Did you know that a bulletproof vest is made from ten layers of silk?

This is what stops a bullet in its tracks and saves lives.

The silk is made by the silkworm – over 50 thousand cocoons are needed to make 1kg of silk!

So how does the silkworm escape its bulletproof cocoon, when it is time to fly away?

The answer is that the silkworm releases a powerful enzyme that dissolves the silk fibres.

Human beings like you and me benefit greatly from this silk worm enzyme, because when we ingest it, this enzyme (called serrapeptase) can literally eat through any scar tissue in our body.

Scar tissue is another word for fibrin strands, formed from fibrinogen.

As we age, we have more and more fibrinogen in our body, creating stiffness and pain.

A systemic enzyme supplement, that includes the silkworm enzyme, will go into the bloodstream and from there it is taken to places where its needed.

How clever is that!

Our bodies produce around 90 different enzymes, and each one has its own little spot in the chemical equation through our body.


As a baby, I was very allergic to cows and goats milk.

My mum had never been a good ‘milker’ herself, she always had to top up her babies with milk from our farm.

When it came to my turn (being number 7) they were in for a shock.

Any form of milk caused projectile vomiting.

I became very weak and they feared for my life.

As a teenager, I became highly allergic to fish and some other proteins.

During my adult years, I also suffered from depression and mood swings.

Then I discovered enzymes …

They were hard to find 25 years ago, so I used to buy my supply at a local vet clinic.

Instantly, I felt my mood lift, my digestion improve and I felt revitalized.

It was the missing key I had been looking for and I have taken enzymes religiously ever since.

There are enzymes for heart health, to restore flexibility in joints, boost your entire digestion, to reduce gas and bloating, to reduce allergies, enzymes to support the prostate and enzymes for many other conditions.

Enzymes are the greatest supporters of life.

Our bodies produce fewer and fewer enzymes as we age.

We are on the downhill run, physically speaking from 27 years onwards.

Even children benefit from enzymes these days.

So the good news is that we have a huge range of enzymes, and you can also get tons of enzymes from eating fermented vegetables.

For instance, the Love Your Guts sauerkraut and kimchi are packed with enzymes, and you only need a tablespoon per day to give your health a massive boost.

We also have a unique product in Spore Based Probiotics.

These probiotics can withstand antibiotics and are not affected by your stomach acid, so they arrive intact inside your gut where they get to work.

Anyone who eats a lot of nuts and seeds needs to supplement with enzymes as well because nuts and seeds release an anti-enzymatic substance, so they destroy your enzymes.

Nuts and seeds are meant for the proliferation of the species.

When a bird, animal or human eats the fruit with the seed or nut, mother nature has designed it that wherever the bird or animal poops, the seed comes out intact with a good dollop of fertilizer, which means the seed gets a chance to sprout!

If you love your seeds and nuts, activate them by soaking them in water overnight and then dry them.

This gets rid of the anti-enzymatic effect and it also activates the life force inside the seeds, so the food value goes through the roof.

We can eat the best diet that our planet offers, and yet you could still be malnourished if your body can’t break it down into tiny particles.

You are only as healthy as the foods you absorb.

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