Have you got Diabetes?

Diabetes in Australia

Are your blood sugars higher than what they ought to be? Is your doctor hassling you to lose weight? If you are lucky enough to be healthy, you can probably think of friends or family members who are struggling with diabetes or another crippling health problem.

Or maybe you have had a cancer scare.

Statistics tell us that 1 in 3 men and 1 in 4 women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Are you aware that 280 Australians are diagnosed with diabetes every day? Over 100,000 Australians have developed diabetes in the past year.

The best current estimate is that at least 1.7 million Australians have diabetes. Type 2 diabetes represents 85-90% of all cases of diabetes. And guess what: it is reversible. You may find this hard to believe since your medical professional probably hasn’t told you anything of the sort.

High blood sugars

Gary was sitting in my room the other day with the diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. He was on medication to reduce his blood sugars. He wished he didn’t have to take drugs and that’s how he ended up in my room. He was well aware that all medications have some undesirable effects. Our liver and kidneys are placed under even more stress than normal, having to detoxify our bodies of the toxic chemicals associated with them.

Gary had been to me previously a few months ago and yes, he did have diabetes. His blood sugar levels were stuck around 11. Once it reaches 10, sugar spills over a threshold in our kidneys and this draws water with it with an osmosis effect. Did you know that the meaning of diabetes means “passing a lot of urine” / diabetes mellitus = passing excess urine due to high blood sugar levels? Our blood sugars need to get to 10 before this happens but by then we are in deep trouble.

Type 2 Diabetes reversed

Well three months later here he was again. He had taken my advice on board. I look at his live and dry blood to check up on the health of his cells. I also check his blood sugar levels with a glucometer.

I quickly glance at my client as I check the result. “Are you feeling okay?” I ask, checking him for symptoms of hypoglycaemia (low blood sugars).

His glucometer was 3.7, well below normal. He looked fine and he said, “Yes I’m feeling great”.

“Are you hungry?” I ask.

“No, I had my bacon and eggs for breakfast. I don’t need anything else to eat until well into the afternoon if I have them” he added.

“Well, I suggest you don’t need those tablets anymore. Go and visit your GP and ask if you can stop them”.
“You don’t have diabetes anymore with blood sugar levels like that,” I congratulated him.

Gary was extremely happy with this milestone and promised to return for another check up to make sure his body didn’t need any adjustments.

I wouldn’t wish the complications of diabetes on my worst enemy. Its not very nice to see people progressing to having toes, feet or limbs removed or going blind from out of control blood sugars.
Remember that help is only a phone call away. Please call for a life saving consultation on 6428 3007 and book in for a thorough health examination with me. If you know of a loved one who is stuck in pain or disease, please inspire them with this story. They might be prepared for a different approach.

Blood sugars and Cancer

Now for another story. Lucinda’s symptoms were completely different and yet the root cause was pretty well exactly the same. When Lucinda first came to me she was a mess. She had constant nausea, she was losing her hair, had ulcers in her mouth, cold sores on her lips.

She had just informed her oncologist that she was quitting her chemotherapy treatment. Yes, it can make you very miserable. Each time she had her weekly dose she ended up feeling worse. She had come to me seeking a different solution to her cancer diagnosis and today she’d returned after a month of following my instructions.

Again we looked at her blood under the microscope. I also checked her blood sugar levels with a glucometer. She had breakfast three hours prior and here she was with a blood sugar reading of 3.3. Yes you are reading it correctly.

I too was surprised to see her sitting there quite happy and alert. Normal blood sugars are around 5 to 6 especially a few hours after meals. A check of her urine revealed three pluses of ketones which told me she was using fats as energy.

“Well done”, I congratulated her as well for achieving what’s called a ketogenic state (making energy from fats instead of sugars.) This is the best way to combat cancer of any description. She had taken my recommendations and run with them. She was now starving her cancer cells of their fuel supply; sugars. Instead of taking the advice of the oncologist to put her affairs in order she was now planning a holiday.

How the Purple House can help

If you want to read more on alternative ways to beat your cancer, please download our free eBook from the website.

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Also book for a consult to check for any imbalances or potential problem areas, so you too can start looking at those travel brochures.

A bonus for both my clients was weight loss. Gary, the chap who had high blood sugars had lost 5kg. As for Lucinda, well she didn’t really need to lose any kilos, but the 3kg she had lost would have been fluid and waste from the lymphatic system.

I must warn you here that if you don’t want to change your health, and would rather stay down the path of misery, and you are not prepared to make a few changes, I would be wasting your time. You would be wasting mine.

From working with thousands of clients over twenty years, I have realised that EVERYONE needs a few basic supplements to help them achieve optimal wellness. These may include:

Iodine – for the thyroid and to destroy cancer cells.

Beet Flow– to get bile flowing so your body gets rid of the daily toxins.

Enzymes – such as Omnizyme or Detoxicator to assist digestion.

Immuno Synbiotics like Immune Power to boost the immune system.

This after all, is what makes and keeps us well.

And most importantly water and good salt (minerals and trace minerals).

These are all available at the Purple House online but hey, come and see me first to tailor your needs specifically for you with a Complete Health Analysis / Biomedx session.

Biomedx testimonial / client review

I am not one to take medications and I had tried a few of methods to help my menopause with no success. A friend mentioned that she had heard The Purple House in Forth was meant to be good, as I needed to do something so I thought I would give them a try. My first appointment was the 17th March and yes I was sceptical but went in with an open mind.
I mentioned the way I was feeling and at the end of my consultation the suggestion was that I try Swedish bittersDigesti-Zyme andbeet flow (wasn’t real sure how this was going to help but I didn’t have anything to lose).
After the first week of taking these I felt amazing, not only has this hugely helped my menopause but before I was continually heating my wheat pack thinking that my back was aching from sitting and posture, but it was either my gall bladder or kidneys that were not functioning like they should of been.
After the first week my back stopped aching, I no longer feel bloated after eating, my sweet cravings have gone.
Seven weeks of taking natural minerals and trace minerals (not prescribed medication) and I am starting to notice other changes, my skin doesn’t seem as dry and my nails are not brittle like they used to be. I wished I had gone to see Peter years ago!


A Biomedx / Complete Health Analysis approach to Diabetes, Cancer and life

Peter analysing a live blood sample with a client

This gives me the opportunity to do 27 different tests which pinpoints how your heart, kidneys, liver, immune system and other vital organs are faring. We also test your body at the cellular level. You are made up of trillions of cells and you are only as healthy as your cells are!

How much do you spend on your car each year? You can trade your car in for another one, but you only have one body and its working so hard every day to give you the best life. Your body loves you. How are you paying it back?

Book in for your annual health analysis now (also called Biomedx) and show your body the respect it deserves. Be like Gary and Lucinda, who gave themselves a new lease of life and are now looking forward to many more years contributing to their families and exploring the world.

You deserve a wellness approach, rather than a hit a miss style, where you never get to the root cause of your problems. Pay your body forward!

Call our friendly receptionist on 64283007 or make an appointment online via the link below to create positive change now.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon, Peter.

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