

Your body works hard day and night, to undo the damage, and to fix the broken systems.

When you give it what it needs, it will reward you 1000x over.

Your body needs fuel, and it can get fuel from 2 different sources: carbohydrates or fats.

When your body begins to use fat as a fuel source, it won’t need (as much) insulin to convert it into energy, so your pancreas and the rest of your body get to have a much-needed rest and repair time.

Let me tell you how Brian healed himself from Type 2 Diabetes.

When Brian first came to me, he was in a stressful job as a solicitor.

His body had been running on stress hormones for decades.

Adrenalin or cortisol, which are stress hormones can cause an increase in insulin, due to increased glucose in the bloodstream.

Our stress hormones cause us to have increased blood sugars, so we can run away from a tiger, or from danger.

Because that is the signals our bodies are receiving when we are highly stressed or under the pump.

He also drank 5 to 10 cups of coffee per day to give him a surge of energy.

Coffee triggers the release of adrenalin and so on and his cells had become resistant to insulin.

Brian was on the verge of full-blown type 2 diabetes, from his high-stress job, the shots of caffeine, and a high starch/carbohydrate diet.

Brian loved cooking and was looking forward to his retirement, but he felt that something wasn’t right.

He had commenced medication to keep his blood sugar levels under control and he didn’t like giving away control over his own body functions.

At our facilities, Brian opted for a full Health Analysis/Biomedx, which pinpointed exactly where the wheels were coming off the cart.

I had to inform him to reign in his passion for all things starchy, like pastries (which also have the wrong fats), delicious home-cooked breads, and other carbohydrate delights, like pizzas and potato dishes.

When I explained to him the 1 slice of bread converts into 6 teaspoons of sugar in the bloodstream, he nearly fell off his chair.

“how come nobody has ever told me that before?”

Brian shook his head.

“Especially knowing that your body can actually only handle 4 teaspoons of sugar per day!” I exclaimed, making him feel even worse.

The average Aussie eats around 29 teaspoons of sugars per day.

This includes the hidden sugars of potato (1 equals 9 teaspoons, banana equals another 9, and so on).

“You have to start creating delicious meals out of good healthy fats!”

I encouraged him.

Scour the internet for ketogenic, low carb/high fat, paleo meals, there are thousands of yummy recipes.

You won’t need to eat near as much, because these meals are a lot more satisfying, so your grocery bill will be cut in half.

Make sure you use organic ingredients as much as possible because most other items are laced with pesticides, fertilizer, herbicides and devoid of nutrients”

“You have made my life very challenging!” Brian told me at the end of the session.

“Not as challenging as it is for your body and kidneys, living with Type 2 Diabetes!” I told him.

I must admit that when Brian left our facilities, I wasn’t sure that he was going to see it through!

But he proved me wrong and I am very happy about that!

At the end of his follow-up session 4 weeks later, he grabbed my hand, shook it vigorously, and thanked me for saving his life.

His blood sugar levels had returned to normal.

There was no sign of insulin resistance.

The biggest change for Brian had been his breakfast.

He now ate eggs, with plenty of oil and butter for breakfast.

He wasn’t worried about his cholesterol after I told him that eggs and cholesterol are a myth.

You don’t get high cholesterol from eggs, you get high cholesterol from sugars (even fruits).

We can lower our cholesterol by eating eggs and fats, especially coconut oil, meat fats, butter, and cream, which are all life-enhancing fats, good for your heart and arteries.

Brian remarked that his memory had improved as well, and he hadn’t even realized that he had a problem there previously.

But now he was able to reel off names and phone numbers as he used to in his twenties.

That’s because our brain needs good fats to function at peak performance.

Sugars, carbohydrates, and high blood sugar levels destroy your brain’s capacity for memory recall.

Brian achieved all this in 4 weeks and he was close to retiring age.

Now, I am not saying that it only takes 4 weeks for everyone, it could take a year or longer for your health to be back on track.

The main thing is, that you are making a comeback.

That each day, your cells are healthier, your blood is cleaner, your brain is clearer, your energy levels are stronger, and your body is more flexible.

Your body is designed to repair itself.

It is a self-healing machine.

If you notice that you are going backward, or something doesn’t add up or feel quite right, then be like Brian and book in for a full health Analysis here. 


You will get so many answers, which will give you peace of mind and confidence in making some of the adjustments needed to heal you from the inside out.

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