Mother Nature has gone crazy! The normally picturesque Forth River has burst its banks and is churning up everything in its way. Our pristine riverflats (Wayne our gardener had them picture perfect) have been turned into a swirling river delta and not far away I spot a shipping container jammed high up amongst a group of trees. It’s definitely not where it belongs and adds to the eeriness of Monday the 6th June 2016 which will be remembered as a dark day in the history of Tasmania.

forth river in flood
The Forth River in full flood!

I offer to take Fia (our 7 months old granddaughter) back to the safety of the cottage, while her parents help Peter shift some stuff from the yurt to higher grounds. Fia is unaware of all the excitement and is more interested in poking her fingers up my nostrils than concerned about the swollen river and the rain that doesn’t seem to stop. She weighs a ton, and my hands are tied trying to keep her dry with the umbrella and holding my glasses in the other hand, out of harms way.

I am relieved when I get inside with my nostrils intact and just when I put her down on the couch I hear an ominous rumbling sound. It’s the first  of many more to come that day, but I didn’t know that yet. I wondered if the Paloona dam had exploded and quickly looked for my car keys and hoisted Fia back on my hips in case we had to escape to higher grounds in a hurry. Fia didn’t seem in the least bit worried by the strangeness of it all.

Peter came in and informed me that every time a huge tree hits the Forth Bridge it sounds like an angry rumble. I only felt slightly reassured but clearly had to surrender to the turn of events because there was nothing I could do. We couldn’t get to work either, because our road was flooded at both ends. We just had to sit it out. I decided that Fia was teaching me a valuable lesson: don’t sweat the big stuff, or get caught up in the drama of today, stay in the present and have a bit of innoncent fun while you can!

Higher up in another part of our garden toadstools are everywhere. I am struck by the beauty of a distinct  half cirle under the willow tree. The toadstools don’t care that a chunk of the property is under water. They just calmly remain in place, following mysterious orders from somewhere to form a half cirlce, showing that everything in the Universe is in perfect order, even though the world appears to be turned on its head.

Toad stools are magical miniature structures but Fia is a bit too young to be interested.  06-Fly-agaric-1024x729.jpgI wish I was young again so I could lie there with my nose pressed against the imaginary doors and windows watching the garden gnomes busying about inside their little houses. But no matter how hard I try I have lost the ability to enter the magical realm of childhood imaginations.

Being grown up has its benefits, because now I can ponder on the wise words of Black Elk who was a famous Medicine Man of the Sioux (1863-1950) and be reassured that the world is still the same.

He said that everything an Indian does is in a circle, and that is because the power of the world always works in circles, and everything tries to be round. “The sky is round, and I have heard that the earth is round like a ball, and so are all the stars. The wind, in its greatest power whirls. Birds make their nests in circles, for theirs is the same religion as ours. The sun comes forth and goes down again in a circle. The moon does the same and both are round. Even the seasons form a great circle in their changing, and always come back again to where they were. The life of a man is a circle from childhood to childhood, and so it is in everything where power moves.

Just as Nature is constantly changing when we go through the seasons of the year, so does our body. The body in its infinite wisdom and power is completely renewed approximately every eleven months (except for the tiny hair like neurons that send electrical impulses throughout the body). Bones are replaced every 90 days, we have a new liver every 45 days and our skin is replaced every 30 days. Our stomach lining replaces itself every 5 days! Even the DNA, which contains enough information to fill 4000 volumes the size of the Bible, changes every 2 months at the atomic level. Our body is performing miracles every living moment. It starts new circles and finishes others without any drama and we are completely unaware of the magical forces at work inside our bodies.

And not just inside our own little microcosm but everywhere we see cycles and rhythms. Water falls from the sky and gets absorbed into the ground, then rises up, condenses and falls again. Did you know that it takes one raindrop 50 years to do a complete cycle?  I read this in the works of Masaru Emoto, who studied the life of water. He made some amazing discoveries and his books make for interesting reading.

Everything comes to an end and every end brings a new beginning. We are relieved when we can say we have done the full circle and say goodbye to a period of hardship. But when the door closes on a good chapter of our lives we often resist the changes.  This is how trouble starts, when we ignore the seasons and rhythms of our lives. For instance what do we do when we suffer a mortal blow? We get up and go to work pretending that nothing has changed instead of allowing ourselves the space to fall apart, because that is considered to be bad or weak. But when I look outside my window I see nature going through the falling apart motions in a big way. The garden is wet and messy and the trees look as if a giant hairdresser in a bad mood came along. It is the season for falling apart! If nature decided it didn’t like winter and just skipped it we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the following spring and summer.

