Is unintentional chronic dehydration making you sick!?

It’s cold and dark and Pete and I are huddled up inside our car beside the Bass highway, wistfully thinking about sitting in front of the fire at Alchemy with a hot drink. What started out as an enjoyable trip is turning out to be an exercise in patience.

On the way home the car decides to fizzle out completely without so much as a splutter of warning on an uphill part of the Bass Highway. Pete only just has enough time to pull off the road but we are still perilously close to all the cars whizzing past. So we put on our hazard lights, which means we can’t even enjoy any peace and quiet because the car is letting us know the lights are on with an annoying ding– ding sound.

It takes a long time for the RACT to arrive. We have had premium cover for 20 years but ironically in all those years of driving jalopies we never needed it. Our mood lifts when our RACT man arrives but sinks when he can’t figure out the problem. Everything seems to be in perfect order. Eventually he looks for a spot under the dashboard to plug in his computer. It spits out a diagnosis. The only problem is that it is in Ford secret code language and you can’t expect an RACT mechanic to understand the computer language of every type of car. So he concedes defeat and he rings up the tow truck.

In the mean time Eve has brought us a thermos with hot tea and blankets. I feel like a traitor but a hot bath is more appealing than sitting by the side of the highway keeping Peter company so I give in to temptation and go home with Eve. An hour later Peter arrives in the tow truck.

The next day the garage discovers that our car didn’t have a drop of fuel left in the tank. Yet the gauge had been telling us we still had 90 km’s worth of diesel left in it. It was a computer glitch that needed fixing.

‘Isn’t that a nice illustration of what happens to our bodies on a daily basis’ I am thinking when I hear the verdict. There is actually a proper medical name for it: UCD (unintentional chronic dehydration). Our brain tricks us into believing that there is plenty of ‘juice’ on board and we can easily go another hundred km’s when suddenly we are struck by ‘misfortune’, like a stroke, cancer or a heart attack..

Would you believe me if I told you that nearly all diseases start with dehydration? Of course it doesn’t have to be as dramatic as a stroke, heart attack or cancer. It can show as mood swings, depression, anxiety, lethargy, headaches, backaches, allergies, loss of memory, high or low blood pressure, feeling stressed and an overall sense of demise. Did you realize that even a small drop in hydration, lets say 4% causes a 20% loss of body function!

But I never feel thirsty so dehydration is not my problem’ I hear you say. Let me tell you that it means it is exactly your problem! You have a glitch in your computer system. Your brain is telling you that you aren’t thirsty while your organs and cells are crying out for water. It is time to re-calibrate your brain by giving your body the water it needs. How do you know that you have had enough? Not by listening to your defective thirst instincts. In this instance you override your brain with the facts that you need at least 1 litre of water for every 30kg of body weight. For instance when you weigh 80 kilos you need to drink at least 2.7 litres of water daily; when you weigh 150 kg you need 5 litres of water (this will most likely help you lose weight as well).

If you think that is far too much think again. We spent our first 9 months floating in a water tank. When we are born we are at least 90% water. By the time we die we are so dehydrated that we are only 60% water which is most likely the reason we get sick and die.

But that’s to be expected when you get old isn’t it?’ No it doesn’t have to be! The ageing process can be reversed and you can regain lost ground/health by drinking your quota of water without fail every day for the rest of your life. ‘You can’t buy your health, you have to earn it!’ and the quickest way to earn it back is to always have your water bottle handy.

Why so much water?’ Water is needed to keep your blood nice and dilute.. Every minute your whole volume of blood (4 to 6 litres) is pumped through the heart. Every three minutes this volume is filtered by the liver. Your kidneys filter 1600 litres of blood every 24 hours. It is much easier to filter when your blood is the consistency of red wine instead of tomato sauce. Every part of your body knows that except for our brain centre, which has become divorced from Nature.

Elephants know it! Elephants can smell water from 4.8 km away. Why? I suppose they are 90% water as well. Some elephants weigh as much as 7000 kg. I am not sure if the same water rules apply for elephants but there is no reason to think that they don’t. That would mean they have to find a staggering 233 litres of water to drink everyday! No wonder they have good memories! Just remember the poor elephant from now on when you are feeling sorry for yourself as you are gagging on your daily quota of water. (It gets better over time!)

