‘Buen Vivir is making waves across South America and ripples are starting to reach us, I am reading in a local newspaper. ‘In English buen vivir means good living, or living well. It’s a way of doing things that is centred on the wellbeing of our community, rather than our own personal material gain.  It is ecologically balanced and culturally sensitive, so there is no compartmentalising of society and nature. Buen Vivir promotes small scale production because it is more likely to:
  1. Reflect and enhance local culture
  2. Include local people
  3. Protect the local environment
  4. Serve local needs.

It’s a way forward that sees social, cultural, environmental and economic issues working together in balance, not separately and hierarchically the way it has traditionally been done.’

Every good change begins at home and I am intrigued to find this philosophy in the business section of our local paper! Those 4 values are at the heart of the way we operate at the Purple House and Alchemy Café. This means in reality:

  • We only use the healthiest, organic and ethical ingredients in Alchemy. The way we cook and eat at home is the way we cook at Alchemy!
  • As an example we only serve full fat milk, yoghurt and cream as opposed to the skinny versions. Processed milk in the form of pasteurised and homogenized is the deadliest of all and we refuse to serve it to our customers at Alchemy Café. During the processing of the milk ‘xanthine oxidase’ is produced. This is the number one plague forming substance known to the arteries. On the other hand full cream products are full of saturated fats which your body craves and loves!
  • We buy fresh products daily and support our local suppliers where we can.
  • We only stock products and supplements that have been well researched and proven to be indispensable to our own wellbeing. I take them myself and so do my children and grandchildren. I would not choose one set of treatments for you (the client) and another for myself at home, like 90% of oncologists do.
  • When it comes to treatments in the Purple House we only offer the best. After 15 years of diligent research and practice, including thousands of hours of scientific research, and spending well over $100000 towards our studies, I managed to heal myself in record time after being left for dead by a collision with a truck at age 43. Peter and I experimented everything together and we discovered new remedies/therapies that work brilliantly with minimal time and effort on your part. We literally sorted out the wheat from the chaff and today we get results where others fail, without it costing you thousands of dollars.
  • We share our life saving information in freely weekly blogs (to subscribe log into: www.purplehousenaturaltherapies.com.au ).
  • Our dedicated therapists have been coached and trained by us. This allows them to work successfully with all types of health challenges, including auto-immune conditions, liver congestion, adrenal fatigue, allergies, thyroid problems, arthritis, mental illness, hormonal imbalances, structural issues, sciatica and more.
  • Our products can be discussed with our friendly receptionists who are on deck 6 days per week (Monday to Friday 8.30-5 pm and Saturday 9 till 4 pm) or conveniently ordered at www.purplehousenaturaltherapies.com.au

The Purple House and Alchemy Café were created to bring buen vivir, or a way to live well, to anyone who truly believes their bodies can heal. We offer a roadmap to personal transformation which allows you to be the engineer of your own health! One way to share information outside the box is by running workshops. I am happy to offer you the opportunity to enjoy the following classes in November.

Weekly Biodanza- The Dance of life Classes facilitated by Giovi Di Matteo.

Where: the little white church at Forth  RSVP: 64283007

When: 11th November. Adult class @ 1.30 pm till 2.30 pm. Cost $20 per person.

After school Biodanza Class for children 3.30 pm till 4.30 pm. Cost $10 per child.

Giovi: I came across Biodanza in 2006 in Findhorn, Scotland. There were around 50 people in the beautiful hall. Previously I had come across many different disciplines that can either help body, mind or spirit, but they are generally hard to practice and often only address one single aspect of the self.

From the first class I attended I felt a deep connection to myself, my body, my mind and my emotions, as well as to the other participants. In 2010 when the School of Biodanza opened in Australia, I decided to do the training. Today I am the only facilitator in Tasmania.

The creator of Biodanza, Rolando Toro from South America, was a teacher, psychologist and anthropologist,  who started working with music and movement with psychiatric patients first, then children and eventually developed the method as we know it today. The benefits of Biodanza have been confirmed by worldwide scientific studies. Lasting positive physiological and psychological changes can be experienced with regular practice of Biodanza.

Biodanza is a gentle practice suitable for the very young to the very elderly and everyone in between. No prior dance skills are required. The music is purposely chosen for a selection of dances/exercises that do not require the learning of specific steps, and can be expressed at any level of physical ability. It opens up a pathway to wellbeing at all levels, including loving relationships and the joy of life!

​Reboot your body through Paleo style cooking with Caleb Robertson

When 15th November 9.30 am – 12.30 pm

Where: 643 Forth Rd, Forth @115 per person.  

RSVP 64283007

Paleo is the ONLY nutritional approach that works with your genetics as a human being to help you become lean, strong and energetic.  Research in various disciplines have shown that our modern diet is at the root cause of degenerative diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, Alzheimer’s, depression and infertility.

