Our thoughts can heal us (or kill us.)

One Saturday afternoon, three weeks before our trip to Paris, I broke a bone in my right wrist. It couldn’t have happened at a worse time, but then a fracture is never convenient. In fact when you think about it, most life changing events like giving birth to a baby or dying are highly inconvenient. They take time and mess up our routine. By comparison a broken wrist is nothing, so I ignored it over the next few hours while I did a massage and participated in an YL essential oil event that night. On Sunday morning I had it X-rayed and plastered.

I discovered in the ensuing days that my left arm is only there for looks, it hangs of my body like an almost useless appendix. It took hours to brush my hair (a job that normally only takes a few minutes) and chopping up a single onion became a time consuming treacherous job where I nearly sliced the top of my right thumb where it stuck out off the plaster. I couldn’t even lift the saucepan from the stove to the table at night without the instinctive support of my right hand which sent shock waves of pain through my body. I had trouble opening jars or hanging onto the steering wheel, answering the phone, and even tearing off a bit of toilet paper became toilsome. Typing was impossible. I never before realized how masterful my right hand was! Either my left hand wasn’t connected to my brain properly, or it had decided to go on a holiday in sympathy with its mirror imaged twin! Life slowed down to a snail’s pace.

By Monday (some 36 hours later) I had had enough and asked a family member to remove the protective plaster. But without its trappings the right arm felt like a newborn baby blinking in the daylight. It felt naked and vulnerable and I soon realized that venturing around the world like that would severely hamper my enjoyment. I needed a plan to speed up the healing process because we were to board for France in 3 weeks.

I also know that nothing appears in our body unless it has happened in our mind first. It all starts with our thinking. When disaster strikes my favourite question to ask myself is: ‘why did this happen for me?” Rather than saying: “why did this happen to me?” What is my body trying to tell me?

I decided to see the disruption in my routine as a gift. I couldn’t work for several days and this gave me time for happy anticipation of our overseas holiday. I started to relax and sleep better. I had time to read some of my favourite books and was able to lie in bed during the day musing about life without feeling too guilty.

I discovered that the unscheduled change of routine stimulated a whole lot of new ideas for my work, family, and home. I suddenly wanted to finish the book that’s been on the back burner for years. I thought about my clients and came up with solutions for their problems I hadn’t seen before. Having a break from our normal routine and not being bound by usual time constraints and responsibilities works wonders for the imagination. Now I just have to learn to create that time without having to break bones in order to achieve a ‘break’ of routine.

For the arm to heal superfast I had to actively enlist the help of my subconscious. I started thinking positive thoughts and directed my energy towards a perfectly healed wrist. I didn’t allow myself to think victimized thoughts of pain or frustration, because that would have the opposite effect and slow down the healing process. Every time I had doubts I would tell my body that ‘I know you can do a perfect healing job and that it normally takes 2 to 3 or even 6 months. I know that time is meaningless to the subconscious, so what is stopping you from healing it completely today or tomorrow, or even the next day?” For good measure I pictured myself in Paris able bodied, carefree and chilled out in the summery outfits I was looking forward to wearing. A picture is worth more than a thousand words. However I am not brilliant at mental images, so quite often I would just say the words: ‘thank you for superfast healing’.

It wasn’t always easy. I am a great one for dark moods in the middle of the night. I wondered whether to give the whole trip overseas a miss especially when my wrist and hand were throbbing. Pain is always worse in the small hours of the morning and does funny things to your brain. One of my favourite games I used to play with my subconscious is to remember stories of great outcomes in my work. This really helped me when I had to recover from a major accident 10 years ago and I spent 3 months lying flat on my back. I was great for my morale.

