Have you noticed a new high pitched tinnitus (ringing in the ears) lately?

Or a stabbing pain in one ear?

What about strange vivid dreams?

Apparently, this is all to do with a spike in the Schumann resonance.

We are being BLASTED by energies as we are moving through a highly charged section of the galaxy.

I have heard that these energies interact with our own energy fields and are transforming our DNA.

Back at home, closer to earth, you might have noticed that ‘the darkness’ is really ramping up.

People are divided like never before.

We are attacked and censored for having an opinion.

Recently, it started to dawn on me that COVID 19 might be all about the throat chakra……..which is exciting and scary at the same time.

Exciting because it means that as a human species we might be going through a throat chakra initiation…

Its scary, because healing and empowering the throat chakra will bring up a lot of intense shadows, conflict, and divisions.

And that is exactly what you are seeing when you look around.

The throat chakra is where the material, denser energies from our lower chakra meet up with the spiritual energies of the crown and brow chakras.

Hence it is the first of the spiritual chakras;

As above, so below

As within, so without

Today, you don’t need to be clairvoyant to see that there is a lot more going on than the C virus.

The virus is ‘masking’ a different agenda.

One we are not allowed to be privy too.

An agenda of eroding human rights and dignity.

On the bright side, the collective energy feels so much lighter to work with as a healer.

Synchronicities (which means good luck) are happening so much faster and more often.

There is a tug of war going on not just in our outer world, but also inside our bodies.

In the video, I am going to show you how you can move through this time of chaos and transition with ease and grace.

First, let me show you how your throat chakra is being challenged in many different ways:

• The throat is the area that is being attacked by the virus.

• It’s the throat chakra smothered or muted by the masks because masks are symbolic of being muzzled or muted.

• The throat chakra is all about loving communication, but the dark forces expressed through the mainstream media keep us vibrating at a very low frequency. This has a constricting effect on our throat centre and causes us to speak or communicate in a low vibe, or even in a hateful way so we start fighting with each other.

• This chakra houses our thyroid, and the thyroid filters our entire blood volume every 17 minutes. It gets rid of viruses and impurities and the thyroid needs iodine, to function well.

• The throat chakra is the first of the Divine energy chakras, it is where the material energy and the top chakras come together in a bottleneck. This is another reason why you might feel choked up.

• If you have conflict going in between your spiritual, mental, emotional or physical body, it will often show up as a sore throat.

• Any resistance to change will affect the throat chakra and today we are seeing more change than ever.

• If you show up inauthentically, tell little white lies or withhold an important truth, it will block the throat chakra.

Why is it important that we free up the throat chakra?

If your throat chakra is weakened, stressed or under attack, you will not only find it hard to have a deep and meaningful connection with people, your finances will also suffer.

• For you to hit big money or financial abundance the throat chakra needs to be functioning well.

• The throat chakra will block from old programming where we were forced to say yes when we really wanted to say no and vice versa.

In this video, I will do an energy exercise with you to open up your throat chakra with divine energy.

The Divine energy has its own agenda and it is always in support of your highest good, abundance, wellbeing, confidence etc.

So you can speak up when you are required and so you can voice your opinion wisely.

So you can even speak your truth when it is unpopular.

Do this exercise as often as possible, so you can stand in your truth and shine brighter than ever.

And if you have ringing in your ears, anxiety, palpations, or other unexplained symptoms, I am here to tell you that there’s nothing wrong with you.

You’re ‘just’ in the midst of a powerful and intense transformation.

Stay grounded, rest up, drink plenty of water, and join me for this energy hack to strengthen your throat chakra now.

Much love, Grada