Turn your body into a safety zone exactly like you see when tradies are working on a site and its been cordoned off for pedestrians.

You walk around it.

Every day your body is working hard on your behalf. 

Let’s turn it into a SAFETY ZONE and take a look inside. 

I want to introduce you to the 5 zones in our body where we hold a lot of issues. 

These issues are like a handbrake. 

Do you sometimes feel that you are not making much progress even though you are working so hard on your relationships or at work? 

And you have so little to show for it? 

Let’s see if we can change that today and take the foot off the brake so you can accelerate easily. 

Our biggest blocks are anger, and fear, sadness, shame and guilt. 

We don’t like to feel them so we disconnect from them with our mind. What that means is our body then has to deal with them. (Though we are not aware of it. We have pretended we have moved on, but that is simply not the case.)

Our body has to do the hard work for us. 

So here we go, lets step inside. 

Are your shoulders or neck tight? 

Your body is telling you you are angry or upset about something. 

Instead of justifying and analyzing why you are angry I am inviting you to take a different approach.

Remember the safety zone. 

safety equipments and signs

Don’t say to your body it’s not appropriate to be angry! Whose voice is that anyway when you hear that? 

Right now your neck and shoulders are the way they are… you need to get equal with them. Be generous with yourself – give your neck and shoulders 10 seconds of focused attention and see how the muscles soften. 

Your throat might be constricted. 

This is to do with sadness. You experienced a loss. 

You need to get in harmony with your sadness.

Tune into it. See if you can remember the loss even if you can’t feel the sadness in your throat. 

Harmonize with the reality of the throat constrictions. It is what it is. Blend in with it. 

When your chest is tense, you are longing for something. You need to take 10 seconds of non-judgmental awareness on your chest, that brings you into oneness or alignment with what you are longing for. 

The longing will ease. 

Are you feeling fluttery, racy, queasy, or sick in the stomach?

You are scared. 

If there is a physical threat you need to remove that threat of course. 

If it’s to do with a contradiction, or stress in your life, create a zone of safety and be there for your fear. Hold it’s hand for 10 seconds. 

The hardest part of this exercise it to focus your mind long enough (10 seconds) on these areas so your body can soften, relax and let go. 

woman alone in darkness, aware of sensations

Each of these core feelings is begging your undivided non-judgemental consciousness or attention. 

These actions are so simple that a kindergarten child can do it, yet we can’t because we’ve never learned to work with ourselves like this. 

The simple action is to rest your attention, or your awareness on your sensations long enough to feel some flow, or movement, warmth or tingliness. 

It will actually start to feel pleasant. 

You are now entering the Miracle Zone. 

Keep tuning in to where the flow is most blocked. 

Rest your awareness on the biggest restriction or tension long enough to feel a flowing sensation.

Feel a spaciousness open up around it and behind the blocked sensations. 
It can take 10 seconds or so. 

Be generous with yourself. Stay present with the sensations until you feel space and flow around and behind them. 

That is all you have to do. 

You have now reunited your mind with your body. 

You have now connected with the real reality of your body sensations, your unarguable truth – you are at home

This is how you stay in harmony with what actually is. 

You are now in harmony with All that is

This is how you heal your life and enjoy being in the flow so you can live easefully and happily inside your body. 

Each time to feel tense or stressed, return to this exercise! 

And remember, if you need help, if you come across issues in your tissues that are too big for you, or areas of your body are not releasing, I am here to work with you. 

This is my area of expertise, to help you move through your biggest traumas, obstacles, and blockages, so you start loving yourself, create success easily and enjoy rewarding relationships. 

Use the link below or Contact 6283007 to talk to my team. 

They understand you and can point you in the right direction. 

I am always honored to work with you!

Much love, Grada