Emotional freedom technique (EFT) or tapping offers quick and effective relief for physical pain and emotional distress.

According to its developer, Gary Craig, a disruption in energy is the cause of all negative emotions and pain.

EFT tapping has been used to treat people with anxiety and people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and transformed the lives of thousands after 9/11.

EFT tapping in 5 steps

1. Identify the issue

For this technique to be effective, you must first identify the issue or fear you have.

This will be your focal point while you are tapping.

Focusing on only one problem at a time is purported to enhance your outcome.

2. Test the initial intensity

After you identify your problem area, you need to set a benchmark level of intensity.

The intensity level is rated on a scale from 0 to 10, with 10 being the worst or most difficult.

The scale assesses the emotional or physical pain and discomfort you feel from your focal issue.

Establishing a benchmark helps you monitor your progress after performing a complete EFT sequence.

If your initial intensity was 10 prior to tapping and ended at 5, you’d have accomplished a 50 percent improvement level.

3. The setup

Prior to tapping, you need to establish a phrase that explains what you’re trying to address.

It must focus on two main goals:
• acknowledging the issues
• accepting yourself despite the problem

The common setup phrase is: “Even though I have this [fear or problem], I deeply and completely love, honour, respect and accept myself.”

You can alter this phrase so that it fits your problem, but it must not address someone else’s.

For example, you cannot say, “Even though my mother is sick, I deeply and completely love, honour, respect and accept myself.”

4. EFT tapping sequence

The EFT tapping sequence is the methodic tapping on the ends of nine meridian points.

There are 12 major meridians that mirror each side of the body and correspond to an internal organ.

However, EFT mainly focuses on these nine:
• karate chop (KC): small intestine meridian (Joy)
• top of head (TH): governing vessel (How supported we feel)
• eyebrow (EB): bladder meridian (Fright and flight)
• side of the eye (SE): gallbladder meridian (anger and resentment)
• under the eye (UE): stomach meridian (worry and obsession)
• under the nose (UN): governing vessel (support)
• chin (Ch): central vessel (overwhelm and disconnectedness)
• beginning of the collarbone (CB): kidney meridian (Fear and anxiety)
• under the arm (UA): spleen meridian (Worry and insecurity)

Begin by tapping the karate chop point while simultaneously reciting your setup phrase three times.

Then, tap each following point at least seven times, moving down the body in this ascending order:
• top of head
• eyebrow
• side of the eye
• under the eye
• under the nose
• chin
• beginning of the collarbone
• under the arm

After tapping the underarm point, finish the sequence at the collarbone point.

5. Test the final intensity

At the end of your sequence, rate your intensity level on a scale from 0 to 10. Compare your results with your initial intensity level.

If you have not reached an acceptable level, repeat this process until you do.

Now that is the theory over and done with!

A client (I will call her Jane) was brought to me by a friend.

She was unable to leave the house because of Agoraphobia and full-on fear and anxiety.

Driving scared the pants off her.

She had been off work for weeks, not being able to drive herself.

I spent half an hour of tapping with her while she imagined her worst fears and having her say those to herself (out loud).

The fear was very visible on her face and body posture initially.

After half an hour she had difficulty thinking what was so scary about the outside world.

I received a beautiful thank you card from her a few months later saying she was back at work.

She was able to drive again.

Occasionally she had to stop on the side of the road and do a round of tapping.

Then she was happily on her way again.

I’ve helped people with a fear of flying;

A businessman who felt extremely sick each time he stepped foot in a plane, which was often in his line of work, quelled that fear with tapping.

Another man with an eight-year history of chronic back pain after a work accident asked me if I could help him.

I gave him a combination treatment of massage and realignment work.

He gingerly got up from the treatment bed and I asked him how was his back pain?

Still an eight out of ten!!!

I asked him to do what I do and I started tapping and got him to repeat the sentence “Even though I have chronic back pain that inhibits me from working and doing what I enjoy doing, I deeply and completely love, honour, respect and accept myself.”

I added a few more phrases here and there including how he would have felt over all those years, including anger, sadness, fear, sick of himself and “even though I feel a fat lazy slob”.

After two rounds of tapping, less than ten minutes, his back pain lessened to a two out of ten!


Initially, he couldn’t say the words “I deeply and completely love, honour, respect and accept myself”.

I encouraged him to list all the emotions he had felt when he’d had the accident at work and all the time since and tap around them….”even though I felt………”

He is now back at work, fulfilling his dream…

Traumas and emotions get stuck in our tissues and interrupt the flow of that energy that keeps us healthy and free.

The major mineral to keep your muscles working smoothly and to keep you calm is magnesium.

Magnesium deficiency is a major contributor to anxiety, overwhelm, depression.

It eases aches and pains and helps reverse stiffness and calcification of muscles and joints.

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During these times of fear and anxiety, of not knowing what to believe and who to trust, do some tapping and swallow some magnesium every day.

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Lots of love, Pete and Grada