Today I want to share some tips on how to transform failure and negative thoughts into positive energy, so it becomes easier for you to love yourself and to get the successes you long for.

Remember a few weeks ago when I showed you that your CONSCIOUS MIND is the GOAL SETTER and the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND is the GOAL GETTER?

What motivated me to do that topic was Pete.

Pete had an issue with one particular area of his life.

It not only affected him, but it impacted me as well.

We often had little arguments about it.

Pete would say: what else do you expect me to do? I can’t be doing any more than I’m already doing!

I would counter with: Excuses, excuses.

You either have results or excuses! Which one do you choose?

“I am doing everything I can to change it, I have to leave the rest up to the Universe.”

That’s when I remembered what I had learnt years ago, about our conscious and subconscious mind.

The Conscious mind is the goal setter and the Unconscious mind is the goal-getter.

But if we don’t achieve our goals, like in Pete’s case, it means that we need to look at what’s going on inside our subconscious mind.

What isn’t going for it? What’s blocking it? What sort of messages is it responding to? What sabotage is crippling it?

The Universe is always on our side, it’s like our subconscious mind, just waiting for the right conditions.

Well, this week Peter reached his goal!

When I asked him what he did, how he did it, he actually had to sit down and think for a while.

“I want to know what changed for you, so you can do it again.”

Because it’s one thing to achieve your goal, it’s another thing to remember the process so you can do it again and again and again!

“I changed my perspective!” Peter said.

“Instead of thinking, oh no, it’s not working again, the Universe must hate me… or something like that, I felt a sense of gratitude every time the unwanted thing cropped up.”

“I loved myself for it.”

“I spent some time turning my thoughts around till I wasn’t only OK with it, I even felt thankfulness. Then suddenly everything shifted.”

Pete looked pretty chuffed with himself as he reflected on his wins. He finally had his subconscious on his side, working towards achieving his goal easily.

Today, I want to give you 5 tips to help you get what YOU want.

5 tips to help you reach your goals and get your two minds in alignment working together for your highest good.

Remember that your Conscious mind is the spark and your unconscious mind is the dynamite.

It’s your own nuclear power station to bring your dreams and ideas into reality.

The 60,000 negative messages we give ourselves daily are what hold us back from achieving our dreams in life.

That is because our thoughts trigger emotions, which create our reality.

If you subconsciously believe you don’t have what it takes, as Peter did for years, you will never achieve your goal.

The good news is, this means you can change your thoughts and feelings and you can change the outcome…. You can change your reality.


1 .

Become aware of your thoughts. You can’t be lazy in this department!

Remember we send ourselves 60,000 negative messages per day, and if we can reduce this by even 10% we are able to move mountains.

Pay attention to the things you tell yourself.

Take time to pay attention to what you spend most of your time thinking or imagining about.

You have the power to change them now!

For instance, every time you step into the car, or into your house or into work, stop in your tracks, take a deep breath and take a moment to reflect on what thoughts you were thinking at that moment.

Were they supportive of you?

Were they kind to you?

Were they fear-based or love-based?

Were they judgmental or unconditionally loving?

If they were negative or harmful, catch yourself and turn the thoughts around.

Or simply think of something beautiful, like a sunset, or a flower or something as uncomplicated as a green leaf on a bush.

Tell yourself how awesome you are!

You are as important as Mount Everest and as resilient as the trees in the forest, and spend some time visualizing a positive outcome.

2 .

Stop watching the news.

The news we watch is written to provoke anger, helplessness, and outrage.

It’s unhealthy and a waste of time and energy.

If you stopped watching the news that would be at least 365 hours per year saved.

Which is about 2.5 months of extra time (in work weeks) to invest in yourself, to take better care of yourself, to read or meditate or walk to uplevel your thinking!

Instead of watching the news, go for a walk or ring an old friend or loved one that you have lost touch with. That’s a good investment.


Change your focus.

Instead of thinking about how bad and evil the world is, and what a lost cause your relatives are, see that the world is full of kindness and beauty.

There are people doing incredible things.

You are one of those. Tell yourself that you are pretty awesome, which is the truth.


All the times I have failed, I have learned something new.

There is actually no such thing as failure, only feedback.

Every failure brings me closer to success.


Start a gratefulness journal and spend some time every day to remember what is good about your life.

You have clean water, ample food, your pet loves you unconditionally, you have electricity at your fingertips, the government who pays for your sickness bills, there is so much beauty in the world, you are eating better than kings did a hundred years ago, and life is so full of wonderful things.

You could write in your dairy all day.

Make thankfulness a daily practice.

Reading, writing, thinking and speaking out loud what you are thankful for is probably the most powerful action of all five things!

Thank you for being part of this wonderful community and for sharing your experiences with me.

Please share your goals, wins or struggles with me!

Or book in for a session on 64283007 or online below.

Much love as always, Grada

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