Hi everyone,

Over the past while I’ve noticed a bit of a trend with clients booking in. They all had quite different health issues but it boiled down to one and the same.

Gut and hormonal issues,
gut and skin issues,
gut and mental health issues, depression, anxiety,
gut and candida issues.

Do these sound familiar to you too?

The common denominator is the gut.

That’s where it all starts…..and also where it all starts to fall apart.

Having a healthy intestinal tract will improve everything.

Earlier this week we shared an article on the Purple House facebook page about the importance of iodine as well.

The article stated that antibiotic resistant bacteria and fungi cause more than 2.8 million infections and 35,000 deaths in the United States each year.

Did you know that bacteria, viruses and fungi never become resistant to iodine?

We don’t get any iodine in the food we eat, so we need to supplement with iodine.

According to Professor Guy Abraham (professor of endocrinology), for iodine to be beneficial we have to take 100 times the recommended daily allowance set down by the World Health Organisation.

That is 10 drops of the molecular iodine a day, either one your skin or in water orally.

Mine goes in my first glass of water each day followed by another glass of water which gives my kidneys a good flush each morning.

The thyroid needs iodine to function correctly and this goes a good way in assisting our bodies to have balanced hormones.

Iodine also kills cancer cells.

Statistics tell us that one in two people will get cancer.

We don’t have to become one of those stats when we take our iodine.

It also kills candida, which is normally a yeast in our intestines.

This is kept in check by our good gut bacteria, which are prevalent in fermented foods.

A spoonful of sauerkraut will supply you with trillions of a broad spectrum of good intestinal bacteria.

We need these every day!

Caleb’s next fermenting class is on Saturday the 7th December. He will teach you all you need to know how to make your own fermented foods

Fermented foods also go a long way in improving our mental health by supplying us with more serotonin (happy hormones) than our brain does!

Did you know that our brain takes 25% of our bodies energy? And it requires a very even energy source.

The fuel source to give us that is fats and the good oils (monounsaturated).

I recommend everyone follow a low (high-starch) carbohydrate and high healthy fat diet.

This will not only treat your brain with that beautiful even energy source, it won’t be feeding your candida either as yeasts feed on sugars!

When we eat too many sugars (more than one teaspoonful to be exact), or foods that convert to more than one teaspoonful of sugar, we are converting all the rest to stored fat.

We firstly store it in our liver, when then means the liver can’t filter the waste from the body properly.

This causes the waste to buid up, quite often under the skin.
This is the major cause of skin problems.
The liver is being clogged with stored fat and unable to filter the blood properly so the skin is trying to excrete waste instead!

Beetflow is needed to restore the flow of bile (the bodies waste) from the liver.

This is needed to firstly neutralise the acid content of the stomach as it enters the small intestine.

If this doesn’t happen the good gut bacteria will be killed by the stomach acid.

Secondly it is required to digest the fats, that fuel that gives you nice even energy all day long .

Thirdly Candida, which is a yeast, will die off because it will be starved of sugars when you convert to fats for fuel. And the good gut bacteria will get it back under control within the intestines

The Ultimate Vitality Boost, which includes Beetflow (to get the bile runny), Omnizyme (enzymes to help digest all types of food, so you get the nutrients), Immuno Synbiotic Restore (a probiotic), and Iodine has helped thousands of our clients regain amazing health.

We have bundled them together in a discounted pack to encourage you to buy them because we know that they will set you on the path of increased energy and vitality.