Tonight I am showing you the inner sanctum of the Purple House, where its all happening.

Peter especially kept a blood sample of a very dehydrated client to show you what that looks like.

You can’t really get a closer look at your insides than by looking at yourself under the microscope!

It will tell you the truth!

Many of Peter’s clients have spent thousands of dollars before seeing him and they are no better.

They have been told that its all in their minds, or to take anti-depressants..

Take Jenny for instance;

She came to Pete because she really believed she was dying and in a way she was.

Her Red Blood cells were dying too fast.

Yet all her medical tests had shown nothing, they had come back as normal.

She’d been losing weight and couldn’t sleep.

Her heart was playing up with palpitations.

Everyone was worried for her.

Pete does about 26 chemical tests on the urine and saliva, which helps him to pinpoint exactly what’s going on within the body and why the blood looks the way it does.

This not only told him that Jenny was extremely dehydrated, she was also very electrolyte deficient as well as catabolic.

She needed the catabolic supplement to help her cells close.

She also took the Ultimate Vitality Boost to boost vitality in her liver, her gut, her kidneys, her digestion and her hormones.

Jenny was relieved to discover there had been a valid reason that caused her to feel terrible.

When she returned a few weeks later she was a different person.

Now she only needs to see Pete once every month to keep her body systems going and once they stay strong, she will be able to live a long and healthy life.

This is a great outcome!

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Normally with thorough testing like this, you would expect to pay $1200 or more. Pete charges a fraction of that.

Yet nobody understands your metabolism better than Pete.

He is the one and only in Australia who is an expert in Biomedx testing and an authority in the field of functional medicine and he is very humble about it.

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Much love, Grada