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How can you protect yourself? Here are some suggestions to keep you going feeling fitter and stronger every day. 

But first, let me tell you that most people we see still believe that fat is unhealthy and best avoided. I give my clients credit for the fact that they are doing what they can to help themselves. The problem is that the information dished out to them is as misguided as bloodletting was 500 years ago.

Society got it all wrong in the 1960’s when the fat-phobia struck us like the bubonic plague did in the Dark Ages. The black pest killed millions of people overnight, whereas our aversion to healthy fats and our love affair with fruits triggered a slow agonizing decline of health followed by certain death.

When I ask my clients to give me an example of what they eat, they might say:

I have a healthy diet because:
• I don’t eat red meat, only chicken or fish
• I don’t eat eggs, because I want to keep my cholesterol low
• I have lots of raw fruits, vegetables and nuts
• I buy everything fat free
• I only use margarine

If these diets are so healthy, why do those same clients suffer from symptoms like moods swings, gall bladder problems (gas, bloating, reflux, diarrhoea), hormonal problems, fatigue, anxiety, depression, dry and brittle hair and nails, dry and wrinkly skin, and weight problems?

fat versus carbs

Fat isn’t fattening, it is low fat foods that make you fat and cranky.

Healthy fats send a signal to the brain to tell you that you are satisfied and that you can stop eating now. Another problem with low fat diets is that they are often high in carbohydrates. You have to fill up on something and carbs make convenient and tasty fillers. They are addictive!

High starch carbohydrates make your blood sugars spike and then drop.

When your blood sugars drop, your energy drops. You won’t feel like doing anything and lose your motivation to exercise or have a healthy lifestyle.

For you to maximize your metabolism, you need to provide it with fats, oils and proteins every meal.

Here is what we suggest you do:


This isn’t as easy as it seems, because there are over 15,000 reduced fat products on the market to suck you in. These products are evil (to put it into Medieval terms).

First the fats are removed and then the manufacturers put something back in, which is usually all forms of sugar, artificial flavouring, binding agents, sodium, chemicals like bromine which ruin your thyroid and turn into solid fats around your vital organs and more. 


butter vs margarine

Margarine consumers have twice the rate of heart disease as butter eaters.

Go to your fridge now and toss all your margarines (even spreadable butters) into the bin. Do not dump it onto your garden as it will kill your soil.

The unsaturated fats found in margarines clog up your arteries and suppress your immune system, not the saturated fats as you have been led to believe.

Butter is a source of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K and important trace minerals like magnesium, zinc, chromium, selenium and iodine.

Organic butter is the best. This means that when you look for the good fats in the supermarket, there is only a patch the size of a shoe box that contains organic butter. All the rest isn’t fit for human consumption. Animals would refuse to eat it and your body would too if it had a say.

Butter is lactose free and is suitable for those of us who are lactose intolerant.


Toxic chemicals and high temperatures are used in the process of producing vegetable oils, to extract the oils from the seed or bean. This kills the nutrients and turns the oil rancid.

The worst thing however is that these oils have been partly hydrogenated, which is a process that re-arranges fatty acid molecules, turning them into trans fatty acids.

Trans fatty acids do not exist in nature and your body doesn’t know what to do with them.

Trans fat nutrition facts

Your cell membranes, your hormone production, your immune system, digestive system, your cardiovascular systems become derailed and defunct by these trans-fatty acids.

Here are some examples of good fats

Butter, which is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. It nourishes the heart in times of stress, and adds strength and flexibility to the cell membranes. (After all we are not much more than a bag of cells. Each cell is held together by a membrane and each membrane is 100% fat!)

Extra virgin organic olive oil has been used for thousands of years. It relieves pain and inflammation, normalises blood fats, stimulates the gallbladder and is a rich source of antioxidants.

Coconut oil is extremely stable and can be used in baking, frying and cooking. It has strong anti-fungal, anti-microbial properties. It speeds up your metabolism. If you want to lose weight, add a spoonful of coconut oil to warm water and drink with your meals. Your heart, brain and liver crave coconut oil.

