A message from Pete ..

Sometimes we just need a massage.

It’s as simple as that!

We might be stressed, or overworked; and, it could be that deep tissue massage will help us out of the funk we’re in.

You can’t really put your finger on why you need this.

It just feels like something is off and needs to be fixed.

You don’t know what exactly is wrong with you because nothing specific has happened to make you feel this way.

Darryl ended up booking in for a massage at our facilities, because his wife had had enough of him.

He had been out of sorts for a while and suffered from chronic skin issues. 

“You’d think that your skin had nothing to do with your liver and kidneys. But in your case, it has everything to do with those organs…”  I explain to Darryl.

As I am massaging; I notice a real tension area through the midrange section of the back; exactly where the nerves that energize the liver and kidneys appear from along the spine.

I am asking him how long it had felt tight there; and, the answer came in a grunt: ‘a life time’.

We all have our favourite tension spots and these usually sneak up on us.

What I mean is, that, we get so used to our bodies being the way they are; that we have forgotten what it feels like to be completely free and flexible.

My client suffered from eczema that fluctuated with his stress levels.

The skin is the ‘third kidney’ and quite often I find that when the kidneys are stressed; the skin will take over eliminating toxins from the body creating skin rashes.

The kidneys filter 1600 liters of blood every day!

We can greatly improve our health by drinking more water; and, making sure that our nerve and blood supply to the kidneys are unimpaired.

A massage helps to get water and oxygen into the cells; and, removes waste products away from your cells and into the toilet.

It isn’t uncommon for clients to have to go to the toilet 3 or 4 times straight after a treatment.

The liver is the biggest chemical factory of the body and also an organ of elimination.

This means that along with the kidneys; and, the skin the liver gets rid of impurities and keeps our blood clean.

I suspected that Darryl’s energy flow to the liver was somewhat hampered; because, I could see a small curvature of the spine right connected to the liver area.

I really enjoy doing a good back massage.

When the nerves and muscles free up the blood starts to flow again; the body will then step in and make the necessary corrections.

Like a domino effect everything will fall into place. (‘Happy wife, happy life’ I am thinking)

After I was satisfied with the back massage, I got Darryl to turn over and I assessed his hips.

 ‘I thought as much!”

“What do you mean?” Darryl asked.

“Did you know that your right leg is an inch shorter than your left?” I answered.

This imbalance may well have been the real reason he had been in a ‘funk’

I did a gentle hip rotation.

This means that I guide the hips and pelvic region through a range of motions; and, when there is a resistance I stop and wait, because this means an energy block.

The energy block usually comes from the lower back, or the ileo-sacral area.

Suddenly, the muscles and tendons relaxed and the pelvis moved back into perfect alignment.

Darryl said it felt like the strangest sensation, as if a rush of energy went from the lower back, down through the knee; and, out through my hand.

This isn’t unusual. 

The lower back is the perfect dumping ground for unresolved negative emotions and traumas.

The best part is that we don’t need to identify any feelings or emotions here.

The energy usually releases of its own accord; when I hold certain ‘energy’ points while taking the legs through a range of motions.

This allows the body to do its own structural corrections; and, the result is that the changes are much more permanent and even chronic pain often disappears.

After Darryl was dressed, I asked him to bend his leg and swing it out; and, to his surprise, he was able to turn it out at least an extra 20%.

If you’re looking for a way to stay healthy this winter or just want an excuse for some much-needed relaxation time, book an appointment with Peter today!

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