Two minutes with….
Eve Robertson, mum of three, massage therapist, part time Alchemy cook

Every morning when I wake my goal is to live a happy, peaceful existence amongst the chaos of everyday life. Here are a few of my tips..

  • Get enough sleep. This is a pretty laughable notion as a mother of 3 devils who don’t know the meaning of sleep. Those blissful nights when I dose them up with magnesium supplements and they manage to sleep a solid block make all the difference to my mental space the next day.
  • Exercise. Can’t believe I’m writing this- I’ve inherited my mother’s genes and hate even muttering the word exercise. My routine used to consist of about 1 sit up a day (getting out of bed) but when the scales hit an all-time high I discovered the gym. I currently do CrossFit an average of 3 times a week. The days I manage to talk myself into going are always the most productive and positive.
  • Diet and supplements. Eating healthy is a massive contributor to me living a happy healthy life. Cutting out gluten and minimising sugars stopped the yoyo moods and I found a new lease of life with my energy levels. My main diet would consist of protein, high fats and fermented foods , supplemented with daily iodine drops and magnesium powder to support my nervous system and overall health
  • Occasional glass of wine. Do I really need to say anymore?!!
  • Regular massages!!! The benefits of massage are massive, too long of a list for me to go on about here.

Why did I choose to become a massage therapist? I was introduced to alternative therapies at a young age when mum dragged me along to classes to ease the burden of child minding for my dad. So it’s always been an integral part of my life’s journey. I love meeting people of all walks of life and by sharing my skills in massage, reflexology and craniosacral therapy and random snippets of knowledge collected along the way I hope to help them achieve their highest potential through health and happiness.

Appointments with Eve are available every Monday morning. Call 64283007 to book yours!