Animal fats like lard and tallow are very stable for cooking and frying and are a good source of vitamin D. There are nutrients that are exclusively found in animal fats. These fats keep your skin healthy, enhance your immune system and prevent diabetes. They benefit your heart and immune system, normalize blood fats and prevent cancer.

Low carb high fat food pyramid

The human brain is over 65% fats, our hormones are made up of fats, and our cell membranes are fats.

Have you ever craved fats before? Now you know the reason why, so go and chomp on a piece of butter or fatty meat, and watch your weight drop and wrinkles disappear.

Even if you suffer from cardiovascular disease, these fats will help repair and restore your health. If you have trouble with fat digestion, supplementing with Beetflow every meal will support your body to assimilate the fats and to get rid of toxic wastes day after day, till your liver is squeaky clean. 

Next, enzymes at meal times will help with the assimilation and absorption of fats. Good all-round enzyme combinations like Syntol, Digestizyme, Omnizyme, Devigest, and Vascuzyme will help clean up rubbish and scar tissue in your body (read: arteries).

Enzymes are normally found in foods and are made by our body for digestion. However, as we reach age 27, we are at the top of the fitness mountain. From then on, our enzyme production declines.

Everybody over 40 who wants to stay young, should be supplementing with enzymes. To reverse heart disease and allow your body to repair damaged arteries, supplement religiously with enzymes every week.

In short:

  1. Magnesium, maximum amounts. Keep taking more till your bowels are triggered and then you know you have reached your ideal magnesium intake for the day
  2. Avoid carbohydrates (including fruits) and eat healthy fats and proteins
  3. Drink 1 litre of water for every 30 kg of bodyweight per day
  4. Eat one teaspoon of healthy full spectrum mineral salt per day, like Himalayan salt
  5. Supplement with enzymes and Beetflow every meal
  6. Eat a portion of fermented foods every day to heal your body from the inside out
  7. Have your iodine drops every day. Iodine protects your heart from toxins like chlorine, fluoride and bromide
  8. Have the Purple House breakfast smoothie at least 5 mornings per week. This is how Peter and I remain fit and healthy, day in day out:

This breakfast acts like a blood transfusion every morning!

Blend together in a blender:

1. Four tablespoons of full cream plain yoghurt
2. Two dessert spoons of flaxseed oil
3. Two dessert spoons of coconut oil
4. Two scoops of Bioraculous
5. Magnesium powder
6. Half a teaspoon of Relief powder (a ginger/turmeric super blend)

• Half a green apple (green is less sugar)
• Walnuts, chia seeds
• Flaxseeds after they have been soaked overnight
• Soaked almonds
• Prunes or prune juice
• Aloe Vera juice
• Berries or any other healthy food you may have in your pantry.
• 1 teaspoon of Diatomaceous Earth to kill off potential parasites
• Pinch of Boron to keep bones strong
• ½ teaspoon of Himalayan Salt

green smoothie

It only takes a minute to make and is the perfect start for a busy day.

You may be wondering why flaxseed oils and yoghurt? Flaxseed oil is nature’s richest source of Omega 3, is gluten free and suitable for vegetarians, has up to 50% more Omega 3 than fish oil and is essential for good health and wellbeing.

Flaxseed oil contains the right balance of Omega 3, 6 and 9 which are essential for good health.

When you mix the flaxseed oil with yoghurt or cottage cheese it becomes a miracle cure for cancer. (Don’t eat flax seed oil on its own, it is only beneficial mixed with cottage cheese or full cream yoghurt.)

The high-quality electron-rich fats (omega 3 and 6) are combined with the sulphur in the proteins of the yoghurt/cottage cheese. This brings oxygen inside oxygen starved cells. (Any cell which is starved of 60% of its oxygen will become cancerous.)

A state of increased oxygen within the cell improves your blood, health and energy levels.

Dr Johanna Budwig is famous for discovering that the blood sample of cancer patients was always deficient in essential fatty acids and she came up with the combination of flax seed oil and Quark (similar to yoghurt and cottage cheese) to prevent or cure cancer. Once the cancer cells were able to breathe again, thanks to her recipe, the cells lost their cancerous property.

Dr Johanna Budwig’s recipe works miracles for cardiovascular disease as well. 

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