Years ago when I started nursing, cancer wasn’t well understood and people would often refer to cancer as the dreaded C word, not daring to say ‘cancer’ in case they attracted it.

According to the Australian Government website on cancer; in Australia in 2017, the risk of developing cancer before the age of 85 years is 1 in 2 in both men and women.

So as you can see it is probably the most common disease.

Why aren’t we being shown ways to prevent it?

There is plenty of money being pumped into research on how to treat it, but the question is WHY do we develop cancer cells?

Why do our bodies start producing rapidly dividing immature cells that create masses that latch themselves onto a blood supply and starve our normal cells of nourishment?

I think everyone would agree that prevention is always much better than cure.

Why does one person contract it and the next not?

I personally think that we all may have developed cancer cells at different times. We didn’t realise because our immune systems destroyed them before we even became aware what was happening.

So above anything else keep your immune system functioning at 100%.

Ways to do this:

1. Adjust your lifestyle to reduce stress and fear

2. Get help from us to RESET your nervous system and kick start your Life Force

3. Exercise gently every day

4. Meditate and get out in nature regularly

5. Pursue a hobby or activity you love doing

6. Maintain a healthy digestive system with daily probiotics

7. Eat fermented foods.

8. Get a dog or cat

9. Have a regular health check up with a Holistic Health Coach like Grada and I.

Chronic stress and fear erode your immune system, come and see us to receive an energy shift so you start relaxing. (I am showing how I dissolved one layer of stress from Grada to boost her energy in this video.)

80% of our immune system belongs to the good intestinal bacteria and they also produce around 90% of our serotonin (happy hormones) that decrease the stress hormones.

Adjusting your lifestyle includes taking a good hard look at the foods you eat.

Our cells derive energy from only two sources, sugars or fats.

If our cells are producing adequate energy to work properly, they will be healthy cells.

The energy gained from fats, is a much cleaner energy than that from sugars.

Sugars tend to clog up the little energy centres within the cells so they become sick, sticky and diseased.

Did you realise that cancer cells only get their energy to grow from sugars?

So if we don’t give them their source of energy they die. Stands to reason?

Fats will provide a beautiful even energy source for our healthy cells to thrive and create a body free of disease.

Dr Que Collins from California researched cancer for years.

He would go to numerous dog shelters and choose only the dogs which had cancer tumours.

His research only entailed dietary changes for these dogs, which was feeding them low carbohydrate, high fat diets with lots of meat fats.

His success rate with returning those animals to good health was PHENOMENAL.

He went on to form a clinic with Dr Laszlo Boros from Hungary (an expert on deuterium depleted diets if you would care to research that one) and an Australian called Dr Anne Cooper.

They teach people to change their diets and lifestyles to prevent and reverse illnesses.

In the western world particularly we have been reliant on carbohydrates for food.

These all turn to sugar which feeds the cancer cells.

Ideally we would be gaining well over half of our energy from good fats and oils.

These are coconut oil, meat fats, butter and cream as the saturated fats and olive, macadamia nut, sesame, peanut and avocado oils as the unsaturated oils.

NOTE: If you want fish oil please eat small oily fish, otherwise you are swallowing oxidised trans-fats which also cause disease.

I recommend everyone to start getting most of their energies from fats.

That is follow a low carb high fat or keto type diet.

One of the major problems people experience when making this change is they have trouble digesting their fats/oils.

You may feel nauseous when you start increasing these.

This is due to our bodies storing the excess carbohydrates and sugars as fat in our livers.

This impedes the flow of bile from the liver which is required to digest the fats.

People who have experienced nausea with increased fat intake have been able to overcome this by taking 1 or 2 Beetflow with every meal.

People without a gallbladder really need to take extra bile in the form of ox-bile capsules as well, each meal.

The other things our bodies need to work is water and minerals.

Let me introduce you to Margaret who had been battling metastasised cancer for years.

She had travelled to the end of the medical road as well as the natural alternatives road without any success.

She had been given a book called “Your Body’s Many Cries For Water” by Dr Batmanghelidj.

(An Iranian political prisoner when the Shah was deposed, who helped his fellow prisoners to improve their health so much so that he received a pardon and all he had to help them with was salt and water.)

Margaret read that little book and thought “I have nothing to lose” and started hydrating her system and having minerals and trace minerals in the form of pure salt.

And guess what!

She recovered from the “end of the road”.

The recommendations are one litre of water for every 30kg of body weight (preferably filtered or from a fresh mountain spring) and a quarter teaspoon of Himalayan salt for every litre of water drunk.

There are some specific minerals/trace minerals that we never ever get enough of because they are missing from our food due to being depleted in our soils.

Magnesium and iodine are two key minerals to get healthy and stay healthy.

Research shows women with low thyroid function, which is mostly due to low iodine levels, have a far greater incidence of breast cancer.

There are other simple things you can do to prevent the terrors of that C word.

Meet Cathy, who had been battling breast cancer for two years and the doctors had given her two months to live.

They stopped treatments which included chemo and radiation.

She had secondaries everywhere; brain, bones, lungs, liver…

She wondered if there was anything she could do that may help her.

We recommended a regime of a few simple things she could do which may help.

We didn’t hear anything from her until we met a mutual friend, who told us Cathy was on an overseas trip!

When she returned her scans showed the tumours in her liver had almost disappeared.

The areas in her bones were filling in and she had so much more energy and looked very much alive.

Her body was healing after she was giving herself and her cells what they needed.

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