I remembered one lady who hadn’t been able to sit on her tailbone without a pillow for 20 years. Twenty years! After one reflexology session she sat up at the side of the bed without any discomfort. I have worked with many clients with chronic depression and suicidal feelings, only to feel better after one session. There was a little boy who had seen a counsellor and psychologist for years. He had been on suicide watch 24/7 even though he was not even ten years old. After finding the root cause in his subconscious and clearing it he became a normal happy child. It only took one session. (Children respond very easily to any form of energy medicine) There was the teenage girl who hadn’t been able to attend school for 2 years because of severe endometriosis. After several treatments she improved so much that she was able to go back to school full time and continued to do very well. Another young girl who had selective mutism, a childhood anxiety disorder which meant she couldn’t talk in public or at school, went on to be a star in speech and drama. A very old client from overseas had a reflexology treatment as a gift from her daughter. After the session she had a severe reaction. Her blood pressure went sky high and she started vomiting. I wanted to call the ambulance but she refused and went to bed instead. When she got up 24 hours later she had full use of her neck. This is after not being able to turn her neck for years! So many memories, it would take me years of lying in bed to remember them all. For every story I have shared with you there are at least a 1000 untold ones. Even Peter, my science-medical brained better half experienced a miracle healing 15 years ago in one session.

It’s a good yarn so I might share it here….About fifteen years ago Peter developed a pain in his left hip. The friendly orthopaedic surgeon on the ward where Peter worked as a nurse offered to check him out so Pete went ahead and had the required X-Rays. When they came back there was good and bad news: there was nothing sinister going on (like bone cancer), but Peter did have a congenital hip deformity where the top of his thigh bone (the femur) joined at a very different angle to normal, the norm being an angle of 130 degrees and Peter’s angle was 90 degrees (I always knew he had an angle!)

The surgeon told Peter that from now on the pain would only get worse as any movement would wear away the bone structure even further and that a hip replacement was inevitable. Pete was advised to stick it out for as long as possible because he was only 42 and new hips don’t last forever.

Peter was still working full time as a nurse and part time in our clinic when his hip started to play up. We were so busy that I hardly took any notice of Peter’s posture or pain till that day when Peter came home with the news that his pain was caused by a congenital hip deformity and that he needed a hip replacement.

I still remember the moment: the children were running around, there was washing to fold and schoolbags to unpack, the fire had to be lit and dinner was cooking on the stove. All sorts of questions tumbled around in my mind: How was Peter going to keep up doing two jobs with a hip deformity? We didn’t have private health insurance and the waiting lists were huge. But how much longer was he able to continue in daily pain? How was I going to put up with a husband that suffered all the time and be happy for my kids and clients? Would I be able to manage to pay the bills on my own for a while? Suddenly it all seemed very overwhelming.

We had dinner and did the dishes when I was struck by a flash of inspiration: I could give Peter a treatment! Reading my life backwards it seems crystal clear now that I should have looked at that option first and not last, but in those days life was so demanding that we sometimes couldn’t think straight. Peter changed into comfy clothes and obediently followed me to our clinic in the backyard, where he lowered himself onto the massage bed in my room. The children had followed me as well and some were squabbling under the table while the older ones were upstairs in their bedrooms. I decided to completely ignore the kids and give Peter’s body my 100% attention.

After only a few minutes Peter suddenly noticed a big shift: he felt a ball of pain travel from his lower back, through his hip and knee and out through my hand which was holding his leg. After that he got the giggles and laughed so much that he nearly rolled of the bed. (I always have that effect on Peter; it’s called an ‘emotional release’ which can happen when a rush of energy is released suddenly.)

When it was time to get up Peter tested his hips and back and there was no pain. He stretched, bend over, walked around and not only did he discover his chronic pain had gone, he also found that he could suddenly open his hips up and stretch out his legs further than he had been able to his entire life. It felt too good to be true but as the days stretched into weeks Peter still kept on feeling fine, flexible, energetic and free of pain. Peter has never had that problem again even though his bone structure hasn’t changed and he still had a congenital hip deformity. He has renovated numerous buildings and landscaped gardens, as well as worked full time at the Purple House. He is fitter now than he was 20 years ago, looks great and there has never been any more talk about a hip replacement.


Experts still don’t quite understands how healing happens. You cut yourself and the next day it’s healed over. How did your body know what to do? Where did that information come from? It comes from your own body/ subconscious/innate intelligence that works round the clock 24/7 year in year out. It does it all on its own. On top of doing repair and maintenance it also gives you a new body every 11 months.

