Do you want your kids to reach their (super)human potential?

Then you need to support their 100 trillion microorganisms living in their bodies!

100 trillion?!

Do we really have that many bugs? Yes, we do!

Scientists are only just beginning to grasp the enormous importance of these bacteria.

It appears that only 10% of our genes are our own.

90% of ‘our’ DNA actually belongs to the microbes we host in our body.

We are more bug than human!

Pete and I get to work with many mums or dads who are pulling their hair out because their child is anxious, or has anger problems, or can’t sleep, can’t concentrate, has nightmares, won’t do well at school….

They have sometimes been put on antidepressants or ADHD medication…

These mums and dads who come to us are new generation parents who are looking for solutions that work for life.

They don’t want a drugged-out version of their child. They know that their child is full of potential, and can’t wait for the best version of their child to return!

Even psychiatrists are now treating mental illness with health boosting options like probiotics, and Pete and I go so much further than probiotics.

But it’s a good start.

I recently read a story of a teenager called Mary;

She had been diagnosed with severe ADHD as well as obsessive compulsive disorder.

Mary had been on a shopping list of medical drugs, but nothing could stop the relentless nature of her disorders and her disruptive behaviours.

In the end she was taken to see Dr Greenblatt, a psychiatrist in Boston.

He asked all the usual questions about her childhood and then proceeded to ask Mary about her tummy: did she suffer from constipation or diarrhoea?

Gas or bloating? Irritation after eating?

When the answer was affirmative he prescribed Mary a twice daily dose of helpful bacteria to restore her gut.

Within 6 months, her symptoms had greatly diminished!

One year later, there was no sign that Mary had ever been ill.

Pete and I are happy to say that our young clients recover much faster than that!

I remember Joel, a young boy who needed to start on Ritalin for his disruptive behaviours at school. His parents took him to Pete as a last resort.

Pete examined him (and his lifestyle/diet) and immediately knew that he lacked key minerals that he needed for optimum brain health.

He suggested Mighty Mins, a supplement we import from a Dr in the US, that has proven to improve kids behaviours and school grades in no time.

He also needed a powerful probiotic, and thankfully we stock the best brands that we have handpicked over the years, because we see so many people in dire needs.

He needed a probiotic that could do it all, one that could ‘weed and feed’ the gut.

Weed out the bad bacteria and feed the good ones.

The gut is our second brain, or perhaps we could say it is an extension of our brain.

It contains as many neurons as our headquarters.

This is easy to recognize: when you are anxious you often feel nauseous and depression can cause loss of appetite.

We have always understood that our brain affects our gut, but only recently there is a new understanding that the trillions of microbes living in our gut affect our behaviour and mental health.

Another study I found interesting experimented with mice.

They compared the behaviour of 8 week old mice to mice whose guts had been stripped of its healthy flora.

The ‘bacteria free’ mice had more anxiety and depression and they exhibited higher levels of risk taking.

They also had higher levels of the stress hormone Cortisol (the ageing hormone).

Another fascinating study in 2013 showed that healthy women who consumed a drink with four added probiotic strains twice daily for 4 weeks showed significantly improved brain functioning on an MRI scan.

So even healthy people benefit from daily probiotics and fermented foods, but for those of us who struggle to reach optimal health no matter how hard we try, its time to heal and seal our gut.

No matter what type of condition you suffer from, whether it is weight fluctuations, exposure to toxins, thyroid disease, diabetes, allergies, arthritis, depression and even heart illness:

all disease begins in the gut.

Our gut is our immune system and it also produces 90% of our serotonin, our happy, calming hormone.

Now let me get back to the story of Joel.

He was eating far too many carbohydrates. He basically ate too much cereal, bread, pasta and potatoes.

He didn’t drink water, he drank cordial or fruit juice. In between meals, he had bananas.

His blood sugar levels were far too high.

Pete recommended the exact opposite to what he was eating.

He told the parents to give Joel a diet of good fats, like unlimited butter, coconut oil, meat and meat fats, cream, and olive oil.

Basically they had to follow a low carb high fat or ketogenic diet.

The young couple returned a month later with a happy glow about them. They had their old Joel back.

At school he had won the award for the most improved student and at home, he was settled and happy.

They couldn’t thank Peter enough.

Peter’s treatment, followed by the LCHF/ketogenic foods had done the trick.

Joel continues to take his probiotics and Mighty Mins to this day.

Each child is different, and we have seen thousands of children, but there are some key things that work for everyone:

• Weed and feed, or heal and seal your gut. While the gut is inflamed, your child is going to be miserable, cranky, irritable, sick or angry.

• Avoid sugars, carbs and grains like the plague!

• Eat good fats. Good fats are very healing and calming for the brain and entire nervous system.

• Give your child Mighty Mins.

• If you are an adult, have the adult version of Mighty Mins, which is Activator (the name says it all)

• Give your child an energetic upgrade, bring him/her in for a treatment, so you get your beautiful loving child back.

There is nothing fundamentally wrong with your child, he/she is simply out of tune.

If you don’t tune your guitar and you play it daily, it is going to sound awful after a while.

You don’t blame the guitar, or throw it away, you simply give it a tune up.

The same goes for our bodies.

We experience so much wear and tear, setbacks, hits, and we expect to keep going without squealing.

Well how about you think of a smart solution, and have regular tune up sessions with us, so your body and brain are rewired for happiness, love and success, rather than struggle?

That is what we are all about. We are here to help you reach your super human potential so you can leave a legacy behind.

And your kids are your legacy!

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Lots of love,Grada.

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There are so many people in need for answers, the statistics are frightening.

During the financial year of 2018 and 2019 there were 1,172,000 prescriptions written for children in Australia.

Data has revealed over 220,000 Australian children are medicated with antidepressants and other prescription drugs as a result of mental health issues.

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