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Tarley Mckenna – massage therapist, intuitive & energy healer, co-founder of Love Your Guts Co!

Tarley McKenna

Due to a travelling lifestyle I have found my niche in guiding people to become healthy and happy within themselves. In my experience, it is easy to feel stuck and bogged down in our busy lives! After all, there is no manual to this thing called life!!

I  have learnt to become self-sustainable in my happiness due to my wandering childhood, moving all over Australia, then venturing overseas as I sprung into Adulthood. As a child it seemed a curse, but is now a blessing that has given me the skills to connect with people on a deep level.

After studying various modalities such as Remedial Massage, Kinesiology, Reiki, Cranio-sacral & Reflexology, I have been able to guide my clients in the direction toward love, peace and wellness.

My passion lies in teaching & sharing skills for people to take home and implement on themselves, their family and friends.

I treat all of my clients as individual souls & adapt each treatment depending on specific goals/ healing journeys.

Together we can Find balance in mayhem, laugh as much as we can & utilise the magical powers of our breath to connect to our inner truth and the beautiful world around us

Appointments with Tarley are available every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday and some Saturdays. Call 64283007 to book yours!