Sarah-Anne, one of our practitioners, shared a post on Facebook about bird species disappearing.

Grada and I have been noticing a decline in bird life too.

When we were kids, my brothers and I would lie in the long grass early in the morning. The dogs played hide and seek with us. They pretended they couldn’t find us and lying on our backs we couldn’t help noticing dozens or even hundreds of seagulls flying inland looking for freshly ploughed fields.

When Dad would turn the soil in preparation to plant a crop the seagulls were always there. They gorged themselves in grubs & nice fat, juicy worms. We didn’t have to look far to pick up enough bait for an afternoon’s fishing either. We often played a game with stems of long seeding rye grass. The seeds were arranged each side of the stork in a staggered way.

The seed or the opposite side always placed a bit higher up. We would start with the lowest seed, pulling them off one at a time while we counted in words “tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor, rich man, poor man, beggar-man, thief,” what seed ended at the top of the stem is what we would be when we grew up!

We could while away a lot of time always trying to find the stem that ended well! Especially “rich man”.

But I was talking about the seagulls.

I dare any of you go out and lie on your back for an hour, even half an hour and count the seagulls that fly overhead. At dusk they would all fly back home to their roosting places on the small islands off the coast. Today it is a different story.

If you travel through the country roads pull up beside a paddock where a farmer is ploughing, there aren’t any birds looking for lunch in the chocolate soil of the northwest coast.

I was going to say beautiful rich volcanic soil but stopped. It is no longer beautiful and rich. It’s devoid of any life to sustain the birdlife, let alone any living organisms that are needed to grow healthy food for us.

For the last 4-5 years we haven’t woken with the noisy cheeping of chicks in their nests. These used to be hidden away safely, high up in the eaves of our house and the Purple House. Birds in the belfries!

The starlings are nearly all gone too, and so are the bees! Our home is hidden in a miniature forest, as many of you know. It makes us cry to see so few birds. When will we wake up?

Einstein once said “When the bees are no longer with us, humans will only have about 3 years left on the planet.”

We need to not only wake up to what we are doing to the world around us but also to the world within.

To have a happy, fulfilled life is our right! I think it was Daniel Pink, New York Times best selling author, who said he wasn’t scared of dying but rather scared of not living. Wim Hof, ‘the Iceman’, says the same thing.

We offer people like you a transformational weekend where you can rediscover the deep, hidden (lost) parts of you, so you can feel whole and complete. The word ‘whole’ and ‘healthy’ share the same root meaning. Stress and trauma cause us to be fragmented, and as we lose parts of ourselves, our joy meter goes down and our stress levels go up. We lose our peace.

William Paul Young, author of “The Shack” says, “Transformation isn’t finding out what you aren’t, but rather remembering what you were”. Find the inner child.

We have forgotten what we were. Just like not being aware of the huge decline in birdlife, we have forgotten what potential lies within us. It needs to be reignited so we can connect and work with our unlimited potential.

During our upcoming Surge to Success retreat you will learn how to

  1. become self-empowered
  2. remove blocks to success
  3. have confidence and get noticed
  4. live agelessly, by harnessing the power of your body
  5. clear your energy
  6. love yourself in a healthy way
  7. use energy hacks to get what you want in life
  8. much more.

Our Surge to Success weekends are like a mini get away from your normal routine. You are immersed into a small group of heart conscious people, all on their path of enlightenment. You will be laser coached by Grada. There will be delicious healthy morning and afternoon tea and you can relax and restore your energies from the inside out.

I am excited to offer you this transformational workshop and help you take the brakes off!

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till next time, Peter