So you break your arm and go to the doctor. The doctor fixes your arm and tells you to keep it in plaster for 6 weeks. Does the doctor heal your arm? No, your body has its own internal doctor which is your subconscious that does all the healing. A doctor has never healed a fracture, cured a cancer or got rid of a stomach ulcer. Only the body can do that.

Only you can do that! You are responsible for your own healing process which you can hamper or fast-forward with your thoughts and attitude. The way we turn our bodies into turbo healers is by giving it what it needs: positive thoughts, plenty of water (even bones are 31% water) with healthy salt for minerals, and nutritious food. These ingredients are the real medicine. Your body, which is eavesdropping nonstop on your internal dialogue, will transform thoughts and emotions of health and strength into a powerful healing energy force that will flood the bloodstream and from there saturate your tissue, cells and subatomic particles. (Thoughts create emotions, and emotions become chemicals in your blood stream).

The power of positive thinking has been around for a long time, long before medical drugs were invented. The oldest positive affirmation goes like this: every day, in every way, I am getting better and better. This positive affirmation was first coined by Emile Coue, a pharmacist and psychologist in the early 1900’s. The success rate of his patients was far greater than of other doctors at the time and he became famous in Europe and in the U.S. He liked to tell people they could cure themselves by repeating this mantra at least 20 times per day, preferable first thing in the morning and last thing at night, in a relaxed state, and by using their imagination. His patients recovered faster and easier once they had adopted this affirmation into their routine; not only did their health improve but also their life in general.

He called this positive affirmation autosuggestion which he described as: … an instrument that we possess at birth, and with which we play unconsciously all our life, as a baby plays with its rattle. It is however a dangerous instrument; it can wound or even kill you if you handle it imprudently and unconsciously. It can on the contrary save your life when you know how to employ it consciously…

My little plan worked like a charm: Two weeks after I incurred the injury I was able to help Peter shift heavy furniture around using both arms. I didn’t even think about it. A few days before we left for Paris one of my reflexology students offered to give me a reflexology session with essential oils. He hadn’t practiced for a while and had to use the manual from the workshop. I was happy that he was prepared to give it a go and jumped at the opportunity. I was soon in a very deeply relaxed state on the massage table. I can’t remember what happened next but when I came out of my healing trance an hour later I felt lighter, relaxed and unburdened. That night I had to empty my bladder about 4 times, which I took as a sign that toxins were being flushed out and my arm felt a lot better. This also proved that it doesn’t matter whether you have practiced reflexology a lot or not; as long as your intent is pure, you always get results.

By the time we boarded our plane for Melbourne, I was able to pull my heavy luggage around (30kg) with my right hand without any discomfort. Taking the plaster off so early and using my arm while it was broken had left me with absolutely no after effects. It is a strong as ever and I feel grateful that I can add my own success story to those of my clients.

Things to remember from this blog post:

  1. your body’s ability to heal is limitless
  2. your body has the blue print for perfect health
  3. every day is an opportunity to create abundant health
  4. you are responsible for your health (not the doctor, your mum, partner, government)
  5. fun, joy and a relaxed attitude are powerful catalysts for health
  6. Your thoughts can make or break you
  7. Choose your words wisely
  8. Make your subconscious your partner in success and health – talk to it and listen to it.
  9. Give your body what it needs: attention, rest, water and minerals, proper nutrition, and give it direction through words, visualisation, play, affirmations and body work treatments, like massage, Bowen, reflexology, kinergetics as well as therapeutic essential oils like Young Living. These all help to get the energy flow going.

If you would like to know more about Young Living Essential Oils feel free to talk to our receptionist on 64283007, or me on 0408283008.


 Reduce pain and illness

Reflexology Weekend Workshop

Where: 47 Wilmot Rd, Forth

When: Sat 29th & Sunday 30th  October

9.30 – 5.30

$400 per person ($100 per day for repeats)

Includes manual, morning, lunch and afternoon tea & laughter!

