In 1600, people didn’t expect to live past 30 years old.

In 2012 the average American was expected to live to 79.

What are we doing with all those extra years?

Do you sometimes feel that you are not really fulfilling your purpose?

Or that you are stuck in pain? Is life passing you by?

In order to heal (any aspect of yourself), you need to remember that you are not just your body.

There was a time when mainstream healthcare didn’t recognize any connection between your body, mind, and spirit.

Thankfully, today there is a lot more emphasis on holistic health and I am keen to share more of this tonight.

We are first and foremost spirit beings.

Our body is a physical manifestation of our spirit or soul.

It is the instrument through which our soul expresses itself in this lifetime.

By looking after our physical fitness, it’s easier for our souls to manifest themselves and to shine through us.

The healthier we are, the better and longer we can contribute to our soul growth and to the lives of others.

Pete and I already do a lot of talks on how to keep your physical body in great shape. There are free ebooks you can download to keep you informed and healthy if you click on this link:

The state of our mind is also very important.

Our minds, attitude, and emotions profoundly affect our health and healing.

Our mind is tricky. It can turn our life force off or on by the thoughts that run through it.

We can be lying on the couch with a broken leg and a lot of pain, feeling totally wrecked and hopeless.

Unexpectedly there is a knock on the door.. you reluctantly limp to the door, moaning the whole way, open it and then you are presented with a cheque for a million dollars because you won the lottery.

Suddenly you are able to jump up and down on your broken leg without feeling any pain at all!

Can you relate to this?

But the most important aspect of healing our body is connecting with and opening to our spirit.

When we connect with our spirit we can change anything.

We feel at home in our bodies, but our spirit is our natural condition.

We think we are flesh and blood, but spirit is our natural normal state.

The flow of our spirit or life force through our body is dependant on the electrochemical soup of the body and this ‘soup’ is the sum total of our circumstances, relationships, diet, sleep or lack of it, our perspective on life, and other influences.

Our body is like a musical instrument.

When healthy it’s in tune, and when we are sick we are out of tune.

An orchestra tunes itself to the frequency or to the note of A 440 before every performance.

The note is played by the oboist and the rest of the orchestra tunes their instruments to match it.

The oboe is the least affected by moisture and other weather conditions.

Our spiritual essence is the least affected by the chemical soup and electrical vibrations of our human body and our circumstances.

To get into perfect health, or perfect pitch we must tune ourselves to the frequency of the infinite spirit of life which runs through our body.

Life is often hectic, difficult, not ideal. But we can tune in little by little day by day, get onto the right pitch and gradually our level of wellness and happiness improves.

We don’t get triggered so easy anymore.

We have energy to spare. We feel more patient and compassionate.

We can heal our body easier.

We don’t get sick as often.

We start to feel radiant.

All by tuning into to our life force/our spirit/our essence, which is open to everyone.

Simply follow tonight’s practice and keep repeating it every day, and watch the changes in yourself.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Much love as always, and thanks for tuning in.. Grada

grada in garden