When it is Monday we don’t pretend it is Saturday. It wouldn’t work. But emotionally we often do things back to front and inside out and we keep going till something finally gives. I have done this many times myself and I see it in my clients every day. Instead of cycling upwards closer to our destiny we end up in a downward spiral.

headacheJust now I remember the story of a client who suffered from debilitating migraines. When I scanned his energy field I noticed he had a hollow area above his thymus area. (The thymus is situated in the centre of your chest just below your neck). The thymus gland is in charge of our immune system and in energy terms it is where the life-force is most concentrated. This Mr. X had tried many cures and doctors to no avail and that is how come he ended up in my room, even though he had little faith in what I did.

I didn’t blame him for not trusting my healing skills seeing that he was an engineer. Engineers follow a certain set of scientifically proven rules which lead to a predictable outcome whereas I can’t even follow a 3 step recipe! However I can listen pretty well. When I am the therapist I listen to the client’s words and I can hear what the body is saying at the same time. When these two messages don’t add up I know the client is in trouble as was the case with Mr X.

He said he loved his job (body said no)and he had a good relationship with his ex-wife (body said no, I feel betrayed) and that even though his mum had been a harsh woman and never showed him any love it was all in the past and he had forgiven her (body said not true!).   I had to inform him that every time he made one of those statements it was as if all the energy left his thymus gland, which really meant he was in dire straits as far as his health was concerned.  Our immune system protects us from cancer and a host of other diseases.

We decided to go over the above mentioned issues again and now I asked him to be really truthful and take notice of what surfaced emotionally. Could he feel that his body was stressed when we went over negative parts of his job, ex-wife and mum? This time he was able to connect with his body and pinpoint that he could feel something in his brain/head area. He didn’t need to be an engineer to figure out that the more un-authentic he was the worse his migraines became.

There were unfinished cycles inside his body. The subconscious in all its wisdom wanted him to complete those cycles so he could move to a higher state of being but whilst he suppressed his emotions it blocked the energy flow. When the energy flow is blocked our invisible energy channels sometimes start to flow backwards. This causes pain, distress and disruption to the natural flow of our lives. Our thymus gland is particularly sensitive to the truth. It is like our own personal lie detector. In Mr. X case the body became so sensitive to his internal dialogue that it caused the energy to ‘bypass’ the thymus area so the thymus wouldn’t have to listen to it.

Mr. X is now almost migraine free. (He also drinks his quota of water and Himalayan Salt which does wonders in itself). And he is a firm believer in my skills even though he doesn’t understand them. This only proves that we don’t have to understand everything for things to work!

It is part of our journey to have good and bad times. It isn’t even important whether you are having a bad week, it is more important that you be yourself and how you feel about yourself. Don’t be afraid to feel anxiety, depression, fear, sadness or anger while you face a ‘season’ like that. Be kind to yourself. Instead of pretending to be optimistic give yourself permission to feel those feelings without any judgment attached to them. Remember that you have a feeling, you aren’t the feeling. We say that we are angry, and we immediately feel bad about ourselves.  What we mean is that we have anger, and underneath that anger is the real self who is just watching the spectacle. Get in touch with the greater ‘I’ that always wants to steer you onward and upward.

When we allow ourselves to be who we really are these feelings will become less and less intense and occur less frequently. Living more in harmony with ourselves and our surroundings will make us feel energized and soon new doors will open just at the right time. When we go against ourselves we go against the natural flow of life-force energy. When we connect with our true centre and tune in to our emotions that motivate us our lives start to work for us in an upward fashion. Imagine how free that raindrop must feel when it rises up after spending 50 years in the earth! We can all achieve that sense of freedom now.

There is great value in observing seasons and rhythm of our lives so we can harness the infinite power of our subconscious, which is also the power of good timing. When you feel your life is out of sorts, you have been stuck in the wrong season for too long, you can’t see your way out, you feel incongruent, you are exhausted, or you need a boost of energy  or normality, come to the Purple House or PHONE 64283007 for an appointment.

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In the meantime I can’t wait to reach my second childhood but for now I will play magical games with my grandchildren and clients!

Till next time, Grada