Over the last two decades I’ve figured out a lot about how we create and hold onto issues. “Your issues are in your tissues!” you often hear me exclaim.

But if I was to be more precise, I would tell you that your issues are in your energy system, also called your ‘aura’ or your ‘energetic body’.

If you are struggling with anything at all today, and you want to create lasting changes fast, you need to deal with your chakra system, which dominate and control our energetic body.

We have 7 main chakras, or spinning energy vortexes just outside our physical body, and in our chakras we find the keys to healing the past, present and future.

Here’s how this works…

Your chakras hold the energy that affects your mental, emotional, and spiritual development.

How do you know that you are stuck somewhere?

Well, when the same unwanted situation trips you up time and again. If it happens more than twice, say 3 or more times, we are talking about an unconscious pattern that is holding you back.
This can be:

  • overlooked for a promotion at work,
  • getting sick on the holiday of your dreams,
  • feeling cheated in your relationships and so on.

This pattern is most likely deeply entrenched inside your second chakra. This is the home of your inner child. Scientists now admit that to uncover the root cause of every chronic illness, from MS to Fibromyalgia, to R.A and Diabetes, we have look within to the ‘inner child’. Your inner child period stretches between conception and age 8. Many traumatic events after this age might have contributed to the present problem, but the definite root cause will be before the age of 8.

The 2nd chakra stores your painful childhood memories. It does this even if you don’t have a clear memory of what you experienced. It stores the emotions (fear, shame, helplessness, feeling ignored or neglected, hurt) you felt when you were a child. And unless you have healed the energy of this chakra, it’s affecting your life today, blocking your love life, your finances or your health. It is impossible to move on and become successful until you’ve cleared your 2nd chakra issues.

Working with my clients energetic body and healing their chakras is my life’s work. And after treating over 10,000 clients it’s safe to call myself an ‘expert’.

The fee for an hour with me is $245. The good news is that I want to teach you how to HEAL YOUR LIFE through your chakras so you can be in charge of your own wellbeing and destiny. Of course, I’m happy to work with you privately if you want. But you’ll actually get a lot from this program! It will go over 7 weeks. Each Thursday morning we work with one chakra at a time. You will get to experience how you feel before and after your chakra issues are healed. You will have access to extensive course notes. The exercises and healing practices will continue to keep you in an expanded state of awareness, so it gets easier and easier for you to uncreate limiting patterns and heal childhood traumas.


Even if you had a good enough childhood like I did, this is important for you.

The Heal Your Life Mastery Program will give you much needed clarity, accuracy and support to transform who you are so you can start living your life with a sense of dignity, self worth, confidence and security, no matter what your circumstances are. Bonus: others will notice a fundamental difference in you and start taking notice of you.

Your past does not have to define you, but until you have awareness and tools to heal, it will continue to anchor you subconsciously to stress and hurt.

I have supported people in over 20,000 sessions…or it could be 30,000. I have lost count but I can assure you clearing issues from your childhood is not for the faint hearted!

This 7 week program will give you well over 17 hours of soaking up the healing energy of love and support, working with a small group of heart centred participants in the privacy of my beautiful healing room in Forth.


Seeing, hearing and witnessing others transform and heal along with you is one of the most empowering processes you can give to yourself. You are so worth it!

Join my Heal Your Life Mastery Program for only a fraction of what it would cost to work with me in private and be on the receiving end of many life long benefits.

Click here to register your interest or call my team on 64283007
I can’t wait to hear from you! Much love,
Grada Robertson

Heal Your Life – Mastery Program