Phone 64283007 or email: purplehouseforth@bigpond.com for more information or to register your spot.

“Reflexology actually works!” I am glossing over these triumphant headlines in yet another article. Research reported that reflexology may be just as effective as mild painkillers like aspirin, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen. This finding means that reflexology is allowed to come out of the closet and be celebrated as a proven healing modality in its own right because the self same scientist concluded that reflexology reduces pain by 40% and improves the time pain can be handled by 45%. (That means it increases your pain threshold by 45%).

At the Purple House all our practitioners excel in reflexology. We have made sure of this! You can prove this for yourself by booking in for a session. Sometimes experience is the best way. It was for me. When I was 40 my 80 year old mum-in-law moved onto our property after she crashed her car and broke her leg. While she spent time in our spare bedroom recuperating I sometimes gave her reflexology. I am not sure how much this helped towards her recovery, but it certainly helped our bonding! Gran was normally very solitary and introverted but working her reflex points not only opened up her own healing energy channels, it also opened her heart, to the point where I got to hear many childhood stories that had never seen the light of day before.

Her car accident set a trend in our family. It prompted a series of car accidents, or so it seemed, followed by many reflexology treatments. Within a couple of weeks of gran wrecking her car, one of our daughters crashed into a tree. Luckily she was unharmed but my other two daughters and I weren’t so lucky a fortnight later when we were travelling home on a deserted country road one sunny Sunday afternoon.

Suddenly we were in the ditch, with the front of the car completely gone and Eve and me dangling from our seats by our seatbelts while Mieke had nearly been halved by her lap-belt in the back. Out of the blue a lone car travelling in the opposite direction had careered onto our side of the road just as we happened to occupy that particular patch and Bang! Before I had a chance to jump on the brakes we were involved in a head-on collision that could have killed all of us.

Luckily we came away with minor injuries. (Scars on our legs and Eve needed plastic surgery on her eye). The worst thing was the whiplash. Suddenly I felt every tiny muscle group and ligament in my body. The pain from bending over the dishwasher after dinner the next day was brutal. Peter gave me a gentle massage before we went to bed. The next morning my whole body was stiff and the pain was even worse. I managed to get through another day of chores when I suggested to Pete to give me a reflexology treatment instead of a massage, seeing my body was too tender to touch.

We finished that evening by Peter giving me an hour long reflexology session with all the essential oils I had. I stumbled into bed and slept like a rock. When I woke up the next morning I was as good as gold! I got up carefully tried the different muscle groups that had hurt so much the day before and to my surprise there wasn’t even a hint of uncomfortableness. Even the memory of pain had gone. Reflexology had reduced my pain by 100% as well as my recuperation time by a 100%!

I was fascinated. Even though I had witnessed many miracles with reflexology in my treatment room, this was new to me! I continued back at work and from that day on I never had another bit of trouble with whiplash, concussion or backaches caused by the head on collision. We kept busy with salvaging the bodies of our family for the next couple of years as we wrote off another 3 or 4 or 5 cars ( I lost count) ending by the ‘mother-of- all- Motor-Vehicle-Accidents’ when a passing truck crashed into my body as I was getting into our just replaced family vehicle. This was a suitable ending, because for the first time our car had only minor injuries and I suffered the brunt of the impact. By then I had learnt my lesson and I made Peter or the kids give me reflexology every single day, while the scent of essential oils wafted through the various hospital wards I spent time in. Today I am a living testament of what our combined health care system can achieve: I am here due to a medical miracle and my quality of life is as good as it is because I took complete ownership and responsibility of rebuilding my health upon leaving the hospital. .

No prior knowledge is required for this workshop. All you need is an open mind, a pair of hands and feet and a pillow and blanket. This weekend will be a great mix of relaxing your body while you are on the receiving end and stimulating your mind with information you will never hear elsewhere.

“If it’s sore, rub it out!” Reflexology will not only relieve pain, but in most cases it will also remove the cause! Looking forward to seeing you there! Grada