An exciting opportunity opened up for the Purple House and we are relocating our wellness centre into the heart of Forth!

From next Monday 3rd December you will be able to find us at 643 Forth Rd, Forth.

Our new premise opens up to a unique shop front dating all the way back to the early 1900’s when it was a general store. The huge original shop counter is in perfect nick and excited to be in business again.

There is easy parking right next door along the Forth River.

As soon as you step into the new Purple House, you will be greeted by our wonderful receptionists Leah and Shannon, who are there for you Monday to Friday from 8.30 till 5 pm. Being in the centre of town helps us to serve our community better.

Our shop will be stocked to the brim with all our favourite supplements and wellness products, including the Purple House Breakfast Smoothie, iodine drops, magnesium and much more as well as lots of free information that could potentially save your life.

We have thoroughly loved our time at home, nestled amongst 8 acres of botanical gardens and mazes and now we are so ready to move into a new (old) building that will offer us room to grow, with easy access for our clients.

So here are some things that will stay the same:

  • We are fuelled with the same passion to help you achieve the changes you long for
  • We offer the same calm, supportive and inspiring environment
  • Our team of practitioners ( is 100% dedicated to help you grow and evolve
  • We continue to do our research and supply you with the latest pain relief and stress reduction solutions
  • All our best, tried and true products are available on site or online or Ph: 64283007
  • Grada’s workshops will continue in 2019 at 47 Wilmot Rd, Forth
  • Our gardens and mazes are open to the public and admission tickets are available in the shop
  • There is a magical cottage garden (with its own permanent creek at the bottom) for you to enjoy the same sanctity behind the new Purple House
  • The easiest way to book a session is to download the Purple House app! via Google Play or App Store

What will be different?

  • We will be very easy to find, opposite the Forth Hotel, diagonally across from Alchemy Cafe, right in the centre of the Forth township.
  • We will be offering animal wellness communication sessions starting in January 2019. Our furry friends need TLC as much as we do. Our pets often start manifesting our diseases or energy blocks and they can be interpreted and healed by some of our practitioners.
    These sessions will not replace your regular veterinary visits, but rather offer and opportunity to communicate differently with your treasured pets so you can understand their behaviours, and connect and love your best friends easier. We will be able to work in tandem with your favourite vet.

The Purple House at 643 Forth Rd will be recognised by a fresh coat of deep Purple paint. The colour purple has a very powerful healing vibration and I have chosen the chakra colours for the window frames to add a dash of playfulness to the new premises.

Things to remember from this post:

1. Life is too short to not grab an opportunity when it comes up
2. If it is to be, its up to me! (my favourite motto). In other words, don’t wait for other people to tell you what to do, or when to do it.
3. Even when things are going very well, we are still permitted to change our circumstances! This is really important to consider because we often sport a limited mindset that when we are happy, we don’t need to throw our steering wheel around. Or that necessity creates invention. Well, we can actually give ourselves permission to do what we like when we feel like it. Like changing your furniture around, moving your office or sewing room, ripping down walls, moving garden beds, moving to a different country or relocating your business!
4. Be inspired to check out our new Purple House and help us settle in! I am looking forward to seeing you there.

Much love, Grada

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