The new health epidemic of the 21st century is……?

If you guessed Covid 19, you are not far off the mark.

The right answer is Chronic Stress.

It is so pervasive, that it has been dubbed the “top health challenge of the 21st century” by medical experts.

It is super scary because if it is left unchecked, it can lead to fatigue, headaches, IBS, high blood pressure, low libido, anxiety, depression, and chronic illness.

Just thinking about all that can be stressful!

But the great news is, is that Pete and I can help you!

We use proven techniques that help replace stress with calm, positive, productive feelings, and greater resourcefulness in life.

Peter is a recognized 21-century medical detective, NLP Coach, Biomedx practitioner, Energy Medicine Practitioner, with 40 years in the health industry.

He is an avid researcher, who has helped tens of thousands of clients get through the sticky patches in life and gives his clients a return to health in the shortest possible time.


Grada has a reputation as the Sherlock Holmes of healing and transformation.

She will be able to help you resolve even the toughest problems, whether they are of a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual nature.

Listen to Pete and Grada share some uplifting stories in this lifestream, and if you found it helpful, please share with your loved ones.

No matter what challenges are facing, EVERYONE needs NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT now more than ever.

Sifting to confusion health information leads to more stress.

If you are looking for ONE SUPPLEMENT that FITS ALL, take Activator for adults or Mighty Mins for kids.

If you want the benefits of GREEN POWER or a smoothie as a meal replacement, go for VITAL ALL IN ONE.

Check out our free ebook here for the Purple House Smoothie

These supplements will give you more bang for your buck and help your heart and nervous system to be calm, steady, and resilient.

Many of you may not know that Pete and I offer ‘distance’ sessions, by phone or zoom, so you don’t have to be physically present in the clinic.

It does not matter where you are located, you can achieve exceptional results.

Many of our clients report the same improvements after a distance balance that would have been achieved in a normal session.

Teachers even comment to the parents that they have noticed a difference with their students and they did not even know the student has had a session with us.

You can compare remote sessions to ‘wireless’ healing sessions.

They are so powerful, that one of my clients who lives 5000 km away, had an asthma attack when I tested him for different allergy triggers in my room in Forth!

Thankfully, I was able to resolve and uncreate the root cause so it won’t affect him anymore.

Another client in Canada was sensitive to jewelry before a session, and the allergy was gone after the treatment.

We rebalance the whole mind/body system for better health, greater ease, and efficiency.

Stress in its various forms, especially in these extraordinary times of covid-19, is a major cause of imbalances, blockages, ill health, and dis-ease.

Our sessions are extremely effective in resolving stress by tapping into your body’s innate healing abilities to restore balance, promoting positive mental health, and wellness.

Our treatments are safe to do in conjunction with other therapies, specialist areas, or with medicines and supplements.

Distance balancing can also be especially useful when balancing babies, special needs, elderly people, and even pets.

Call Leica or Ashleigh, our customer angels, on 03 64283007 or enquire at

Yours in great health!