Most people enjoy immediate and undeniable health benefits from making the switch to Paleo: their blood sugars improve, they lose weight and their pain and stiffness from autoimmune diseases evaporates.  As if this isn’t enough, Paleo has not only stood the test of time, but also the rigours of scientific scrutiny.

Caleb will use his unique, larger than life perspective on Paleo as a passionate foodie and prized cook and as an experienced live blood microscopist/ kinesiologist / permaculturist to teach you how to easily achieve health.  He teaches you to plan, prepare and budget Paleo Style cooking while he helps you to cut out addictive processed fast foods and sugars. He will prepare and cook several meals (using fresh and local ingredients) and snacks for you on Saturday so you experience firsthand how easy and tasty Paleo dishes are. This class is about bringing LIFE back into your meals and making a fresh commitment to nurture your family with dishes that create physical, emotional and mental wellness.

Paleo isn’t dangerous or complicated and this workshop will start you off on a journey of rediscovering how your ancestors lived and thrived on bone broths/soups, full fat products, fermented and cultured foods, organic butter and ‘Paleo’ bread. It is going back to using the power of food to heal your body and to let your meals become your medicine.  Don’t get left behind! Top chefs around the world are already embracing the fact that food is our best medicine and they are incorporating bone broths, doing their own ferments and using only grass fed meats, the same as we do at Alchemy Café.

Caleb’s class is designed to satisfy your brain cells as well as your taste buds and it will give you the tools to transform your life. It will help you foster a nurturing atmosphere in your home where you feel inspired to spend time with your kids in the kitchen and help them be equipped to make healthy choices for themselves.

The biggest mental hurdle will be your fear of fats. Here are some fun facts about good fats which will help you get over your fat phobia so you can give yourself permission to relish in these healthy fats. Coconut oil is one of the most versatile oils available. It can be used for anything, from cooking and baking to skin care and it should be a household staple. Coconut oil speeds up your metabolism, so it is slimming, not fattening. It also helps kill Candida and other nasties and it boosts your immune system. At the same time is helps your brain cells to function at top speed and unclogs your arteries. Why would you avoid an oil that makes you slim, intelligent, healthy and fit? If you still believe that coconut oil is bad for you, go and have a spoon full of coconut oil right now to clear up the brain fog. Coconut oil was vilified by the media for decades, to boost sales of canola and other highly toxic oils, like margarines. This leads me to butter. Yes, butter used to be blamed for everything that could possibly go wrong in your life, from heart disease to obesity. Would you believe me if I told you that butter actually lowers your cholesterol levels? Butter contains healthy saturated fats and the much needed fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K which will boost your moods and energy levels.  Toss out the fake vitamin D capsules and fake fats like margarines, which are highly inflammatory and cause a multitude of chronic diseases in the body.  Tip 1: go one step further and buy organic butter from grass fed cows. This type of butter will lower your risk of heart attacks. When my grandchildren are hungry I offer them butter by the spoonful, or coconut oil with a sprinkle of Himalayan Salt and this satisfies them for hours. Tip 2: go two steps further and ferment your own organic butter! Caleb will teach you this in his Fearless Food Fermentation Class on Saturday the 14th November.

Caleb will tell you more about healthy meat fats, ghee, hemp, olive, and macadamia nut oil which will inject years of life back into your brain/nervous system/heart and arteries once you start using them on a daily basis. Use this unique opportunity to get to understand a brand new old way to eat!

​Fearless Food Fermenting to enhance longevity by Caleb Robertson

When: Saturday 14th November 9.30 am -12.30pm

Where: 643 Forth Rd, Forth   RSVP 64283007

$110 per person

Why ferment food? Fermented foods are alive with flavour and nutrition. During the process of fermenting dull and lifeless ingredients are transformed into live-cultured foods, teeming with good bacteria and flavour. These thriving micro-flora give your immune system a massive boost in the right direction. These microbes protect us from the flu and other superbugs, allergies and asthma and teach our immune system how to function optimally.

Imagine having a stomach outside of your body where all the hard work of digestion was done before you even eat? This is what fermented foods are like. The bacteria combine with the drinks and foods and break them down for you so the nutrients are pre-released and all your body has to do is take them straight into the cells without wasting any precious energy.

Is this important? Well yes, when you consider that our society is in the grip of Burn Out. The reality is that 1 in 2 people will experience cancer or heart failure during their life time as opposed to our ancestors. A few centuries ago the ratio was 1 in a 100! Could part of the reason why we have gone backward be that we don’t consume fermented foods and drinks anymore?

