Do you suffer with cardiovascular disease (Heart or kidney problems)? High blood pressure? Angina? Palpations?

Perhaps there is a family history of strokes or hardening of the arteries and you urgently want to know how to prevent it at all cost?

Perhaps osteoporosis and low bone density is raising its ugly head? No-one would ever want their loved ones to suffer from broken hips and crumbling bones, knowing there is a far greater mortality rate in people who suffer from fractures of the hip and pelvis.

You may ask what the above conditions have in common with gestational diabetes or gallstones or depression.

There is a common thread and it is called Taurine!

Medical research shows when you supplement with the amino acid Taurine you will not only protect yourself and your family from these conditions, it will help reverse them.

As early as the 1980s, studies showed startling evidence of supplementing with Taurine and improved liver function. Taurine helps control cholesterol and triglyceride production and enhances energy by assisting glucose and glycogen utilisation. This means that you get more bang from your buck and that you actually get energy from the foods you eat.

It also enables efficient bile excretion from the liver, detoxifying the body, breaking down excess hormones that create havoc either in your body or your relationships. Ever heard of shit on the liver? We shouldn’t really blame our hard working livers, when the problem lies with sticky bile.

Beetflow (which includes Taurine) helps decrease fatty liver and insulin resistance.

Most of us have some fat stored in our liver, I’m sure. Our bodies can only use one teaspoonful of sugar at any one time, three to four times a day. Everything above this amount that we consume or convert from carbohydrates is stored as fat or cholesterol in other words!

One of the first places we store this excess sugar is in the liver and guess what?
Since the 1970’s we have all been encouraged to consume a diet high in carbohydrates and low in fats. This is exactly the opposite to what our bodies require, because carbohydrates convert to sugars, which get stored as fats inside our bodies if we don’t use it as fuel straight away. The body stores it in the freezer (excess fat rolls) and then forgets it has a freezer full of food (read: fatty liver.)

As babies we were given a diet consisting of mashed vegies, stewed fruit and cereals. Little did our caregivers know that these changed to sugars in our bodies, setting us up for obesity and ADHD, whereas our brains thrive on fats.

Fats help children concentrate and behave the way we want them to behave. Instead of good fats, we moved onto breads. The flour from one slice of bread is converted to six (6!) teaspoons of sugar!

This results in fat being stored in the liver – called fatty liver.

Stages of liver failure concept. Vector illustration of healthy, fatty, NASH, fibrotic and cirrhotic liver in flat style

You might live under the impression that you have dodged a bullet, but even a slim looking person can have a fatty liver. The first time you become aware something is wrong is when your liver function tests start going out of whack. Little did you know that your liver has been suffering for a long time before you get the diagnosis.

By assisting the liver to work properly and getting rid of the waste efficiently, the rest of your body will function a lot better too!

Recently we had an elderly client with very poor kidney function, scheduled to commence dialysis. (This is filtering the blood by mechanical means outside the body.) We recommended she take one Beetflow capsule with each meal, three times a day and guess what: she avoided going onto dialysis and being stuck to a machine 7 hours per day.

Taurine is a key ingredient in Beetflow.

Beetflow also includes glutamine, needed for intestinal repair and a large amount of beet leaf, beetroot and dehydrated beetroot juice. Athletes who have a glass of beetroot juice 20 minutes prior to an event compete 10% better! This is because the body is able to rid itself of the waste produced while competing.

A study in the January 2003 issue of Circulation shows that smokers have blood vessels with diameters much smaller than non-smokers. Yet after taking just 1.5 grams or 1 Taurine capsule 3 times a day, for only 5 days, the smokers blood vessel diameters increased to equal that of non-smokers. This would equate to having 2 Beetflow, 3 times a day (with meals) for 5 days. This could turn out to be a life saver!

Before I forget to mention it: Taurine is completely lacking in vegetarian or vegan diets because Taurine is mainly found in red meat and fish. If you are a dedicated vegetarian or vegan, you might experience unexplained tiredness or shortness of breath which can be remedied by supplementing with Taurine/Beetflow.

I recommend all my clients to supplement with Beetflow.

This gets the bile running properly and supplies my clients with much needed Taurine. The bile is the waste from the body. This also assists in fat digestion. Fats are by far the best and cleanest fuel source you can give yourself. By fats I mean healthy fats, like butter, ghee, cream, meat fats, coconut oil, avocados, olive oil, macadamia oil, full cream yoghurt. It also helps you get the benefit from all your fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamins A, D and E.

Updated food pyramid!

Bile neutralises the acid food as it leaves the stomach, creating a healthy intestinal tract. The intestines like to be neutral pH, neither acid nor alkaline. A gush of bile from the gallbladder, which is very caustic or alkaline meets the stomach contents as they exit the pyloric sphincter. The contents of the stomach are extremely acidic. This causes quite a chemical reaction with lots of bubbling and sizzling. Like if you pour vinegar on bicarbonate of soda. This explosion completes the digestion of the food as it leaves the stomach. You can see how important it is to keep that bile runny.

I might add here that the cause of most IBS and inflammatory bowel disease is that the bile isn’t flowing properly

and that all my clients with IBS or Chrohns have experienced huge benefit from supplementing with Beetflow and enzymes.

Our cells, which are continually renewing, require the nutrients from our food to create properly functioning body parts. Did you know for instance that you have a new liver every 3 months? That your blood is completely renewed every 110 days? And that almost your entire body is replaced every 12 months?

Ultimately we would all like to experience life to the full, in excellent health, well into old age. We have a much better chance when we give Mother Nature a helping hand by keeping our bile runny and supporting our vital organs with Taurine.

The least we can do for ourselves to keep healthy is take one Beetflow and an enzyme supplement ( i.e. Omnizyme ) with every meal and have either some fermented food like sauerkraut or a good probiotic (Immuno-synbiotic restore) every day.

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Until next time, Pete