I am excited to invite you to my Surge to Success weekend on the 19th and 20th January!

If today was your last day, would you have any regrets?

It’s almost ‘that’ time of the year again for me.
Another week or so and the 6th of January will show up, the day in 2006 that changed everything.

4pm that afternoon, an ordinary summer day turned into an unsuspected nightmare. Out of nowhere, I got hit from behind, fair square in my back, by a passing potato truck, right in the middle of Forth, a sleepy town in one of the most peaceful places on earth, Tasmania.

The impact was so shattering that I left my body.

I could see my whole life unravel before my eyes. At the last minute, I made a snap decision to return to my body which was crumpled awkwardly on the hot tarmac.

It was the most defining moment in my life.

From that time on, I knew everything would be different.

I had always been fiercely independent. I could kiss that goodbye!
Having never relied on any medical help, I was going to need an immediate blood transfusion and many life saving operations so if I was to have any quality of life, so I had better get used to doctors and surgeons.

You can read the full story in my memoir: You Are The Miracle!

You Are the Miracle – How Being Hit By a Truck Saved My Life

Here is the short version:

Migrating young (just 19) from Holland, near Amsterdam, I started a huge family at the back of beyond in Tasmania (with Pete) and largely lived by my own dictates.

I had always had absolute certainty about two things: I had to be a mother, and I had to be a Healer.

We lived as close to mother nature as possible living in alignment with my understanding of the Universe, as it had been handed down to me by my ancestors, culture and country. I was totally committed to ‘enlightenment’ and personal growth, even when my days were nothing but washing nappies, feeding hungry kids and looking after livestock on our farm.

Yet I always had so much fear in my body. I was full of doubts and insecurities. Nobody could really give me the answers and assurance I was looking for.

When I had a Near Death Experience everything changed.

I left my body and felt at-one-with-all-that-is. There was complete absence of fear. For the first time in my life, I wasn’t experiencing fear in the cells of my body!

The only thing I felt was pure, Unconditional Love.

I became infinite consciousness.

I felt my whole nervous system do a massive RESET.

Although I would have loved to stay in that beautiful place of wholeness forever, I remembered that I had 6 children who needed me, and Peter who loved me.

That’s when I returned and immediately became part of the ‘normal reality’ again. The shrunken version of reality; with pain, disconnect and little egos.

Now what?

As I was moved into the ambulance strapped to a spinal board and bleeding to death,

I made up my mind that I would do whatever it took to make the next chapter of my life more meaningful, more ALIVE, not less.

If its to be, its up to me has always been my motto.

I could feel that I still had the use of my arms, so I immediately visualised that I would be writing stories, books or workshops in the future.

It took me at least 10 years to fulfil that promise to myself, but in 2018 I published my memoir: You are the Miracle! how being hit by a truck saved my life. 

In 2018 I started running my workshops and personal development programs:

Surge to Success, helping women and men strip back layers of pain and stress really fast so they enjoyed clarity, health, happiness and the flow of money.

Gone are the days where we are confined to Belief System (BS) around ageing, love life, or finances.

We don’t need to ‘battle’ lifelong pain, death or scarcity. A breakthrough of your pain or limitations is often only 10 minutes away and it frustrates me that people waste decades of their precious lives and resources because they don’t know what to do. YOU ARE THE MIRACLE! You just need to beshown what you are capable of.

And there is no such thing as Death. Death is really a new, joyous beginning for us. When we die, we can be closer to our loved ones than ever.

I healed my substantial injuries in record time.

(A million broken bones to life threatening internal bleeding and spinal injuries.) Because I was already a healer, working with hundreds of clients, I knew exactly what to do, and it worked for me. I healed myself with my own life force.

I help people like you unravel who you are, so you can be yourself and live the life you were meant to have, enjoying your full potential, and doing it with much more ease and joy and less stress than you could ever imagine.

My interest goes far beyond folk medicine like herbs, diets, exercises, nutrition and healthy rules for daily life.

My focal point is to set up direct communication with the Energy Force that is at work in your life and my life. I can see that force of Intelligence in everything and everyone and how problems arise in life meaning during my workshops you will learn more about yourself than you have ever dreamt of.

The secret to success is

really knowing yourself like you have never done before. And gaining appreciation, respect and confidence in the process.

Now it is my turn to ask you a few questions:

If you knew you only had 43 years on earth would you change anything?

Are you living a life that you are happy with?

Does your life reflect your deepest values?

Are there things you’re not happy with?

Do you long for an honest connection with yourself?

Is a lack of confidence holding you back?

Don’t wait for a dark moment, or death to make you choose something good for yourself and join my Surge to Success program today.

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The most remarkable thing is that these techniques are easy and fast. They don’t require years of psychoanalysing, behaviour modification or counselling.

I didn’t have the luxury of time and you may not either.

I only share my most valuable resources, the ones that have transformed my own life in the shortest amounts of time.

Teaching you my own discoveries to help you become empowered and happy as you continue to evolve.

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