Today scientists realize that we have to co-exist with micro-organisms. Life is not possible without them. We are constantly breathing in some 14000 germs and bacteria per hour. If germs are so harmful, why aren’t we all dead? The truth is that we need the help of bacteria to live a full and organisms especially when you consider that 90% of our DNA is not our own, it belongs to our microbes which mostly live in our gut. Doesn’t it make perfect sense that these microbes have life-promoting and disease-blocking genes rather than the other way around?

Another important reason to ferment food is that you are going to receive highly concentrated forms of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids and enzymes, all of which are sorely lacking in our modern diet. (Sauerkraut has 20 times more viable vitamin C than a raw cabbage from the supermarket shelf). The proof of the pudding is in the eating! Join the class and see if you don’t feel better after incorporating these foods into your life like our client did: ‘

 ‘Thank you for teaching me about Kombucha and Sauerkraut which I have been using, along with 2012 fermented probiotics. I always suffered from very low energy levels, shakiness and digestive disorders and now I can think more clearly, I can go for walks, have no bloating or pain, I can travel without getting nausea and  haven’t felt this good since I was a child. I knew that life was bad before, I was always sad and miserable and now I realize how compromised my nervous system really was, and I can’t believe how good I feel and what a difference these foods make. I will never be without some form of fermented foods ever again!’

We do not catch diseases, we build them. We actually eat, drink, think and feel them into existence.  We work hard at creating our diseases and we have to work equally hard to earn our health back. Or do we? Fermenting foods is easy once you know what to do and not to do, and eating them is pure enjoyment. I can think of no better way to create extra decades of good health.

(Nattrition 2012 probiotics: $55.95 in powder form. $69.95 in capsules are good quality  pre-and pro-biotic life enhancing supplements.  Also available at www.purplehousenaturaltherapies.com.au.)  

Reflexology to prevent chronic illness and reduce acute pain 

When: the 21st and 22nd 9.30 am till 5.30pm weekend workshop

Where: Forth Primary School Hall

Cost: $400 per person (50% off to repeat)  RSVP 64283007

Lunch, morning and afternoon tea as well as YL essential oils provided during the day.

Research reported recently that reflexology may be just as painkillers like aspirin, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen. In an experiment that tested participants pain threshold scientists concluded that reflexology reduces pain by 40% and improves the time pain can be handled by 45%. (That means it increases your pain threshold by 45%).

There are reflex points or nerve endings on each foot for preventing a knee replacement. Apparently knee replacements are the most commonly replaced joint in the body, due to obesity, walking or running on hard surfaces or just from life. The time that is needed to recover from a knee replacement often mounts up to being a whole year! Reflexology only takes a few minutes every day, or an hour at most and it is enjoyable rather than excruciating. There are easy to locate reflex points on the hands as well as feet to help ease the pain of a tennis elbow and frozen shoulders. The weird thing about frozen shoulders is that they just happen overnight. Suddenly half of your body is frozen in pain and you feel like a chook that has had its wings clipped. It usually disappears as mysteriously as it appeared, but it can take up to 9 months to a year. You can reduce your own joint pain by 40% in 15 minutes, according to recent research. As if this isn’t enough, Mother Nature has also conveniently given you two hands covering another 14000 nerve endings, which lead back to every part of your body. If you can’t be bothered bending over to reach your feet, you can lie back in comfort and apply pressure to the points found on your hands.  Celebrate the fact that you have an intelligent body! Your body wants you to have a good life. It is just waiting for you to wake up and start treating it with the care and attention it deserves.

Whether you want to know more to help yourself and your family, or whether you want to avoid invasive surgery and reduce acute pain, this weekend workshop is the ideal opportunity to bring out the healer in you.  No prior knowledge is required, just an open mind and a pair of hands and feet, a pillow and a blanket. You will also get to be on the receiving end for many hours, which means that lots of blockages can be shifted. You will feel transformed on many levels.

I enjoyed getting feedback from my students after the last workshop: I am keen for the next Reflexology course and so is my wife! I am slowly working my way through the family. My son had his turn of reflexology last night and is full of beans this morning!! My little grandson hadn’t done any poohs for three days and I did the bowel movement on him, just very gentle and he filled two nappies up within 1/2 hour!! Ha Ha, has been super ever since!! PS: just started new book on Vibrational Medicine. I feel I am only just scratching the surface of understanding the healing and power of the Universe. I have had some really good chats with all the guys over here about everything!

Thank you for offering and teaching the course. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and took in everything you taught us including the stories you shared. A lot still replays over in my mind. I was so enthused, I came home the Sunday night & practiced on my partner. And again, my thumb always clicked on the troublesome spots. I never released how powerful the human touch/energy is. It’s something I’ll continue to do on family until I become more comfortable (without having to refer to the book/guide).

Thank you so much for teaching me reflexology, my love and passion for natural healing has me driven to keep practicing.
This could be your experience! There is never a better time than NOW to enrol! PHONE 64283007 to organise your spot. See you there, Grada