If you were a 70 kg male monkey, you would be peeing out an amazing 5 litres of water daily! Monkeys have nearly the same physiology as we have, and on their natural diet they have a urine excretion of 80 ml per kilo of body weight, compared to our 20 ml of urine per kilogram.

No wonder monkeys are super fit, flexible and have fun while we feel stiff, dry and itchy, sit for too long, drink too little, eat too much and the last thing we feel like doing is swinging off tree branches all day!

But if I drink much more I have to go to the toilet all the time!’  Well isn’t that fantastic! You are becoming more like the playful monkey who urinates 4 times more than the average UCD human. That means you’re getting healthy. Just think of all the toxins that are now on the way to the local council’s sewerage ponds rather than settling inside your lymph system, kidneys (stones), blood (tomato sauce), joints ( arthritis) and arteries (clogged). Give yourself permission to rejoice with every flush of the toilet!

Each glass of water you drink will flush out the wastes from your vital organs, allow nutrients to be dispersed so the cells are able to absorb them, vitamins and minerals will be dissolved and your mucous membranes will be kept moist.

Have a drink of water while I tell you about your brain. Lets say you weigh 70 kg. That means your brain weighs around 1500gm or 1.5 kg which is a tiny amount compared to the rest or your body. However your brain needs a whopping amount of blood: 750ml per minute or about 15% of your cardiac output . That is because the brain is always active. It processes billions of bits of internal and external data and it controls your breathing and circulation. The blood that is needed by the brain is mostly water (92%).

But I am on prescription drugs and I am not sure whether they mix well with water?’ Let me answer that question with another question: has anybody ever died from a lack of prescription drugs? I don’t think so. Most prescription drugs have a dehydrating effect and patients are not told about it. Ignorance isn’t bliss, it is a killer! If you are taking prescription drugs inform yourself about the effects on your body. There is no such thing as ‘side effect’. The word ‘side effect’ was invented by the drug cartels to lull us into a false sense of security. Every side effect is like a karate chop to your health.

I am sure I don’t urinate 3 litres per day so where does all the water go? We lose about 3 to 4 litres / 10-15 cups of fluid per day in sweat, urine, bowel motions and through exhaling.

Exhaling?’ Yes you may be surprised to hear that you lose approximately 1-2 litres of water just from breathing. When you exercise, have diarrhoea or sweat excessively you lose a lot more water.

But I saw a story on the news where a girl died from drinking too much water?’ I am told by a doubting Thomas. I don’t know the details but I am guessing she might have been on a low salt diet and diluted her minerals too much, especially the minerals potassium and magnesium which are needed by the heart muscle.

The very best way to drink water is to add 1/4 teaspoon of Himalayan Salt per litre of water. Himalayan Salt contains 84 minerals which has a deeply hydrating effect on all the cells of the body. The cells will be able to absorb and hang onto the water rather than the water staying outside the cells.

I have heard that drinking water prevents allergies, how does that work?’ Allergies are often caused by dehydration, because this causes the body to release histamine. Histamine is responsible for allergic reactions, that is why you need to take an anti-histamine. When you become dehydrated the first thing that happens is that your histamine levels rise. Then your body releases a stress hormone called Cortisol which suppresses your immune system and the formation of white blood cells. Now you become vulnerable to all kinds of things, like dust, mould or pollen. Taking an anti-histamine will make you feel better and stop the sneezing, but the problem of dehydration keeps on taking its toll. You will find that your allergies will disappear when you have sufficient salt and water every day.

When I drink with my meals I get burping and heartburn! That’s right, and the solution to that problem is: don’t drink with your meals! We are so out of touch with our body that we don’t drink during the day and then we realize how thirsty we are when we sit down for a meal.

The trick is to have 2 glasses of pure water upon rising. Drink steadily during the day but stop 1/2 hour before meals and abstain from drinking water till your meal is partly digested, about an hour after a meal. Acid reflux is not caused by too much stomach acid, it is caused by too little! So if you have reflux it means your digestive fires are nearly out. Next you pour water over the remaining embers of your stomach acid and you expect your body to digest your food as if nothing has happened..

