What is the Proline Effect ?

Proteins are the building blocks of life.

They are like the bricks and mortar of a house.

Proteins themselves are composed of little things called amino acids.

There are just 20 Amino Acids that make up your genetic code, 9 of which are deemed essential amino acids.

We have to get them from our food as our bodies cannot produce them.


Proline is one of the non-essential amino acids.

It’s in our coffee and wine, vegetables and meat and it is in dairy as well.

Just about everything in our western diet contains Proline.

Research conducted over the last 20 years has found that the way Proline is bound chemically to other amino acids in their peptide groups, prevents the peptide from breaking down during digestion.

What this means is that any food that is Proline-rich, can’t be broken down to nourish the body.

It actually passes undigested through our gastrointestinal system andcreates problems in our lower gut.

We humans, it seems, simply lack the enzymes to digest or breakdown the peptides containing the Proline.

As a result we miss up to 40% of the nutrients from the food that we are eating.


If that wasn’t bad enough, these undigested peptides can cause an immunological response in those of us who have epigenetically had the human leukocyte antigen DQ2 or DQ8 gene turned on. 

This gene is an ancestral immunity gene and is turned on in about 30% of the population.

Its job is to protect us from viruses and bacteria.

If you have this gene then you also have the potential to develop serious autoimmune diseases, including MS, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis and cancer as well as intolerances to foods and food allergies. 

The reason for this is that this gene not only targets Proline-rich proteins on the membranes of viruses and bacteria, but in our common foods and drinks as well.

The gene is turned on by stresses on our system – even stress from exercising too much.

Triathletes, professional and amateur athletes stress their bodies tremendously in the training that they do.

But you can equally have the gene turned on by a viral or bacterial infection.


Research has found that the naturally occurring enzyme in a special blend of ginger species (Relief Powder and Digest Easy) can not only break down the Proline-rich proteins in our food, but also calm down the immune system turning-off the human leukocyte antigen gene.

The Relief Powder/Digest Easy combined with a complete blend of Enzymes such as Omnizyme or Digestizyme will help your body to get 100% of the foods you eat and set your immune system free to do what it knows best.

That is keeping and making us well.

Your own immune system is your best defence against all disease states.

A big proportion of our immune system belongs to the good intestinal bacteria.

Therefore, reseeding our gut on a daily basis with good probiotics will also boost our immune system.

Research has shown that spore probiotics heal and seal a “leaky gut” 50% better than other probiotics.

If you are dairy intolerant, bloat or find some discomfort from consuming dairy products, then you most likely avoid dairy-based protein supplements like whey protein or casein.

The casein in milk is only one of the proline rich foods that certain people have trouble digesting or that cause them allergic type responses.

Monique came to our facilities, feeling miserable all the time.

She had undergone expensive allergy testing and told to cut out a lot of foods from her diet.

Her condition didn’t improve so she returned to the allergy clinic for further advice.

She was on a very bland diet of basically rice and water (I’m exaggerating slightly) and still feeling miserable.

What I discovered was she wasn’t digesting her food and was lacking vital nutrients.

Partially digested food particles were still able to pass into her bloodstream where the body recognised them as foreign antigens and started forming antibodies to combat the problem.

This is known as an allergic response.

A week after commencing an enzyme blend (Omnizyme) with every meal and also sprinkling the food she ate with Relief Powder she was consuming foods she hadn’t been able to touch for months without any problems. 

The Relief Powder specifically targets the proline in the protein chains of lots of foods we consume.

It dissolves their bonds so we can utilise them and they won’t remain travelling around our bodies creating havoc in the way of allergies.

We have had hundreds of clients who haven’t been able to tolerate gluten and other grain products, eggs and even some of the common vegetables like carrots and beetroot.

After commencing the Biohawk Relief Powder combined with Omnizyme, their digestion fired up like never before.

Many of our clients feel better in their fifties, sixties and seventies, than they did in their twenties!

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