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Today, we’re diving deep into a critical topic: the dark link between chronic diseases such as Crohn’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis, MS, Psoriasis, Scleroderma, IBS, Heart Disease, Type 1 Diabetes, and RSD.

What do these conditions have in common?

Pain and suffering.

But more importantly, they all stem from chronic inflammation.

Chronic inflammation is a significant underlying factor in many debilitating diseases.

It’s not just about the pain and discomfort; it’s about how inflammation affects our entire body, including conditions we might not traditionally associate with inflammation, like heart disease and type 1 diabetes.

I want to share with you a powerful Secret Weapon we have at our disposal: Immuno-Synbiotic.

This supplement is designed to combat inflammation and help alleviate the symptoms of these chronic conditions.

To illustrate the impact of Immuno-Synbiotic, let me tell you about Jana.

She was diagnosed with RSD, now known as CRPS (Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome), characterized by severe burning pain in her limbs.

Jana’s ordeal began with a minor accident five years ago.

A car nearly backed into her in a supermarket parking lot, knocking over her grocery cart and leaving her with severe bruising on her left leg.

Initially, she recovered quickly, but months later, she developed aches and pains throughout her body.

Despite taking antibiotics and resting, her condition worsened, leading her to quit her job and become housebound.

Jana gained weight, not just from inactivity but also from comfort eating.

Doctors warned her about the severe consequences of her chronic pain, weight gain, and depressive outlook on life, including reduced life expectancy and potential damage to her internal organs and immune system.

I began working with Jana to start her self-healing journey.

One crucial supplement I recommended was Immuno-Synbiotic.

This product contains the perfect pre- and probiotics to heal the immune system and reduce inflammation.

Today, Jana is free from CRPS and leads a fulfilling life, although she continues to take Immuno-Synbiotic to keep her symptoms at bay.

Jana says, “I owe it to my body.”

Truer words have never been spoken!

Now, let’s talk about you.

Have you ever experienced inflammation in your body?

I’m sure you would do anything to avoid pain.

Did you know that inflammation is triggered by harmful stimuli?

These can come from poor diet, negative emotions, toxic workplaces, stressful relationships, accidents, excessive pressure, and lack of rest.

Here are some things you can do, to aid in reducing the triggers of these harmful stimuli:

  • Seek Professional Help: Seek help from an experienced healer or therapist who treats the root causes, not just the symptoms.

  • Hydrate Properly: Get into the habit of drinking more water with added Himalayan salt for minerals.
  • Take the Right Supplements: We’ve spent decades researching to provide you with affordable and effective products.
  • Follow a Healthy Diet: Eat more of nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatory foods, like those in the Purple House Smoothie.

The Purple House Smoothie Recipe:

Click here to download your free Smoothie E-book OR to obtain the Purple House Smoothie package click here.

Before we wrap up, let me tell you about another client, Brenda, who suffered from gout in her toe joints.

One week on Immuno-Synbiotic, and her pain was completely gone.

We hope we’ve inspired you to take charge of your health.

You can turn back the clock and rejuvenate your body with Immuno-Synbiotic and the Purple House Smoothie.

These products rebuild your immune system from the inside out.

All these supplements as well as our free e-books are available on our online store which is open 24/7; alternatively contact us on 03 6428 3007 for phone orders or to discuss your needs.

We’re open Monday to Thursday, 9 AM to 5 PM.

Our friendly team is here to help.

Please remember to share this information with your loved ones.

Together, we can make a difference!

Thank you for joining us today.

Yours in great health,

To learn more about the water we are using in our home and at the Purple House clinic – scan the code below, click the link or send us a message ..


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