So why do I get heartburn?’ Heartburn and indigestion after eating a meal are dehydration symptoms that eventually may cause peptic ulcer. Too little stomach acid is caused by UCD / unintentional chronic dehydration. When the stomach doesn’t have enough acid for digestion, food stays in your stomach too long and gets pushed back into the oesophagus, along with stomach acid and that will burn. This pain is telling your body’s way of telling you that you are extremely thirsty. So throw away the Nexium and other fancy ant-acids. Instead of ‘anti acids’ they should be called ‘anti-vitality’ and ‘pro-ageing’ tablets.

How many blokes out there are living on Nexium and then have to pop a Viagra tablet before they can be romantic? In the first place they are dehydrated (have you ever been able to resurrect a shrivelled up dehydrated plant with Viagra?) and in the second place the cells of their bodies have become devoid of nutrients because they haven’t been able to get any goodness from their meals, thanks to all the anti acids. This is a common problem I see because ant-acids are the most overprescribed drug in the world.

So you are saying that drinking water will improve my sex-life? That is exactly right. It works the other way as well, if you are looking for an excuse not to have sex you both need to stay dehydrated! This will give you a headache as well, so then you have two excuses.

Inhaling Himalayan Salt into your lungs, eating more Himalayan Salt as well as drinking good amounts of water will cure you of your asthma in no time. It will also clear congested sinuses, chesty colds, excess mucous and bronchitis. With winter coming on this might be the solution you have been looking for. It works for children as well as oldies and everybody in between.

How do you know it works?’ Last winter we had fantastic feedback from clients who became asthma free after a life time of suffering. But this solution to lung problems was first discovered by salt miners who rarely suffered from colds, flu and other respiratory diseases. This has been known for centuries.

During World War 2 the people who sheltered from bombing raids in a salt cave in Germany found that their health improved, especially the health of their airways. Old respiratory conditions cleared up. This was noted by a Dr Karl Hermann Spannagel. After the war this Doctor and his colleagues conducted studies and opened Salt caves to treat people who had asthma and other respiratory conditions. This popular treatment became know as Halotherapy, after the Greek word ‘halon’ or salt.

The Salt Inhaler is designed to recreate the micro environment of the salt mine, using Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Granules. It is a ‘medical device included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods’ as an aid for respiratory conditions. The dry aerosol micro particles of the Himalayan Rock Salt replicate the climate of the healing salt mines. You can now enjoy the benefits of the salt mines in your own home! We have a non breakable version ($49) as well as a ceramic one (21.95).

Both devices come with complete instructions and are super easy to use. It is a very effective, affordable and healthy way to overcome colds and flues and strengthen your respiratory system.

Crystal Salt lamps are not only a beautiful source of soft light, they keep the air in the room clear from pollutants and irritants by generating natural ions. When you turn it on the heat from the salt lamp attracts moisture. As this water evaporates through the salt it emits negative ions.

Why is this a good thing? It is good because negative ions restore health and vitality as opposed to positive ions which are created by electrical appliances. Electronic devices, TVs, computers, microwaves, air conditioners have all been blamed to make us feel tired, cranky and depressed. We stock a variety of Rock Salt lamps at the Purple House.

I never have much salt because it gives me high blood pressure and swelling.’ So you have been swayed by the anti-salt campaign which has created high levels of disease and suffering and cost the government billions in ‘health’ care. This money ends up in the coffers of drug and insurance companies who promote the antiquated low salt diets.

The truth is that Salt is vital to good health and you need to add it liberally to your meals. By salt I mean unprocessed Himalayan Salt which we sell for $10 per kilo .  

Here are some hearty facts which will help convince you. Himalayan Salt will achieve the following:

  • Regulate the water content throughout your body
  • Balance your acid/alkaline levels
  • Balance blood sugar levels and prevent diabetes
  • Assist in the creation of energy in the cells of your body
  • Help absorb food particles through the intestinal tract
  • Help clear mucous and phlegm from your lungs
  • Is a strong anti histamine. The first thing you need to do when you have an allergic reaction is to put salt on the tongue, followed by water and more salt
  • Stabilize irregular heat beat
  • Regulate blood pressure
  • Balance your hormones
  • Clear out toxins from your lymphatic system and much more.

The root cause of most health problems is dehydration, coupled with a lack of unrefined salt. Discover more about SALT at www.purplehousenaturaltherapies.com.au and check out Grada’s blog.
All products are available at our online store! Have fun, Grada